By Emmanuel Narokobi

What you see below is an artist who is trying to create and market music totally outside of the CHM Supersound machine. We need more of this to diversify our music and to grow the industry. Great work John Faunt, keep it up and I will definitely help wherever I can to support his album sales.

Vudu Flyer 1_A5x2_Colour


After emailing John Faunt this blog post he replied with the comments below, looks like fodder for another post on these exciting developments at Vudu Productions and Spaida Trakz. This is what John had to say:

My friends,

The Hausboi new album titled ‘Speak Up’ is a message for positive change for this country. The positive change that will come out of the impact of this album in PNG will have a direct impact on the lives of simple Papua New Guineans, and Expatriates like yourselves. Whether you would like to support or not is your choice, but pls read the paper, the viewpoints and listen to the radio over the coming weeks and months you will see how much this means to all Papua New Guineans.

I am an advocate for change. I represent all Papua New Guineans. By all means do your jobs, but remember that change will not happen from negative attitudes from Expatriates.

And yes I have plenty of time, plenty of time to make a change for PNG.

Speak Up PNG. Its time for Change.

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