MAY FRIDAY 11th, 2007 (BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND) – If you’re getting tired of the same styled music video’s on EMTV then sit tight because Massive Sound System have something fresh baking in the oven.

For the last couple of months Allen Kedea producer of Massive Sound System has been working with young film producers in Brisbane on a fresh concept for their hit song ‘Everywhere’. Allen a.k.a. akay47 will be using the power of the internet to help promote their new music video to the world market. With websites like MySpace, Hi 5 & Bebo fast becoming popular resources for the latest music videos, Massive Sound System have opted to use the net as an avenue to help promote their music and expose new PNG music to the world.

When asked what the idea behind the clip was Allen replied, “The concept was to do something fresh for the PNG market while keeping the film clip professional enough that an international audience can digest and appreciate it.” PNG has so much musical talent, but so little of it is exposed on a world stage. “We want to be taken seriously as sound designers but the clip had to be funny!” Allen explains as he laughs. “We thought this would catch viewers off guard because they’d be expecting a romantic type clip because Everywhere is a love song. The clip is a love story but not in the conventional sense. That’s all I can really say without giving too much away.”

Massive Sound System have been approached by ABC Radio to do an interview on their new album and talk about PNG music crossing over into Australasia. The interview will be broadcasted live on radio in Australia and PNG. The segment is called, ‘In The Loop’ and covers all aspects in the Pacific region. The interview is scheduled for 2:30pm, Friday 18th May 2007. If you would more information on the interview head to

The film clip for ‘Everywhere’ is to be released in PNG via CHM’s music video show, CHM Super Sound Video Hits in the next couple of weeks. The music video will be broadcasted online via the MSS website The release of this new film clip will coincide with the release of their new CD titled ‘Pride, Neglect, Greed’. Out in-store now via CHM nation wide.

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