Telikom, Digicel go to talks

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THE ongoing “roadblock” betw-een Telikom and Digicel over the issue of inter-connection will be tackled as both mobile phone companies go to the negotiating table this morning for the first time.
While the exact time has not been disclosed for “security reasons”, the meeting will be held at Telikom’s office at Waigani and attended by both companies’ top brass.
Digicel had earlier said Telikom’s proposed date for negotiation, which is today, was “too late” because it wanted to achieve inter-connectivity by September 10.
Telikom had remained silent on whether the “long awaited” talks would take place.
Digicel finaly broke the news last night.
Digicel general counsel David Dillon said from Samoa yesterday “Yes they have finally agreed and it’s going to be at Telikom’s office”.
Mr Dillon added the meeting would pave the way for both companies to iron out a timetable on when desperate Papua New Guineans could expect the much-awaited inter-connection.
However, Mr Dillon said he hoped that within three to four weeks “there should be inter-connectivity”.
“It will take us some series of meetings but hopefully, we should get there in three to four weeks time,” Mr Dillon said.
Telikom chief executive officer Peter Loko earlier said to talk to Digicel, “a company without a proper licence”, about inter-connection was “complex and a waste of time and money”.


3 thoughts on “Telikom, Digicel go to talks

  1. Bro,
    I don’t know if you read Sundays Independent but one of the writers was going on about satelites and air space and all that. He wouldn’t have one any prizes for outstanding journalism or anything but don’t you think he’s on to something there?

    And how did you get 20,000 hits in such a short time? How can I get that RSS thingy and the web stats counter on my blog?


  2. Yeah he is onto something, it’s what the government needs to set up which is a ‘Spectrum Policy’ to govern what types of radio spectrum usage, how many providers of it and what technologies can run on it, should be addressed.

    Mobile phones is just one part of it, we have handheld radio’s, VSAT’s, ISP’s with wireless broadband, VPN with Mining companies and the list goes on and one. So a national spectrum plan needs to be in place so as to regulate this to hinder over saturation in some technologies and to better promote some needed services like rural communications.

    The policy also needs to outline what type of service providers can get involved and how. I’m not too sure how it is covered in Arthur Somare’s new ICT Policy, as I have not had a chance to read it yet, but I am already getting complaints from ISP owners who have spoken to me personally about how if Telikom gets into the broadband business, especially at the retail end then it effectively kills competition because they are able to offer prices lower than the ISP’s because they are the wholesalers of the bandwith. This monopoly will be retained because there is only one Gateway into PNG for internet.


    As for how I got to 20,000 hits so quickly, shit if I knew I’d be trying to sell the solution to you. The RSS feed and counter comes as options for the template I chose in WordPress

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