Pre-paid e-commerce, could we apply it in PNG?

As always you see or learn something new when you travel. The latest interesting thing I saw was the iTunes pre-paid card which was being sold at Newsagents and shopping centres in Australia.

A pretty good idea I though, because without the need for a credit card and just like the B-Mobile pre-paid cards we are already used to, you can buy music on iTunes Australia for $1.69 a song. Basically you are given a PIN number which you enter into the iTunes Music Store and as seen below you are given your amount to spend. (I was left with $1.41 after my purchases)

So I started thinking maybe a company like Rapid Phones or CHM could sell the cards, so people in PNG could buy songs on the internet through the iTunes Music Store. But sadly I do not see this taking off too soon in PNG, especially with the majority of home internet users on dial up. I tested it out and it took me roughly 6 hours to download 4 tracks. That’s right, just 4 tracks, so maski for now.

What it does give me inspiration for though is that maybe one day we could have a PNG website or websites with pre-paid options for PNG internet users. This could be a viable option to credit cards for purchases on the internet. For example using pre-paid internet cards for e-commerce like software purchases and downloads, or maybe even for Easy-Pay with PNG Power so you don’t have to line up for so long in those queues after work at Stop N Shop.


5 thoughts on “Pre-paid e-commerce, could we apply it in PNG?

  1. Thanks Bill, well Data nets and Westpac have finally enabled e-commerce for PNG sites now. The only thing now is for the banks to allow for debit cards to be used for online purchases instead of credit cards, or as I suggested above some pre-paid system.

    Either that or promote the new Visa debit cards, either way it should be approached as a pre-paid thing and not where people get into debt.

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