Life Ssss-saver

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Okay I know that’s a corny title, but anyhow got an email on facebook about a David Williams who’s trying to bring exposure to snake bite victims and treatment in PNG through winning a competition run by the Holiday Inn chain of hotels. His principal research interests are in the fields of snakebite epidemiology, clinical toxinology and envenomation management and he has set up the PNG Snakebite Project. The project aims at reducing snakebite morbidity and mortality, particularly in children throughout PNG. But here is the rest of his message:

David Willims:You can read more about the work we do at

Right now I am a finalist in the Holiday Inn Hotel Chain’s “Everyday Heroes” competition. The competition has only about 2 weeks left to run, and if I can win it, the publicity will be enormously helpful to the Snakebite Project, since our work is under-funded. The global publicity that the project would get through the Holiday Inn chain could well attract new sponsors, and will raise the awareness of snakebite as a neglected tropical disease in Papua New Guinea.

I need all the votes I can possibly get, so If you don’t mind spending a few minutes casting some votes online please follow the instructions below:

1 Go to this web site..

2 At the top right, click on “Register”….using your email address (Each e-mail address can only vote once)

3 Pick a password so you can get back in to vote after your email is validated…use anything!

(An email would be sent to your inbox)

4   Click on the “Complete the registration” button in the email and get taken back to the website

5  Click the view all stories….Go to “David Williams…”LIFE S-S-SAVER”… Click on “read more & vote”

6…Click on 5 medals equals 5 POINTS..(Make a comment if you wish)

7 Click “submit” .. and viola you’re done!!!

If you are happy to do so, please circulate this to your facebook friends and email buddies and ask them to vote as well.

Many thanks everyone!

David Williams

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