the Yu Tok blog

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Rex, a regular visitor here, has started his own blog called the Yu Tok blog. His catch cry is, ‘Amplifying unheard voices of youth‘. I’ve added it to the blog roll on the left.

I’m particularly interested in the ‘So we Begin‘ post, something to do with broadcasting your opinions on radio. I wonder if this is a University Radio Station, and if so how do I tune in?

27 thoughts on “the Yu Tok blog

  1. Hi Manu

    It’s not a regular station like NauFm or Fm100. Rather it is a program that piggy-back on Fm100. It’s more of a talk-back show that we run and get young people to air their views on the radio.


  2. Wow great stuff!! I remember hearing about a Uni radio station briefly after I left Uni in 1999. But wasn’t sure what happened to it?

    And is Yu Tok the name of just your blog or the Radio Program as well?

    I’m thinking you could start uploading transcripts and podcasts on your blog from the radio station.

  3. I think they had it launched and it still is running but barely.

    Yu tok is the name of the radio program as well. We’ve been doing school out-reach as well as community outreach and talking to young people about social issues that concerns them.I’ve been late in getting a blog so I am going to back track a little.

    Yes….definately, I will upload some transcripts and podcasts to the blog. Just to share views of youth people in PNG

  4. The Campus FM in Uni is run by the Journalism Students. But I was told they had a hard time trying to manage it as it needed maintenance and there was not enough funding from the University.

  5. Hmmm that’s not good at all, how much does it cost to run? Who can give us that info?

    Are you able to get sponsors for your Yu Tok program so that it can help to run the program on Campus FM and FM100?

  6. I had help from the World Bank and Unicef for the program to run on Fm100 for the whole of last year. It was received with much impact. But it costs K2000 every month to run. However, Fm100 wanted to increase it to K4000 a month so I stopped as I ran out of funding.

    If someone can set-up another radio station and have a target audience of young people. This station can make lots of money from the commercial aspect of it. Can be sustained also. I’m still looking for someone to sponsor a Youth Station. Last quote I got place in at US$D200, 000.

    Information from Campus Fm can be taken from University, journalism dept. Will find a contact number for you.

  7. Wow it is an expensive exercise, you’d think that Fm 100 being owned by Telikom would consider it as good marketing and PR.

    If you’re saying US$D200,000 is what you need to setup a Youth Station then it’s probably better to work with what you already have. In your case Campus Fm.

    Just from my experience with sports, I know that money is out there, especially for Youth orientated programming. For example Nestle had launched an AIDS awareness campaign 2 years ago and they sponsor schoolboys rugby as well, so you can see the type of money involved there.

    Have you got statistics or proposals etc on your audience and your experience with FM100? I’m thinking I could try and put it to some people I know.

  8. Getting stats on radio is somewhat difficult to do. Fm100 cannot know how many listeners are tuning into the show. NauFm seems to boast that they can measure listenership but I have yet to see proof of it. But what we can provide is the number of callers into the show, this was our feedback mechanism so we know that people are listening.

    Got a proposal lying somewhere in my hard drive and I can forward copy should you request.

  9. Hey guys, this is practical stuff, very excited about it. As you mentioned earlier, we have to get the young people not only talking but getting them aware. Information builds culture! from Naufm, it is quite obvious.

    Full support!

    Emmanul and Rex, also let me know how I can help. I’ll try look at some JICA incentives available.

  10. Thanks Badira, maybe we can actually get this off the ground. Didn’t JICA put money into some radio equipment in Rabual somewhere sometime back??

  11. hey guys, there is another article i was reading. Its about amature radio, its all free from what I hear. I really do know how to go about it but Kilapak Amai at pangtel or Kila Aluvula might have some insights. You can call Kila and find out, his a like minded squady. Mean while I’ll continue the search with JICA, should be interesting.

  12. Manu, it’s a spectral band on the airwaves that is freely used by amature radio broadcasters but I guess it won’t be really useful as that freq. range is not common on most radio recievers.

  13. Guys, managed to get in touch with the diplomatic wantoks at the PNG embassy Japans here in Tokyo, they will do some digging for us and let us know how we can proceed.

  14. Guys the reply from PNG embassy here in Tokyo. Good information for other bloggers who might be interested in JICA projects.

    As I said, I will be providing you with a response on ODA today.
    It is indeed a very educational programme for the community, and I agree that it must continue to be supported. Just to provide you with some background on how PNG applys for ODA.
    Bro, in terms of Japanese ODA to PNG, the Government of Japan provides its asistance in the following schemes;
    1. Grant Assistance,
    2. Technical Assistance
    3. Loan Assistance
    The Grant Assistance offers 3 types of assistance, namely Grant Aid, Grassroots Grant Aid and Non-Project Grant Aid. In terms of the differences among those Grant Aid Schemes, the Grassroost Grant Aid targets less than K250,000 worth projects mainly for community based activities. Meanwhile, Grant Aid deals with more millions of kina projects such as rehabilitation/construction of infrastructure projects. Non-Project Grant Aid is an assistance aimed for Economic Structural Adjustment in recipient country through the provision of Grant Assistance.
    In terms of Technical assistance, JICA is the implemeenting agency which provides assistance in form of training, consultancy, etc. As for loan assistace Japan bank of International Corporation is the impelmenting agency.

    The Embassy of Papua New Guinea, plays a representational government role here. The functional responsibility is left with the Department responsible for coordinating and administering ODA in PNG; that is, the Department of National Planning and Monitoring (DNPM). To apply for Japanese ODA, one has to go through the DNPM. The DNPM first carries out what is call Annual Needs Survey, which is carried out annually from May to August whereby it collects proposals from local Departmenst /Organisations. The DNPM then, submitts all selected proposals to the Japanese Government for further selection. It is in fact a long process. The PNG Embassy does the follow up here with Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    As for the Grassroot Grant Aid, submission of project proposals is to be made directly to Embassy of Japan in Port Moresby. I would suggest that our friends can enquire about the Grassrrot Grant Aid assistance at the Embassy of Japan in Port Moresby. This is to avoid the long and cumbersome process of going through to the DNPM.

    I hope this is suffice to your enquiry.

    Very sincerely

  15. Ok so we go for JICA assistance to get us off the ground and then go for commercial sponsorships to make it self sustainable. In this scenario I am looking at getting Campus FM up and running properly so that we have flexibility and freedom in programming.

    From what I can see the Journalism students and the Yu Tok crew know what they want to talk about in terms of content creation. I also assume that since Campus FM was running before some technical know how is there to run it. So perhaps targeting the ‘Grassroot Grant’ of K250,000 would be appropriate.

    K250,000 in one year would be roughly a budget of K20,000.00 a month to run the station. So our goal within that one year while we have funds will be to:

    1. Create compelling, exciting and cool radio programmes so that we tap into the young crowd.
    2. Source the type of advertising that would target this young crowd.

    What do you guys think??

  16. Definitely agree, Yu Tok crew have acquired 1 year of valuable experience whilst with fm100 so the best thing to do now would be to check the criterias for grassroots grant at japs embassy downtown and then we can work from there. I’ll try get some emails addys otherwise a phone call might be enough to give us a fair idea of where to begin.

    In the meantime they may require documented experiences by Yu Tok during the past 1yr of operation as statistics are very had to come by in radio broadcasting.

    Wanbel wantaim goals. I think there is enough money in the corporate world to assist committed community projects.

  17. Thanks Badira

    This is finally getting somewhere. If you do get the K250,000.00 from JICA, I think we can be able to find partners who would be willing to chip in a few bucks. You might be amazed of the results. Lets just start with the Grassroot Aid first.

    Thanks again Manu na Badira

  18. Sorry guys just got back from Wewak this evening, will have to go through Rex’s docs on the Yu Tok program.

    Badira I can email you what Rex sent me.

    Rex, who actually owns Campus FM and would they be interested in an investor further down the track? I’m thinking of Campus FM becoming like Triple J radio in Australia.

  19. Manu

    Campus Fm is owned by the University. It is run by the Journalism students and the lecturers managed it.

    I think, one of the problems with the Campus Fm was that, the studio was build in such away that it cannot expand. If you where to expand…it would cost more than setting up a new one dats according to T.E PNG who build Campus Fm. Spoke to the Managing Director when I went to get a qoute for Yu Tok.

    But maybe you can talk to them and see how things are on the ground. I don’t have their contact address…..

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