SP Lager Outlets in Australia

You can now find you favourite SP Lager at the following outlets in Queensland

Za Ba Bottle Shop
Cosmopolitan Building Crn Beach Rd & Gold Cost Highway Surfers Paradise QLD 4217 Phone: 5526 9018

Aubery Street Cellars
Shop 1/31 Aubery St Surfers Paradise QLD 4217 Phone: 5538 2600

Island Resort Bottle Shop
6 Beach Road Surfers Paradise QLD 4217 Phone: 5538 8000

Spiro’s Bottle Shop
535 Milton Rd Toowong QLD 4066 Phone: 3871 1725

Spiro’s Bottle Shop
97-105 Latrobe Tce Paddington QLD 4064 Phone: 3369 1782

Acacia Ridge Tavern
1260 Beaudesert Rd Acacia Ridge QLD 4110 Phone: 3875 2438

 Richlands Tavern
132 Government Rd Richlands QLD 4077 Phone: 3372 1433

17 thoughts on “SP Lager Outlets in Australia

  1. That’s all well and proper for the blokes downunder. The question I have is when are we going to be able to buy “Chimay” here in PNG?

    (If you’ve never tried Trapist brewed beer – you’ve definitely never lived!!)

    Brewed in the bottle – champagne style cork – red as red – the bubbles last forever – and when you try it…

    You’ll know why some call “Chimay” the best beer in the world!!


  2. Great news – I’ve always wondered why I couldn’t buy SP in Australia! Are there any Sydney outlets planned do you know? Three of us once paid $90 for a six pack of white cans at a PNG community function here a few years ago – fund raising of course but gee it tasted better than Tooheys….

    1. FFS the distributor is shown on the label in Bondi, but I cant seem to find their details anywhere, White or Yellow Pages or the internet. Surely their is some bottle shop in Sydney selling this. Plenty of expats living in Sydney too, anyone able to help????


  3. We need SP in Melbourne. Down here the most popular is probably Carlton draught, and SP is similar, but better. Victorians will love it.

    1. TayloR, someone I ‘ve known for 30years or more says it is VB (Victoria Bitter) but he also says given a choice he would go for SP any time.I wonder why??

    2. TayloR ,I know this pisspot who tells me he prefers VB (Victoria Bitter) but if there was SP he would buy it.Also on good advice I am told the alcohol content is much more in SP then VB or Carlton.True or false ! Alcohol no matter what label, makes human become so silly after awhile.

    3. I want it in Tassie, the good old SP Brownies is, Surely Dan Murphy’s in Launceston would stock it, best beer on the market but must be bottled in Lae, PNG, not the bloody Phillipines, and where did SanMiguel go, haven’t seen it for years please reply someone in charge please

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