What happens to a concert without a main act?

By Emmanuel Narokobi

CHM Banners

So here we are rocking up last night at 7pm to the O-Shen concert and what do they tell us?? O-Shen will not be playing! What??!! It appears that O-Shen was upset with the support band who were to play with him on the night so he advised CHM that evening that he would not be coming to the concert.

So what happens when there’s no O-Shen at an O-Shen concert?? Well the party rocks on, that’s what! With an energetic line up such as the Sepik/Central ‘Coral Springs’, the Karanas/Gerehu ‘Tasins Band’, The Tolai Rock King ‘Leonard Kania’ and the hottest group right now, ‘Skwatas Band’, all was let loose in a spectacular display of vocal delights, pumping lyrics and forceful sounds all made to get the crowd dancing on the swimming pool dance floor of the POM Country Club.

Dancing before the acts started

The night geared up slowly with the 2,000 plus crowd finally filing in en mass around 9.00pm onwards and although the news that O-Shen was not coming was a let down by many, the night was still enjoyed by all. I’ve never seen a dance floor stay packed for a full 6 hours from when the bands were playing through to the smooth transition to the DJ music which took the party goers till late or morning that is.

O-Shen’s reasons may be valid in that he may have wanted to have everything sounding the way he wanted but it was unfortunate considering he hasn’t been back to sing here for about 6 years and on top of that because this was meant to launch his new album. Maybe if he and CHM can come out publicly with an explanation so that people can hear it from him about his grievances than we can all acknowledge it, CHM can deal with it and as they say, we can all ‘get on with the show’.

Leornard Kania

But back to the other acts, hell what a selection. My personal favourites are still Leonard Kania and of course the currently popular Skwatas Band with ‘Take Me To Paradise’. That track has really blown me away, especially the techno/dance sound of it. I was telling a friend of mine the other day that you could take away the pidgin/English lyrics and it could have been a track coming out of London for all we knew. But then it’s no surprise as the album was produced by Emmanuel of Cyclone Studios who was the same producer that did the sound for the New Age Band of Bougainville. So ol mangi Morata e no isi long tromei lek, and cos the crowd wanted more lead man Mikes Toto had to take them to Paradise again a second time.

Tasins Band

Coral Springs and Tasins Band are fairly new, but you could certainly see the energy in the Coral Springs front man’s stage performance and his interaction with the crowd. And the Kavieng squad of Tasins band looked great with the traditional leaves around the neck so kudos to another up and coming Gerehu band.

And yes I finally got my Media Pass courtesy of Shane da Man of Rait FM (CHM’s new radio station). But my camera is in service in Brisbane and my attempts to borrow friends SLR camera’s all failed so I ended up just using a standard Kodak digital camera. So without any proper lenses I had to get as close as possible to the artists to take their pictures. I also ran out of battery power right before the Skwatas Band started, so sorry no pics of them. They’re not the best pics, but next time I’ll make sure my camera is on me so I can take better shots.

But the question still remains, will we see O-Shen live at all while he is still here in PNG???


Some Shots of the Night but you can see more pics on my Flickr account

Coral Springs

The Crowd

Tasins Band

Oli and I

With Oli Wilson here, who is doing a paper on PNG Music.

More pics on my Flickr account

13 thoughts on “What happens to a concert without a main act?

  1. Manu, thanks for the pics. It looks like everyone really enjoyed the night despite Os not showing up for the main event. It is really unfortunate that things didn’t work out right between Os and his support band/CHM.

    I was at his 1 Rebel album launch in Hawaii last August with Don Carlos of Jamaica’s Black Uhuru drawing the crowd for Oshen before he took on the stage. I would love to see and feel the same spirit and distinctiveness that CHM’s support band can’t replicate. If only he could bring his band in Hawaii over for the launch…we can only hope…may be CHM can do better after more practice…

  2. Unfortunate Oshen couldn’t perform but obviously that didn’t stop the crowd from having a blast come to think about it why wouldn’t they, they had some of the best bands and singers to entertain them.

    Manu if I may call you that, would it be possible if you could upload the Skwatas Band ‘Take Me To Paradise’ song and others so people like me who are overseas can have the opportunity to be up dated with what’s new and popular in the PNG music scene.
    Maybe you could dedicate a blog to cater for that…just an idea….I know a lot of PNGeans would highly appreciate that. Maybe CHM is doing that job but am sure you could do better.

    Pity bout your camera difficulties but the pictures you took were good to look at.

    Thanks for the pics and the update of the concert.

  3. Thanks for that link Solo. Iv been there but it takes a while to load and not much variety but will check it out again.

  4. Thanks Carlos, yeah good idea, we could give it a go but royalty issues would have to be sorted out, especially with CHM music. So not sure whether I get a broadcast licence to cover my usage of the songs or I’ll have to be licensed with CHM or pay royalties to them. Guess I better ask them.

  5. CHM has their web site which is pretty fancy but doesn’t really deliver much. It would be nice if I could go to a website or blog which has up to date information about current popular or up and coming bands (not only from CHM) with samples of their music to listen too.
    You know you really miss our music when you’re far away from home and you would really love to know what’s new and hot so you don’t miss out.

    I hope you find a way to work it out and provide that much needed service.


  6. HAHAHAH…. and the bros and sistas were all psyched to go see O-Shen and saying how we were missing out….and unfortunately for them – brother didn’t show….. coz the other brothers were in Kimbe dat same time for NGI Nait ….. @ Kimbe Lodge – yep Twin Tribe themselves…. 🙂

    we great ppl – the show must go on!!! … as long as there’s good muzik, good company and beer brewing …… we’ll party till we drop!!! even if the main man’s not there… and so the supporting artists steal the show!!!! Taking dem to Paradise!!!

  7. lenord kania’s music is loved by many people in PNG as a whole but up in the highlands espically Kol Ples Mt. Hagen we the young boys really love his music.

    “who says no”

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