AKAY47’s 30th B’Day Pics

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Akay47’s been in town for his Music Competition and thank goodness his 30th B’Day happened to catch him (2 weeks ago that is), while he’s still here in PNG. So a partying we did go…off to sea and onto the cosy uninhabited island of Manubada where many a drinks we did swill and heaps of meat we did grill for a festival of a day it was.

We were pleasantly surprised to be joined also by various musicians such as O-Shen, Radley, Apox and G-Dok (who will be starring allot more in the up coming 2nd Massive Sound System album). And for all those (like me) that missed out on seeing O-Shen last time. He has something coming up before Christmas so keep your ears to the ground for his next concert.


Clive and Akay…in the beginning…

Clive again with G-Dok


Akay’s family…they were great hosts!


Oli Wilson tha Ladies Man

Dancing with your hands (and hips)

O-Shen pointing out the B’Day boy


Last swim before the sun began to set


The Sun begins to set

Sipping down the sunset

Party Time!

Fire Dancing

The fire sing-along


2 thoughts on “AKAY47’s 30th B’Day Pics

  1. Kooool pics!! Beach PARTY!!!! Alweiz the best!!! …then again — any party is!!! HEHEHE… Belated b’day greets to AK. Cheers!

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