Bluesfest 2007, Byron Bay

By Emmanuel Narokobi


Was actually supposed to leave on Wednesday for my 30th B’Day Bash, but have delayed it to tomorrow morning. I’m actually quite stressed, so much work to clear before I leave. Just sent off 4x website Invoices this week and gotta send out Digital Posters Invoices and then our continued Digital Posters setup with CPL‘s Stop’n’Shop Waigani Outlet. So it’s kinda hard to squeeze in some play here.

But all is good as my guys will have it under control while I’m away, that’s the beauty of delegating. After doing everything myself for so long it’s great to be able to tell people to do this and do that, while I take a break.

So anyways, in terms of taking a break, I’ll be off to the Bluesfest at Byron Bay. Great thing about this trip is that my mate Bobby and I have been given FREE Media Passes to do interviews for our very own Masalai blog. See the email invite below:


From: Gaynor Crawford []
Sent: Saturday, 17 March 2007 10:32 AM

Dear Emmanuel,

We welcome you and Bobby to our festival. I attach the media accreditation form. You will have 2 5 day media passes including one photo pass.

Safe travels.

See on site!

Best Wishes



So how about that huh?! So I’m planning to interview Ziggy Marley, Ben Harper, the Roots and Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars. It’s all very new to me so not sure what I’ll ask them or even if I’ll have the nerve to approach them.

But anyways have a look at the Bluesfest lineup and let us know what questions you think I should ask and who I should interview. I’ll keep everyone posted with pics on that weekend.

By the way, here’s the Playing Schedule.


Update 2/04/07

Spoke to Danger today so will be catching up with him at the Bluesfest. Gotta pick up a new camera and a voice recorder tomorrow for the interviews. Got a high school mate who’s family are part owners of VideoPro, so should hopefully get some good mates rates for my equipment. Hey, maybe I could hit them up to sponsor me..hmmm


Update 10/04/07

Some pictures here from my mate Robert, us hanging around at the Mojo tent and me at the Media Tent doing some work. Check out more of his great pics at his Flickr account.







8 thoughts on “Bluesfest 2007, Byron Bay

  1. You’re in, you’re out, you’re back in again… I’m confused?

    Anyway, pack warm buddy. Its freaking cold down here.


    Australia is the coldest place on earth (in my mind). Even Brisbane was cold.

    I am so jealous! AAARRrrrggghhhh!!!! You’d better do good interviews, looking forward to seeing what you get!

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