Pacific Pulse – First Broadcast, Sunday 2nd Nov.

By Emmanuel Narokobi

After their whirl wind tour around the Pacific in July this year, I was emailed today by Tania Nugent who has advised that all is set now for their first ever episode of Pacific Pulse this coming Sunday at 7.20pm. So look out for PNG stories and other stories from around the Pacific as this new TV Programme looks at providing more Pacific and PNG related content for the Australia Network.

I’ve also advised Kevin Marai at Kundu 2 about Pacific Pulse starting so we should also expect to see the programme shown on Kundu 2 as well. Here’s a sneak peek at what will be shown in the first 2 episodes:

Episode 1: Broadcast Sunday 2nd November, 7.20pm
1/The Development of Swimming in Samoa Post SP Games
2/The Pijin Bible Launch in Solomon Islands
3/A snippet of the Pomio Dancers from East New Britain Province, PNG taken at the Arts Festival in Pago Pago.

Episode 2: Broadcast Sunday 9th December, 7.20pm
1/Aussie Rules World Cup – which PNG won! (Lots of sporting wins this year)

And while I’ll be watching the show on Sunday night I’m really jealous that Tania will be headed to Vanuatu on Monday for the Fest’ Napuan Music Festival. SIGH!…if only, maybe NBC could sponsor (or contract) me to be a traveling journalist like Tania and Clem.


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