What If?

By Emmanuel Narokobi

I had a small meeting this morning at 8.15am with NCDC about their website. Certainly the earliest meeting I’ve had in a long time. Although the meeting discussed revamping their website I walked out of the office thinking about a number of other things that I wish NCDC would take on.

//www.ncdc.gov.pg/home_files/image002.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.So what if…

  • NCDC owned the public transport system in Port Moresby, that’s right all those PMV’s?
  • What if all the buses ran on biogas like the Brisbane City buses in Australia?
  • What if all this biogas was produced from the Waigani swamp where all our sewerage is dumped?
  • What if the NCDC public transport system extended to ferries so that I can take my nephews and nieces out to the islands on the weekends?
  • What if NCDC actually made some of its own money from running an efficient transport system?
  • What if we had a monorail system that ran above the traffic from Gerehu to Waigani, Gordons, Boroko, Town and back. What if this supplemented the PMV system?
  • What if all public transport systems in NCDC could be paid for by tickets which we could buy like mobile top up cards?
  • What if we had wide footpaths along the side of all the roads so that the footpaths could take as much foot traffic as there was vehicle traffic?
  • What if we had bridges across these brand new roads so that I wouldn’t have to show how fast a sprinter I am when trying to get across 4 lanes of road?
  • What if the old Sea Park was turned into a public jetty so that I didn’t need to be a member of the Yacht Club to take my boat down there?
  • What if that Sea Park public jetty became the home of PNG outrigger canoing activities?

4 thoughts on “What If?

  1. proud of you m. this is the way we need to talk and think and envision.

    there is no reason why we can’t develop all those public transport capabilities and why we shouldnt have had them 10 years ago. rather than $6m kina spent “beautifying” port moresby with plants (thanks so much justin) … how about actually servicing the constitutents with a useful resource such as safe, clean, plentiful and appropriate, affordable public transport (this should not be such an alien concept for a public service organisation such as the ncdc) – they manage to do this in other, much much poorer countries than ours.

    definitely i agree the pmv system needs a total overhaul – pmvs are now run in a quasi-mafia way with one province against another province and the owners and the drivers treating their passengers with zero respect and sometimes even abusing them – forgetting that they are meant to be providing a service to the travelling public. as its so out of control i think the only way to regain control is to trash the current system and remove it from private operation.

    seeing at only a small minority of PNGns actually own vehicles, its amazing to me that not more time and effort is spent on quantifying the public transport needs and actively attempting to address them.

    transport and communication. 2 key areas in png which are being stifled by a minority with a lot to gain and little to lose by taking advantage of their position and thwarting the interests of the majority.


    ps the ncdc website definitely needs a revamp.

  2. Bro Emmanuel,

    I already have a long list of ‘what-ifs’ of my own. And now, reading this, I can add a few more to my list. Although some of mine can be classified under the “wishful thinking” category :-). But when you seriously look at what you have listed above, they are all achievable with sound governance and management.

    I only wish most of the people calling the shots “up there” can see things in this light. Come to think of it, I wonder if any of them take time out to read and really take into consideration the people’s view from the mass media, including blogs like this.

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