Election Dates

I don’t really like talking about anything to do with politics on this blog, but I just got this email from a friend and I think it’s important we know the dates for this whole election process, so here it is:

These are the anticipated Election Period Dates:

1. Issue of Writs – Friday, 04th May 2007
2. Close of Nomination –
Thursday, 10th May 2007
3. Commencement of Polling –
Saturday, 30th June 2007
4. End of Polling –
Tuesday, 10th July 2007
5. Return of Writs –
Monday, 30th July 2007

7 days Nomination period 04/05/07 to 10/05/07

8 weeks Campaign period 04/05/07 to 30/06/07

11 days Polling period 30/06/07 to 10/07/07

21 days Counting period 10/07/07 to 30/07/07

Approximate dates of formation of new Government either 1st , 2nd , or
3rd August 2007.


See more info. at the Electoral Commission website.


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