International Roaming with Digicel

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Just letting everyone know about Roaming information for Digicel. Link to page is here.

Roaming Rates:

Type of Call / SMS Rate (in USD)*
Receiving a call while roaming in Australia 40c per minute
Receiving a call while roaming in other countries 99c per minute
Making calls within visited country $1.39 per minute
Calling Papua New Guinea while roaming $2.59 per minute
Receiving an SMS while roaming Free
Sending and SMS while roaming 40c per message
*Roaming rates are in USD and include GST. For international calling rates while roaming, please contact Customer Care on 123 from your Digicel mobile.

Networks that Digicel PNG customers can roam on:

Country Roaming Partner / Network
Australia Optus
Australia Telstra
Hong Kong CSL
Hong Kong SmartTone-Vodafone
Hong Kong PCCW

Networks that can roam in PNG Using Digicel PNG Network

Country Roaming Partner / Network
Australia Hutchison 3G
Australia Telstra
Australia Vodafone
Hong Kong SmartTone-Vodafone
Hong Kong CSL
Hungary Vodafone
Ireland Meteor
Ireland O2
Malaysia Maxis
Phillippines Smart
Taiwan Chunghwa
USA Cingular

9 thoughts on “International Roaming with Digicel

  1. Give me some more infor on this page. I felt good seeing your pics of Gavuone. That’s home and still beautiful.

  2. Buddy, just heard off the grap vine its all systems go for masalai at the parliment house…..wanbel stret!… 😀 awesome na awesome stret!

    BTW, top job at RH…I walked in, was getting rice and lamb stew and looked up and saw the digital poster….still in plastic covers mate….top stuff! toooop staff..regards to jnr..didnt talk much but salim toksave…shud be in town in a month or two…

  3. lol…they will ma fren, they will…its kind of a big news…i’m just excited bro, our IT PNG companies are making it big now…and its all the young generation…very exciting bro!

  4. Well i’m not suprised whether you put in the proposal or not….I guess masalai has strong following, your track record has raised alot of eyebrows.

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