Hands Up, Your Betelnut Or Your Life!

By Emmanuel Narokobi

updated: 22/07/08

Thinking about YouTube and video websites, I forgot to mention to you all that in late 2005 a friend of mine by the name of Brendan Walsh and I did a short film for the Australian TropFest competition for 2006. Out of about 700 entries we were shortlisted to 70 in what was called the ‘Best Of The Rest‘ but alas we did not go on to make the final 16.

The short was titled ‘Hans Up! Buai O Laip Blong Yu! (Hands Up! Your Betelnut Or Your Life!) and we even got to show it at the Port Moresby Arts Theatre in 2006. You can see a web version of it on the Portable Film Festival website. You will have to register to view the film, but it’s a pretty straight forward process to see it. Click on the image below or on the ‘Log In To Watch’ button below and follow the instructions and please leave your comments too.

(You might recognise Chef Golonzo below from the Haus & Home show on EMTV, who also acts in the film. The car we held up in the short was supplied by none other than our good mate Danger)

We also had the movie screened in Berlin at the Berlin Asia Pacific Film Festival, you can see it listed on page 19 of this PDF and it was also shown in Sydney at the Popcorn Taxi screening.

But if you want a copy and you live in Port Moresby let us know and I can burn you a copy. We are currently thinking of a new storyline for this year.

Let us know if you have any thoughts on our sequel, we are thinking of shooting the next one with the same characters but in Australia.

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