Meri Lewa in the Philippines

By Emmanuel Narokobi

So the O-Shen concert is on this Saturday and am getting pressured by my little sister Faith to take her along so looks like I’ll be out there. If I can grab a media pass then I’ll be over the moon and yes will have pics to show. But while waiting for the weekend I was sent a YouTube link of a Philippino Band called POHAKU, doing a cover of O-Shen’s Meri Lewa.

Just looking at that band play, my mate and I still reckon O-Shen should take a crack at the BluesFest in Australia. Imitation is certainly the best form of flattery.


2 thoughts on “Meri Lewa in the Philippines

  1. Ahem! Sorry for catchin the late bus on this one! I am thrilled by this on the pretext that this gig is for real. It can only mean that a song that is predominantly written in Papua New Guinea Tok Pisin has been performed by others elsewhere. Good on’ya O-Shen and fellas (including O-Shen’s record label, the radio stations and the internet) for this milestone. Would be interested to know if the “Meri Lewa” songwriter collected some song royalties (APRA-AMCOS? BMI??) on this one.

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