Save PNG!

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Okay she’s a great person and I really support what she is doing with her interest in the environment of PNG. So finally after much asking and hassling her about her blog I finally got her link sent to me just 5 minutes ago.

She has only recently started and I can see quite allot of government and social issues that she will need to tackle in her fight even before getting to the environment. Waste management systems, carbon trading issues and just understanding, developing and working with government policies is a trick or two that she will need to learn. But good luck to her and it is a start of some sort and I certianly hope more like minded people will help her out in her crusade.

So here goes a new PNG blog for us with an environmental/social angle. It’s obviously called, so have a peek and let the inner greenie in you come out!

(She did a clean up at Ela Beach recently, but for those of you who know POM, this is what it once looked like. I scanned the image from an old book).


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7 thoughts on “Save PNG!

  1. Jen is AMAZING. People need to follow her lead and take charge of their physical environments – EVERYONE is responsible for their backyard.

    And don’t forget, everyone, to attend to doco film “An Incomvenient truth” on Friday night at Groiund Floor Deloittes – 6.30pm for 7pm start.

  2. Yeah…….I’ve watched at movie already but it won’t hurt watching it for the 3rd time. See you all there again!


  3. Manu..that was a nice photo of Ela Beach you posted. I couldn’t believe Ela Beach was once like that.

    We have some of the best natural beaches in the world…geezz waikiki beach is just uncomparable to Ela Beach in the past. I wish we could keep all our beaches clean and beautiful like that.

    Oh yeah! and during that period when that photo was taken…guess what! I reckon there was a huge signboard saying “Natives and Dogs are prohibited”…hehehe that’s why you wouldn’t spot any in the unfortunate colonial policy!

    anyone knows whereabouts of my ex-Aiyura student Judy Tipe in Class of 1980? She is a High School I believe. Pls advise on this Blog.
    Sr Bernadette

  5. Can Anyone help Sr B out with her query? I cant believe no one knows where Judy is. She was in either Busu or Bugandi after she graduated from then Goroka Teachers college. Married with family. she may still be teaching although I doubt it. she would be 50 and perhaps retired? Any leads?

    Sam Hasler

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