Charity Dinner for PMGH

By Emmanuel Narokobi

After all that discussion about cancer I finally have a chance to contribute to the re-establishing of a radiotherapy unit at Pom General Hospital. Got a letter today from a Dr. Evelyn Lavu, the interim President of the Women Doctors Association.

I’ll read a bit of the letter here…

“For the past three years, our association has been actively involved in a campaign towards the re-establishment of the radiotherapy unit in the country. This has come in the form of government lobbying and various fundraising efforts…Through your generous support…we have been able to raise over K250,000.00. This is now held in trust funds until such time it is required for the purpose of establishing the radiotherapy unit.

The government has to date committed K3 million towards this project and have given us assurance that radiotherapy along with the support facilities and manpower resources will be funded, As an association we are committed to ensure that this service becomes a reality by keeping pressure on the government, whilst at the same time continuing with fundraising activities…”

So they have their annual charity dinner on Saturday 28th July at the Holiday Inn. K2,500.00 per table for 10 people. Dinner is a buffet and the fancy dress theme for the night is ‘Tropical Calypso’. A live band will also be performing.

For more information you can contact the following:

Dr. Evelyn Lavu, 325 5750

Dr. Helen Emang, 325 4027/686 2769

Dr. Delma Natera, 325 6022/687 0098

Dr. Lynda Sirigoi, 325 0709/697 8444

12 thoughts on “Charity Dinner for PMGH

  1. So people are fundraising for a radiotheraphy unit. But when are they actaully going to buy one? Must they wait for 100 women to die and the government to give more money?

  2. Great effort PNG women doctors.

    I hope the new PNG government gives this long awaited 3 milion kina they promised. Even for a second hand radiotherapy machine, it costs more than 1 million kina so they still have a long way to go before actually buying one.

  3. And on the issue of giving for such causes, I am sure we have some multimillionare PNGeans. Why can’t they give a little for such causes?

    I once heard on the famous “Sale of the century show” that a former PNG prime minister was the richest man in southern hemisphere! Can you belive that. Not even Rubert Murdoch.

  4. Yeah good point guys, unfortunately seems like the most progress anyone has done so far. Again the wait is on the government to come good on it’s promises.

    In any case I look forward to hearing more about what they’ve done, who is involved and what their strategies are.

  5. And Manu maybe you can propose the idea of a website set up to seek donations from individuals based overseas as well. I am sure many PNGeans living and working overseas can contribute as individuals. And also other international individuals who may be willing to donate.

    Liklik tingting tasol.

  6. heya

    i am organising a kokoda track walk from sydney – hopefully in conujunction with the australian cancer society – for aug 2008 – to raise money specifically for this cause. shall be arranging with medical professionals and my friends in sydney – ALL WOMEN team thanks.

    why is it that women in png are the ones raising the funds for the chemo machines ie the png womens drs assoc and the png nurses assoc? because women are the ones who predominately care for the sick – not just in hospitals but in the homes. its just that women nurses and women doctors know that this is an absolute NATIONAL DISGRACE that women and children are dying needlesly from CURABLE CANCERS

    its an absolute disgrace that our politicians bandy millions about for cheap roads and to disgraced ex upng vice-chancellors and hundreds of millions have gone “missing” … and for a minute fraction of all those wasted funds, we could be curing men, women and CHILDREN with CURABLE cancers

    i am disgusted. with our BIG MEN. and their BIG TALK.

    so yeah – i am doing something about it. but i am pissed off. because i want to be raising money for something else that isnt necessarily the absolute responsibility of our government – like the provision of the most basic and utterly necessary medical equipment.

    OVER IT!

  7. True true KK, we’ve seen and heard it all before, so I wanna do something about it too.

    So how is your Kokoda Track Walk going to work, can I help with promoting it here on the blog with details? (In fact a group of us with all our blogs could promote it at the same time in conjunction with the dinner).

    Do you see it as an Annual thing?

    Do you have any sponsors working with you here in PNG or is all the money raised coming from Australia?

    Please take heaps of pics as they might be useful for marketing later.

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