PNG Cars Online

By Emmanuel Narokobi

A brilliant idea from Jaive Smare, a vehicle website for PNG. It’s still very new of course but have a look and spread the word we now have a place online in PNG to buy and sell cars. Check it out at,

Oh and while we’re at it I’m just gonna put in a plug for our client Boroko Motors, check out their website as well.

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5 thoughts on “PNG Cars Online

  1. Thanks for the mention bro. You have really been the pioneer out there in using the internet intelligently to spread the word on many issues, products, people and list goes on and will probably get longer.

    We developed the site around the idea mentioned by a former weekly newspaper The Independent (now out of print) reporter Rosalyn Albanion who used to do a car column and said it was a ‘cool’ job.

    We thought we’d help people sell their cars and read reviews on vehicles as well as local automobile news online.

    If anyone wants to sell their old vehicle, just email the details.
    Once again, thanks Manu

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