PNG on YouTube

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Just some PNG related YouTube vidoes I found last night (there’s heaps out there though). Some can be found on PNG YouTube fanatic Kumul007.

But okay the first one is actually mine which my mate Graham took on my Motorola A925 in 2003 out near the Napa Napa oil refinery (it’s a bit crass)…but anyway have a look at all of them and let us know how you feel for each one.

Update 21/08/07

‘Someone’ has kindly sent us this ripper below! Blary sit…it’s a crack up!!!


15 thoughts on “PNG on YouTube

  1. I found that video of the man beating the woman pretty disturbing, why would someone put this up on youtube? Is violence against women supposed to be entertainment now?! What kind of message is this sending to the rest of the world about us?

  2. @ Appalled
    Exactly my feelings as well when I saw it, the unfortunate thing is that there is another one on a riot in POM which was put on YouTube by some foreign journalist.

    But then it raises the question of free speech, so it’s always gonna be debatable what some people find funny and others don’t especially on the internet.

  3. Unfortunately, sad as it seems, that is the reality in PNG. Hopefully, the “Noken Paitim Meri” campaign will bear fruit and we can see some sort of decrease in this.

    But on the matter of YouTube, there are some stuff out there that is pretty full on, ” way out there” stuff, if you know what mean.

    And btw, Thanks for posting my video on your blog, Emmanuel.


  4. I’ve also post two videos on the blog. Helen on Helen’s story, got an interview with and had her permission to post it.

    But, I just hope that most of the videos don’t indirectly try to paint a bad image of PNG

  5. Emmanuel Nice website…..

    Interesting to see you’ve actually got alot of valid infor on that site.

    Keep up the good work..

  6. Thanks Emmanuel for having a link to my YouTube site (Kumul007). I have added some new vids lately. Glad to see you doing great stuff too. Cheers, and have a Merry Christmas. Kumul007

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