Walike Talkies – An intermediate solution?

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Got this email today from a POM company called Spectrum Holdings. They figure that there may be a market for sooped up walkie talkies to act as cheap alternatives for the sometimes unreliable services of mobile phones and especially the costs involved. Well seems like a good idea, which I may have a look into more seriously for my staff at work.

Anyway here’s the email:

Dear friends across Papua New Guinea

By now we are all aware of the limitations of mobile phones:

– calls take ages to connect
– other people’s phones always seem to be switched off or outside the mobile service area when you are trying to get through
– people always switch them off while charging them even though it’s not necessary (phones can still charge while switched on)
– people don’t know how to cancel their call diversions/voicemail and your calls are always diverting to voicemail when not answered
– we are paying for connection to voicemail even when we hang up and don’t leave a recorded message
– annoying call dropouts in the middle of phone conversations
– hearing annoying recorded messages when your call credit is low
– receiving annoying SMS from others requesting callbacks and call credits
– SMS more than one sentence in length won’t go through
– speaker volume too low and you can’t hear what the other person is saying
– can’t use your phone when you have no units
– can’t use your phone when the mobile system is down
– calls are so expensive
– mobile phones ringing in the workplace are noise pollution
– employees waste hours fiddling with their phones, sending SMS and making phone calls instead of paying attention to their duties
– small and easy to steal or get lost.

If your business, organisation, school or church only requires communications over a small local area then WALKIE TALKIES are a much better and cheaper option.

Within a 5km line-of-sight radius (eg within a school campus or across a suburban neighbourhood) walkie talkies can give you:

– unlimited FREE talk-time (just pay K24 per year licence fee)

– clear signal with no dropouts and no system down

– loud volume if required

– long battery life and quick re-charge
– no need to switch off while charging
– no annoying or distracting calls or SMS from outsiders
– can connect to a repeater channel for longer range

Walkie talkies with or without repeat channel are ideal for
– transport companies (vehicle convoys, loading yards)
– mining and logging companies (outdoor or yard operations)
– security companies (local area or repeater)
– shipping companies (loading yards and docks)
– schools and colleges (cross-campus)
– hospitals, hotels and shopping centres
– timber yards and cargo depots
– villages within a small local area
– small boats (talk to people on the shore)
– PMV and taxi fleets (talk to each other, talk to base)
– tradesmen (keep in touch with base)

We all thought walkie talkies would be obsolete when mobile phones arrived, didn’t we? But we were SOOOO wrong.
And aren’t we lucky that Spectrum Communications has a special deal on walkie talkies for this month?
Choice of UHF (K500) or VHF (K600) hand-held radios which is around HALF of what other radio dealers are selling similar products for. See our attached flyer, and contact us quick if you or a friend or colleague may have need of such. Stock will go soon.

PO Box 531 Gordons NCD
Ph/Fax 323 3301 or 672 2495


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