NTS Test Transmission Launch

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Rex from the Yu Tok Blog was asking me the other day if the NTS project was actually going to happen. Well it appears from the newspapers and the banners around town that all seems to be on track. We had a great discussion with Noel Mobiha from the NTS project back in March this year, so I’m keen to see how the station develops with the ideas that were discussed on that post.


14 thoughts on “NTS Test Transmission Launch

  1. We look forward to what transpires on Tuesday evening is NTS is launched in Wewak.

    Competition is good and we’ve had a monopoly in PNG for too long.

    Look at what happened when Digicel came along!

    More power to competition!

  2. Manu….
    its interesting reading about the news on the Post Courier today.
    And by the look of the post… its a test transmission that will probably run from 6pm – 12am.

    What happens after that?? According to the article on Post Courier….. it will be a “few months” before they can fully get operation. My balloon just bursts šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦

  3. I was switching channels trying in vain to get a glimpse of Kundu 2 the NTS station ID yesterday at 6pm. I finally managed to locate the channel on my Hitron channel 22 (Nasa TV) and to my disappointment it was the final program on a buai bisnis…

    Well I’d love to see more locally produced movies and perhaps movie series being developed to keep the viewers entertained with PNG flavoured TV shows.

    This already prompts me into going into a movie studio business or a local hollywood/bollywood of sorts for PNG. Now, I am seeing these wave of local talents from our Creative Arts school at UPNG, the Raun Raun Theatre and the Port Moresby Arts Theatre that needs to be utilised.

    I am anxious to see more of our local theatre and acting talent on show. Yes, we can make a difference in this medium. There is lots that needs to be exploited to showcase PNG.

    Happy Independence and Congratulations NTS!

  4. Solo

    Movie studio business is great… I remember 20/20 a local business having a small room to shoot film for adverts in…… but we need more and possibly with more cameras for angle shots.

    While on that topic…. I have been intouch with Channel 31 (www.c31.com.au) which is a Comunity TV station in Melbounre. We have agreed for a partnership into another of my pet project (community TV station in PNG). Anyway, C31 has given me full use of their studio to shoot any shows (talk-back, news… etc) to be sent to PNG for broadcasting. Only problem is trying to make local content in an international studio.

    But it does give me an idea of doing a show about “PNGeans living overseas”. I am still pondering that idea…… maybe someone can help with that concept of producing local content in international studio….

    I don’t know…. what you all thing? Any thoughts?


  5. Great work Rex. Well there’s heaps of PNG’eans in Australia. I imagine all you have to do is start with an idea of what you want to do and go from there.

    You could even have like PNG actors in Cairns acting stuff out up there. It could be all in pidgin etc but just filmed in Cairns and edited in Melbourne. Guess only thing will be how you make money to pay for the actors. Unless maybe you had a sponsor from up here in PNG like BSP, Oil Search, ABC etc.

    Maybe the guys at Pacific Beat could give you some pointers in the right direction??

  6. tee-wee????

    I’ve had a little flurry of posting activity of late. Gotta clean up my most recent one and should add something on o3B networks by the end of the weekend.

    A very interesting proposal šŸ™‚

  7. Thanks CW, yeah been reading up a bit about O3B myself, so will be keen to see your write up on it. As you said, it is certainly an opportunity that us Pacific countries can look into. But again regulation will be the issue especially for places like here in PNG which has only one gateway at the moment for internet. Our current regulatory framework for ICT does not allow for any licences for internet supply at the gateway level.

  8. Shouldn’t be too much longer and folk outside PNG that have DVB-S2 satellite decoders (basically high def TV decoders) should be able to tune-in to PNG’s NBC radio.

  9. Hey Keepleft, thanks for the heads up. I think NBC are keen to broadcast down towards Cairns as well. Would the satellite decoders just pick it up or will some distribution arrangement need to be in place?

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