Airlines of Virgin Blue – BNE to PoM 4 Flights a week, Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri well well, after all this talk of Virgin coming up here, I got an email today from a friend in Brisbane who has been advised by email of a new Virgin Blue destination:

Good Afternoon ,
Please note the below sale activity is now live:

Sale Route: BNE POM

Sale Period: Until midnight 11th September or sold out

Travel Period: 03 November 2008 to 06 December 2008

Sale Fare: $249 AUD internet only, $15 more by phone ** one way

Direct flights only. Fares are advertised inclusive of all applicable taxes/fees/surcharges, quoted in AUD $ .

** Flights between Brisbane and Port Moresby commence from 3rd November 2008 – Flights are subject to regulatory approval
Many thanks,
In fact you can now make bookings for PNG through the Virgin Blue website. And their official announcement today of the code sharing agreement can be read on their website here.

6 thoughts on “Airlines of Virgin Blue – BNE to PoM 4 Flights a week, Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri

  1. LOL cool cool. Well its a special so take note of the dates. And maybe take some pics of your maiden voyage so we can post them on the net as a follow up.

    When are you back anyways? Gotta catch up for some new ideas I have for Yu Tok Network…

  2. Well, I am planning on being back Mid-November….

    But I may come early sometimes in sept to deliver some equipments for the boys… ie. the radio transmitter plus the wireless anternnas.

    Yes… would like to catch up for that… members at at 560 mark now… and its growing still…!!!

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