A message to all members of PNG Social Network Site, Yu Tok Organization

A message to all members of Yu Tok Organization

Most of you who have been a member before September 2008 would recall that Yu Tok had some awesome features such as Online Games, Datebait, Games Arcade, Smilies and Who-IM.. etc

This create features and many planned on being used on Yu Tok was unceremonialy removed by NING who is the platform owner on which Yu Tok is hosting the site. All the other features had been removed earlier and a few weeks ago Who-IM was also removed… the last straw!!!

It has been 3 months now and if Yu Tok needs to improve from just being a plain site and have not interesting features for its members to use, it have to move and try to connect with those thousands of other users who also have been affected by NING.

https://i1.wp.com/api.ning.com/files/TtpWyvuRP1S9CSIIjiInJa6C8XVyaojo05KRrQ3GQa5WijXqdzD2MRAGuvzsVEVMizqPqWxYIiIUNJ0KEYL2EaUct1dHcxgT/Yutoktrans.pngYu Tok is now preparing for MIGRATION! At first there was hope that we could move all your photos and videos and everything else from your page…. However, we underestimated NING who blocked the API of the website rendering it impossible for migrating your pictures and videos.

So thats the bad news… you have to upload your pictures and videos again 😦  😦
But the good news is we are now free to have all the great features back and even more… we can allow members to create NOT only GROUPS on Yu TOK but also NETWORK on Yu TOK.

It seems now that I can only migrate the membership and will import all your address so that when you are logged into the new site, it will send you your new password to your email address for you to log-in. For those users who have gave in a false address… it means you have to start all over again.. well, we all have to start all over again.

However, this site will be use as an achieve and will still run but it will store all your old photos. For a start Who-IM is already running in the new site, so you can start using it as soon as you log in.

You can access the new site here while we continue to update it and bring you back all the new features! It should all be operational by the end of this month.

Yu Tok Organization


4 thoughts on “A message to all members of PNG Social Network Site, Yu Tok Organization

  1. Manu…

    Thanks so much for passing the message forward.
    Yes, we have almost 870 members already using the Yu Tok Social Network and migrating to the new address.

    You can reach us on http://yutok.net

    We should have all the amazing features working again… Who-IM, Datebait, Games Arcade, imagazine, ibook, chat, video conference, skype and many more all in just one website.

    Thanks again and I will be in POM end of next week and lets catch up for coffee.


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