How to get your videos on Kundu 2

By Emmanuel Narokobi’ve been getting a number of queries about how to get your video’s onto the NTS, or Kundu 2 as it’s also called, so I was fortunate enough catch up with Kevin Marai ( of NBC yesterday. Kevin is in charge of developing the content for the NTS project at this early stage. The current situation right now where Kundu 2 is showing ready made video content is called the ‘Blackout’ period. The Blackout period is expected to last for roughly another month while they fine tune their programming schedule and sort out technical issues. They have also decided to have a go at doing a news segment during the period.

Kundu 2’s programming will be in a magazine type format, which will allow for different types of topics and genres of content to be shown. So if anyone out there has video content then NTS will be paying for content if it is not government produced. If your video has not been classified it will first go to the censorship board for classification then NTS will give you a content acquisition form so that you can licence your content to them for broadcast.

My film partner and I will also be going through the same process for our ‘Hans Up Buai O Laip Blong Yu” film. So we both will now have to sit down and work out how we will Invoice the NTS, be it a flat fee or per showing. Our film however is only a 7 min short film so we’re not looking at huge bucks here, but its a start I guess. I am waiting now for the forms from Kevin, so when I get them then I can put them up here for other production houses or individuals to download as well.

One interesting suggestion which Kevin made is that the NTS could be a central location for PNG content to be housed and broadcast. So that if there was any outside interest in your content then they could act as an agent for you in re-selling your content to other local or international broadcasters. In that way you still get your cut and they get a cut for re-selling your rights. If this is done on a per showing basis then it could be a great way of compensating peoples hard work in producing content. This will again raise the topic of copyrights and the use of organisations like APRA and what they do in music (See here, here and here).

The National Film Institute has allot of content to provide as well, but from what Kevin was saying I believe they will do this through a proper program after the ‘blackout’ period. On the topic of the Film Institute I imagine that a close relationship will need to be developed between the Institute and the NTS so that both roles of archiving and distribution are effectively carried out for PNG related content both locally and internationally.

You can already feel the NTS stimulating ideas, growth and movement of skilled technical people in PNG’s underdeveloped broadcast/movie industry. Everyone from camera men to productions houses will now have to work out where they fit into the market to be a part of this industry growth. But keep in mind that short programs and full length movies are two different things. TV is a good platform to start but I think we can really begin to see cultural expression and self analysis once we begin to start producing feature films.

So if you’re keen to get a video on Kundu 2 please email Kevin Marai at


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14 thoughts on “How to get your videos on Kundu 2

  1. As a suggestion You could probably put the masalai blog on the NTS – basically you talk about one of your posts on camera and invite some guest to also appear. It does’nt have to be in some sort of newsie TV format, but informal. Alot of people like checking out your blog and NTS could just expand its local reach even further.

    NBC will also be rolling out is Tribe FM 24 hour radio station thats targetted at the 14 – 24 youth bracket of PNG, who apparently make up over 50 percent of our population. Where as all the radio stations are targetted at everyone and have specific content/shows targetted at the youth market, NBC will have a radio station targetted directly at the youth of the nation.

    The idea of the youth station is based on actual research commissioned by NBC and involving a second qualitative analysis of the first research.

    Its interesting whats happening at NBC, first TV station, now youth radio station.

  2. Jaive, that’s a top idea thank you. I must admit the thought has crossed my mind. I shall certainly be exploring this option as my relationship grows with the NTS.

    Yep Tribe FM is gonna be a hot one I believe. I’ve had the opportunity to chat to NBC about it and they’ve actually given quite allot of freedom to the young DJ/MC’s to create their own programming. I am hoping it will grow to become like a Triple J for PNG.

    It helps too that NBC is being advised by a former Triple J DJ too so am looking forward to hearing more about them in the coming months.

  3. Hi Emmanuel

    Iv just found a very interesting story on YouTube called “The Okapa Connection” which I thought would be a fitting content for Kundu 2.

    As mention in the YouYube description, its a story that follows the journey of organic, fair-trade coffee from the growers in the Purosa region of Papua New Guinea, to the coffee shops of Australia.

    Please take your time to have a view, there are two parts.
    The links are below:

  4. Hi Manu got another PNG story from YouTube. This story is an insight to the sad situation of our logging industries and the exploitation of it and the land owners. This one really upset me.

  5. Hi Emmanuel,

    Would you have a copy of the video for 2010 Women in Mining Conference which was held in Madang? I saw a clip yesterday on Kundu TV and would like to obtain a copy.

  6. I agree with the points mentioned however, firstly its my first commen t posted on Masalai (and yes Isaw Moresby Modern-great work guys), I’d like to find out what broadcast formats kundu 2 uses HD or SD and would it be feasable to encourage indie film makers because with the adven t of modern video technology (Check out Canon EOS 7D movie mode) and desktop editing software we shouldn’t have a shortage of indie film makers to feed Kundu 2.

    1. @ Kris.

      Having done some work with the team at Kundu2 previously, I am aware of the formats and standards used there.

      Ok in the case of pretty much every digital video camera around, you can plug them into an editing station at Kundu2 and dump the files across that way. They have facilites for DV, HDV & XDCAM from memory, but laso have some ingest hardware that will allow pretty much every known connection for video or audio, excepting HDMI (but if you are shooting on a EOS 7D you would have a HDMI to *whatever format you use* convertor from Blackmagic)

      Ok so in a nutshell, as far as edit ingest goes, pretty much all formats are covered.

      For playout standards (which may be more what you are really asking) its a bit different. Kundu2 (NBC) has a Standard Definition Analog Transmission Network. This means a few things, it does not have the ability to broadcast IN High Defintion, sure it can ingest and playout HD content, but it will always be at SD 576i with Stereo (L+R) Audio. The aspect ratio at which is intended to be played out is 4:3 (not 16:9 widescreen) – however to compensate for material shot in 16:9 widescreen, be it SD or HD, the playout aspect ratio is 14:8 in an attempt to meet ‘halfway’ between the 4:3 & 16:9 aspect ratios (whilst 14:8 used to be widely accepted, I think it is just plain ugly to look at) The codec / wrapper formats playout can take straight from a content provider are pretty plentiful and most non tape based standards are covered.

      If I was making indie films on a Canon 7D, I would be editing at home in 1080p with stereo audio, 16:9, 25p frames a second and then down scaling it to 576i with stereo audio at 4:3 letterboxed, 50i frames a second, I would export the SD file as a Mpeg2 or DV AVI file, The HD file I would export as Mpeg4 .x264. Kundu2 playout gets the down scaled Mpeg2 file and I would use the Mpeg4 file for my Blu-ray and for making other downscaled files for the web and mobile delivery.

      I hope that helps, if you need to get hold of me the creator of this blog knows how to get hold of me.

      1. @ BigPelaMangi
        Since you had worked with Kundu 2, what would be your advice on sending a video to Kundu2? I’ve heard about transfering files through ftp through a broadband, EMTV does it, do you think the same could be applied to Kundu2 and how do we go about connecting and sending files/news/footages/videos

  7. This is very informative!! As an Indie film-maker your always looking for ways to get your stuff out there to the masses and this Exactly the kind of info I am looking for. Thanks Emmanuel! and thanks BikpelaMangi very helpful infor there as well! 🙂

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