Mobile Money Summit 01

By Emmanuel Narokobi

I attended the second day today of the Mobile Money Summit which was held at Lamana. Hosted by INA, ADB and IFC the seminar was held to raise awareness of the potential for mobile phone technology expanding access to finance in PNG. In other words the potential and implications of mobile phone banking and payments. The Seminar brought together some very interesting and very experienced people from technical experts, bankers, regulators and mobile phone operators from as far as the U.S. and as close as Vanuatu and Australia.

Unfortunately I found out about the seminar by accident and so I only turned up today but I’ve been promised that all the speakers papers will be emailed to us soon. So will get them up here once I get that.

In anycase I’ll run through the programme so you can get an idea of what was discussed:

Themes for Day One:

What is mobile money? What opportunities does it represent? What is happeneing around the Asia-Pacific region and elsewhere? What can we learn from these experiences? What are the implications for PNG and Pacific Island countries?

9.00am Welcome and Event Opening

  • Paul Barker, Institute of National Affairs
  • Laure Darcy, Asian Development Bank
  • Gary Bertone, World Bank Group


  • Chairman, Paul Barker, Institute of National Affairs
  • David Conn, Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce & Industry: Banking in PNG – a business perspective
  • David Porteous, Bankable Frontier Associates: What is Mobile Money and how is it expanding throughout the world? What are the issues and challenges in PNG?


  • Success Stories – What innovations are we seeing in the Pacific?
  • Bob Hughes / Stuart Mathison, CEO and COO of National Bank of Vanuatu: Expanding Access to Financial Services in Vanuatu
  • Isikeli Tuituku, ANZ PNG
  • Panelists: Bob Hughes, Stuart Mathison, David Porteous, Isikeli Tuituku: – ANZ, Peter Loko, CEO B-Mobile


  • The Enabling Role of Payment Systems for Mobile Money
  • Gary Bertone, World Bank Group
  • John Vivian, Andrew Anderson, First Commercial Limited: Implications for Clearing & Settlements Systems


Theme for Day 2: Practical Implementation options for PNG and the Pacific


  • New Solutions: Engaging with Customers and Creating Compelling Products. New Approaches to:

– Customer segmentation for developing and developed markets

– Creating mobile money products for ‘banked’ customers

– Creating mobile money products for the ‘unbanked’

  • Chairman: Henry Kila, President, Business Council of Papua New Guinea
  • Lew Kenah: Bank South Pacific
  • Sundar Ramamurthy: Data Nets Ltd
  • Janine Firpo – IFC


  • Arata Onoguchi – IFC, Mobile Money Linkages
  • Panel Discussion: Which segments are most suited for what products? Which segments are most profitable? Where and why? How to address cultural issues? What customer outreach approaches have proved successful? Who is really getting this right today? What could we do a lot more of?
  • Moderator: Stuart Mathison
  • Panelists: Paul Thornton – PNG Microfinance, Lionel Somaratne – Nationawide Microbank, Isikeli Tuituku – ANZ, Lew Kenah – BSP, Asheesh Singh – Westpac, Sundar Ramamurthy – Data Nets, Jimmy San – Daltron


  • New Solutions: Government & Regulation
  • David Porteous: The Regulatory Implications of Mobile Money

– How best to engage regulators?

– How to ensure financial integrity and avoid money laundering?

– How to create effectve cross-sector regulation?

  • Panel Discussion, How do existing regulations givern new technologies? What are the consumer protection issues? How can regulations protect the most vunerable, yet foster access to improved services?   Panel: Natasha Beschorner – The World Bank Group, Stanley Alphonse – ICCC, Lois Stanley – UPNG, Law Faculty

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