Surfing PNG Archives

By Emmanuel Narokobi

I’ve had a real dilemma over the last month or so. Was wondering how to update 220 files of images on a website that had no Content Management System while at the same time trying to keep costs down for the Surfing Association of PNG. The website is one of the very first websites I designed when I started Masalai but the SAPNG have been adamant about me changing the design so I’ve continued growing it slowly while maintaining the old coding and layout. So when the President Andrew Able asked me to archive all the images on to the site, I decided the cheapest way would have to be to use my Flickr account.

So what I’ll do is have thumbnails on the SAPNG site and then have it linked to the larger versions on the Flickr account so that people can actually see the details in some of the images like the newspaper reports. I know that there are probabaly better ways to do this, but considering the scarcity of time that I have, this has been my answer. So let me know if you think of anything better or how I could improve what I’m doing here.

For those of you interested in seeing the images, have a look here.


2 thoughts on “Surfing PNG Archives

  1. Instead of displaying thumbnails for all images why not display say six thumbnails (fixed or random) which when clicked takes the reader to the Flickr album?

    This would then save you from having to add a thumbnail each time a new image was added – all the surfing association would have to do is then add images to the Flickr account without any changes to the website itself.

    My only other suggestion would be to setup a separate Flickr account for the association.

    Lastly I will add a link to the site from my Blog.



  2. Thanks Rob, good idea will see what they think of that. But yes certainly their own account is necessary…thanks.

    Yes please if you can place the link on your blog, that’ll be awesome!

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