Sepik Iron Man Promo

The is a brilliant idea for tourism organisations to promote themselves internationally and locally and for free too. Well done to Stephen Damien and his team for this. One thing though, what’s with the tolai music in the background? Nogat Sepik Rock ah?


7 thoughts on “Sepik Iron Man Promo

  1. Great way to boost tourist attraction and showcase Wewak, ! T’sol musik no go! kawas long wei tumas ya mad bai orait liklik!

  2. wanen taim bai yumi senis Somare, and ol sepik salim pinis haus tambaran
    and America binisman baim so nau wanem ken?
    Somare nogat tok lukaut a? ai na yau mas pas pinis nad salim kalsa b’long province ya sori tru…..

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