Bank South Pacific Visa Debit Cards

By Emmanuel Narokobi

I’ve talked about e-commerce on several occasions and especially on PNG’s first initiative which is the site. As always the one major issue has been the fact that not allot of PNG’eans have credit cards. The solution for that has been Visa Debit cards, but for a long time this was only available to Westpac clients. With the advent now of BSP’s Visa Debit card a huge uptake may be expected considering BSP’s market share in PNG. And this will represent a true opportunity for more PNG’eans to start interacting with e-commerce sites and hopefully they can start dreaming up their own e-commerce initiatives.

If you have a BSP account then download the application form here.


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49 thoughts on “Bank South Pacific Visa Debit Cards

  1. I must say that’s a positive step forward for the development of the domestic e-commerce sector. Would you know how long it takes for the bank to process and hand your debit visa card over to you?

    1. Dear, Sir/Madam
      I would like to apply for BSP VISA card but bit confused about its terms and conditions appliedd. Please may I know anything about that?

      1. Dear sir/ madam
        I would like to apply for the BSP VISA card online but bit confused about how to do.
        Please may i know anything about that?

  2. Visa Debit Cards basically work like a Kundu Card but in the form of a credit card under the brand Visa. So when you use your Visa Debit Card to purchase things on the internet or in a shop, you are not going on credit. Instead you will be using money that would have placed in your account.

    So in other words with the Visa Debit Card, you will be debited directly from your account when you use it. So no bills after, you pay as you go.

    Not sure of the charges yet, I just placed my application form in on Monday so will advise when I get my card.

    1. I applied for a replacement bsp visa debit card, but i am not sure if it will work here in US. I am in Denver Colorado. has anyone tried or used their BSP debit card in Us and did it worK

  3. This is great. Maybe this will promote e-commerce within the country. The future definitely looks good for Masalai and other web design businesses. I think cybermasta has already begun doing some stuff like this with osCommerce on the Rapid Fones website. What do you think Manu? Any plans??

  4. Yeah it’s really always a case of doing it when a client wants it. E-Commerce really only works when its attached to an existing business or service. Like how the hotels and Air Niugini are doing it currently.

    Anything new and you’d have to be really promoting it in some way.

    But we have to make a distinction here with e-commerce done in foreign currencies which is what everyone else is doing and e-commerce done in PGK which only Data Nets and Air Niugini are doing. Any e-commerce done in PGK currently will have to be sold through EsiShop as it is restricted right now for security and fraud prevention reasons.

    The only way you could do e-commerce now would be through a foreign bank account. We are currently working on a setup now for 2 clients so we can talk more about it when its done. But one will be in PGK and the other in AUD$.

    But in the end it always boils down to what you want to sell and if theirs a market for it.

  5. Hi All…is like this. the limits is the amount u got in the card. and u can used oversea. Not like the credit u pay interest up to 20% and so…on. By the ways we dont want to be like Aus, call the credit country.

  6. Hi all, just a heads up from someone who has applied from a small town (gka).. be prepared for a longer wait … I’ve submitted three application spanning from October 08 to present date I’m still waiting. the first two applications got lost and the last application I sent its been basically a month, but I’m sure I’ll eventually get it and the benefits will definately be worth the wait…

  7. Hi Weilabana, thanks for contributing…yeah that’s a real shame. Really frustrates me that customer service is hard enough in Port Moresby and then nearly non-existent in the Provinces with some things. Yet they charge us for every single thing they do for us?????

    But please let us know when you get it so we can record how long it actually took you to get it. But since October 2008 is quite pathetic…

  8. maybe write something in the paper about how long you’ve been waiting because BSp says it will take up to 5 days to get your card processed.

    this shouldn’t take long because they’re not doing a credit check etc…

    if you write to the paper the manager might write back asking you to contact him/her directly.

    good luck

  9. It took me 2 days cos I went directly to see the BSP Electronic Banking Manager.

    You might want to check their website’s customer service contact details and send them an email quiry. I am sure they would respond promptly.

    Good luck!

  10. Hey there, I got a visa debit card last year and would like to use it to purchase stuff online.Please advise on how I could go about it.

  11. Hi, I have been wondering how people make paayments and shop online when I was in high school. After having exposed to the cyber world it really makes me want to have a credit card of my own but I’m still a student and I’m not sure it would be possible for me. I surf online and visit lots of items being sold online requiring online payment such as paypal and visa or whatever. Can anybody tell me whether I could have a card? I already downloaded an application form and now I’m about to fill it and send back. How can I negociate? Do O have to go and see the local branch manager responsible for e-services? I need more information please hep.


    1. Ray, I’m assuming you’re based in Madang. Fill out the application form then go in to see David Aisoli to get more information regarding the card. If all is well on the form, then then they will advise on when the card will be ready for pickup.

      You should have an existing account with BSP and be over the age of 18.

      Also keep in mind that you will need K100 to activate the card when you go to pick it up.

      1. Thanks so much for that. And one more thing: how long will the card be activated till the time of expiry? Does the card have any expiry date? Will I use this card to purchase items overses? And if so how will they convert PGK into dollars and other internatiomal currencies?
        Any way thanks for your helpful information and hope to receive more when I need your help.


      2. Hi Ray,

        Yes it has an expiry date, I believe its 5 years. And yes you can use the card to make purchases overseas or on the internet.

        In terms of how much it costs for these transactions its better you ask them in person.

        However you should also take the time to compare with other banks as well like Westpac who also have a Visa Debit Card.

  12. Hi everybody ,its my first wanting to know more on this Visa Card so M just letting every body know that if you guys know anything about then Let me know the advantage and the disadvantage of this particulars ,
    Please do email me the comments your comments

  13. Hello all,

    it’s great to see a debit card in PNG. The good thing about them is that you are limited to the funds you have in your bank account, and there is no credit.

    If there are insufficent funds in your account, the bell rings and “Sorry, insufficient funds” is displayed to you.

    As an Aussie, I strongly suggest that CREDIT cards be avoided. I come from a country that is swimming/ drowning in personal debt. Many people have had their assets sold up due to personal debts they were unable to service.

    Many lives have been shattered because of credit, and the banks love giving it. That is, after all, how they make their money.

    If you have not got the money, don’t buy it !!!!

  14. I am in Hong Kong Airport right now and find that i can’t withdraw from the ATM despite the VISA logo displayed on it. Am i doing anything wrong here??? ….

  15. Hey bro Emmanuel …please let me know if i have to have a certain amount of money in my account to be granted a visa card. I am very interested in e-commerce.


  16. At least it’s not too late for me to find out about the answers to the questions that I really bothered myself regarding Visa Cards. It all began in Fiji where I was on one of my study trips in June this year. It was then that I had to send my Kundu Saver Card to PNG with a Fijian friend to withdraw some bugs for me. I got my money wired and picked up the next.
    Why? Simply because I did not have any knowledge about Visa Credit Cards, how they work, their pros and cons etc. Nothing is never too late.

  17. Emmanuel,

    Can you kindly assist us by asking readers who work in banks or concerned users to do a comparative study on bank fees currently being charged by the Banks in PNG.

    I couldnt help notice that my small account in BSP attracts all up over K1000 worth of bank fees per annum, just for making deposits and withdrawls.

    When I withdraw K50 to buy groceries Iam charged a fee even at the ATM machine. When I go to the bank to withdraw K50 I am charged a higher fee.

    I picked up the latest BSP Anuual Report the other day and I saw how much profit they made last year! Its almost criminal when you think of how much by way of fees that they are charging. A whopping K300 Million profit, and that is not to mention well over K100 million that goes into paying and looking after all those expatriates. If we had less of them working in BSP, the Bank would perhaps charge less fees and make more profit than it currently shows.

    Well how much is enough? K300 Million profit and BSP executives walking around like Gods or king roosters! All at the misery of the bank’s customers.

    Well it is about time we the ordinary citizenry did a comparative case study on all the banks and their fees. Can you Emmanuel kindly initiate this for the sake of our selves, the working class people and even village people who use the banks.

    Traditionally the banks use our money in the accounts to lend out and make money from interest paid on loans. They pay us interest on our deposits and keep the difference. Banks also make money on foreign currency transactions. A nominal account keeping fee was charged for keeping the account. Once upon a time banks worked hard as businesses to make money.

    Today, led by BSP, the banks are raping and pillaging the poor unsuspecting public of PNG. The Bank of PNG is sound asleep and the people are being raped by the banks.

    What the commercial banks are doing in charging exhorbitant fees, type of fees, and amounts charged, is absolutely unacceptable in Australia or anywhere else in the world!

    What we need is a banking Ombudsman in this country to properly deal with and address customer grievances against banks who wield unfair power in arbitrary manner in the country.

    To start this ball rolling, let us get all the statistics in. Let this place be a forum to wake the Central Bank up , and say to the commercial banks, enough!

    It may be that we may need to organize for all citizens to go and withdraw all moneys you have and lets keep it ourselves. We may even nominate a week and in that week all citizens go withdraw all your savings and keep them outside until such time the banks come back to their senses and drop their stupid fees.

    Any takers out there?

  18. Hi… i have payment eligible to out accepted for a visa or master card…. sent to me in new york to collect here in. Png, attach with …. ACCT # No & my Pin # , address under my Name …. what is the progress? Can you agently activated me ,my visa debit card? & how long will it take me to come & collect…..

    Thanks hear from you soon.

  19. Hundreds of PNGeans travel annually to Israel and most carry BSP Debit Card and it does not work in Israel.Westpac Visa debit card works, common on BSP ?Can someone tell us why?

  20. Thank you every one for your comments and I have been wanting to know how to get a debit/credit card. I live in Fiji and have the Account in Fiji. And I really need a debit./credit card to purchase online. Now I know I will go to my branch and find even more. I am a pensioner and I receive monthly payments into my savings bank account. Am I permitted to acquire a debit card? By the way what is the difference between debit and credit cards? How much do I have to have in my bank account in Fiji Currency?

  21. Sir,
    I wanted to purchase an item from USA and applied the 16 digits visa debit card number BUT it couldn’t allow me to enter all the 16 digital numbers. Why is it 16 numbers and not less than that?
    This disallowed me to purchase online and am disappointed. Can anyone explain?

    Jacob Millen

  22. Hi there, would it be possible to launch applications online or I still have to go to a bsp branch to lodge Visa debit card applications

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