A List

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Just a list of some more PNG related blogs and personal pages. Some I’ve already linked some I’ve never seen before. But just a another list really.

Bill's Eye view of PNG * Bill’s Eye view of PNG http://www.users.bigpond.net.au/billsview
Bill Purcell’s home page focuses on Papua New Guinea aviation, and includes information on Tok Pisin.
Bomana Nights * Bomana Nights bomana.blogspot.com
A blog by Larissa Conolly, an Australian volunteer in Papua New Guinea.
Cam and Jane in PNG * Cam and Jane in PNG camnjaneinpng.blogspot.com
The weblog of two Australian volunteers in Alotau, Milne Bay Province.
Cilla's Haus * Cilla’s Haus http://www.geocities.com/bunex81
A girl from Lae who lives in Tabubil, Western Province.
Ford Family * Ford Family pngfords.blogspot.com
Weblog of an ex-pat family in Papua New Guinea.
Gadoeno Michie from Korobosea, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea * Gadoeno Michie from Korobosea, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea http://www.michie.net/gadoeno/index.html
Gadoeno Michie’s home page.
Geraldine Michie's Home Page * Geraldine Michie’s Home Page http://www.michie.net/geraldine/index.html
Photographs and information on Geraldine Maibani (Michie).
Islandbaby * Islandbaby islandbaby.blogspot.com
“Ricebag”‘s weblog from Papua New Guinea.
Keith Buxton * Keith Buxton http://www.keithbuxton.com
Information about his autobiography during Buxton’s life in Papua New Guinea from 1956-1988.
Koroboro International School News * Koroboro International School News  koroboronews.blogspot.com
A weblog about the Koroboro International School in Papua New Guinea.
Lock Family Ramblings * Lock Family Ramblings lockfamilyramblings.blogspot.com/index.html
Blog for an ex-pat family in Papua New Guinea.
Luke's New Website * Luke’s New Website lukesnewplace.com
Personal Web site of Luke Lucas, former Electoral Commissioner of Papua New Guinea. Inlcludes information on artist Mathias Kauage.
Mai PNG * Mai PNG http://www.angelfire.com/country/papuanewguinea
Photos and information on Papua New Guinea.
Malum Nalu * Malum Nalu malumnalu.blogspot.com
The weblog of Malum Nalu, a journalist from Port Moresby.
The Masalai Blog * The Masalai Blog masalai.wordpress.com
A blog by Emmanuel Narokobi.
Max and Kaure in Alotau * Max and Kaure in Alotau maxnkaureinalotau.blogspot.com
Maxine Nadile’s weblog.
Nick & Paula * Nick & Paula nick-paula.blogspot.com
Pictures and stories from Papua New Guinea.
The Obregon Family Blog * The Obregon Family Blog theobregons.blogspot.com
Medical missionaries in Kokopo, East New Britain Province.
Outback to Jungle * Outback to Jungle cleanacleo.blogspot.com
Weblog of an ex-pat volunteer in Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea Life * Papua New Guinea Life pnglife.blogspot.com
A blog by an Australian volunteer in Papua New Guinea.
Pink Ukulele * Pink Ukulele http://www.pinkukulele.com
Carolyn is a volunteer in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, working on an adolescent sexual and reproductive health project.
The polymathic obsessions of Thomas H. Slone * The polymathic obsessions of Thomas H. Slone http://www.geocities.com/thslone
Contains a bibliography of PNG folklore and some folk tales.
Rabaul Daily Photo * Rabaul Daily Photo rabauldailyphoto-jules.blogspot.com
The weblog of Jules, a teacher in Kokopo.
Robert @ PNG * Robert @ PNG http://www.schilt.info
Robert Schilt’s weblog.
Save PNG * Save PNG savepng.blogspot.com
A PNG marine officer’s weblog.
Shiin's Home Page * Shiin’s Home Page members.blackplanet.com/shiin
Shiin has pictures from her visit to Japan.
Simulai Michie's Home Page * Simulai Michie’s Home Page http://www.michie.net/simulai/index.html
Includes information on the Michie family.
Sir Buri Kidu KGB * Sir Buri Kidu KGB bigtuna.lukesnewplace.com/bigtuna.html
Details the inauguration of Sir Buri Kidu KGB as the first PNG born Chief Justice in The Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea. Find speeches and profiles or judges, diplomats and lawyers.
Stories about living in Papua New Guinea * Stories about living in Papua New Guinea http://www.nancysullivan.typepad.com
Nancy Sullivan’s entries of a memoir about living in Papua New Guinea.
Takuu Film * Takuu Film http://www.takuufilm.blogspot.com
A Blog on the Takuu Atoll by Briar March and Lyn Collie.
Tammy Titipu's Home Page * Tammy Titipu’s Home Page http://www.geocities.com/hotspice_122/homepage.html
She is now attending Lubbock Christian University.
Tasiana Michie's Home Page * Tasiana Michie’s Home Page http://www.michie.net/tasiana/index.html
Includes information and photographs of the Michie family, Papua New Guinea Stamps and airplanes.
A village, an anthropologist, two goats and a meal... * A village, an anthropologist, two goats and a meal… lucy.ukc.ac.uk/Sonja/Oliver/hoploi/hop1.html
A snapshot of village life in Hoploi, Papua New Guinea, by Oliver Kortendick.
Welcome To Nokondi Land * Welcome To Nokondi Land jkbunefa.tripod.com
Joe Nenecopa’s personal page.
Welkam to my World.. this is History * Welkam to my World.. this is History davidephraim.tripod.com
David Ephraim’s Web page.
Where in the World are the Wilsons? * Where in the World are the Wilsons? witwatw.blogspot.com
Sandy and Narelle Wilson in Papua New Guinea.


5 thoughts on “A List

  1. Hi Emmanuel,

    Just came across your website and thought might let you know the link to Koroboro International School News no longer exists on Blogger.



  2. Through Amazon I ordered a Blu Ray DVD of the film “Taken”. The product was forwarded through Masalai Press. As it came to pass, the DVD was in a format that was not compatabile to my new Sony Blu Ray player. I returned to disk directly to Thomas Slone at Masalai expecting the promised refund. The return was made several months ago and no refund, in spite of reminders, has ever been received. Hence my wish that a diseased Yak leave a deposit in Mr. Slone’s breakfast bowl.

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