2008 Media Conference

By Emmanuel Narokobi

I’ve been attending the 2008 Media Conference since Monday and frightfully I have to give a talk tomorrow with Malum Nalu on Digital (Online) Media. It’s 2.30am now and I’m still trying to complete my power point presentation. I was going to complete it earlier but I though I’d listen to the other speakers over the first two days to try and get a feel of what everyone was talking about. But it turns out that everyone that’s turned up are journalists so I feel like a bit of a fake being among them all, in the sense that I write as well but I’m not actually a journalist.

In hindsight I probabaly should have told you all earlier so maybe I’d be able to get some pointers. But I’ll let you guys know about my presentation later thsi week which has to be on Online media in relation to development.

I’ve been taking notes on some of the speakers and its turning out to be a good exercise for journalists to do some self evaluation etc. But again I’ll have to get those notes to you all later as well.

But in the meantime below is a copy of the program so click on the image to see the big copy of what the whole seminar is about. (I also caught up with a journalist who should be able to email me some of the papers from the Mobile Banking Seminar I attended a couple of weeks ago).



5 thoughts on “2008 Media Conference

  1. Emmanuel,

    Hope you did end up getting some sleep mate. Hate to see you doze off on stage during your presentation!

    Please pass on my regards to Malum.


    NB: How far do you think we are away from organising a PNG Blogging/ers Conference?

  2. Robert,

    Top idea. Top idea.

    Funny thing, I followed a link to a site called Alexa (web information company) which referred a person to my Blog and it lists Robert@PNG as the highest hit PNG website.

    Robert@PNG even beats PNGBD and both the PC and The National and Air Niugini. I’m not kidding.

    Check out this link for the Top PNG Blogs by traffic rankings:


    And this link for the Top PNG Websites by traffic rankings:


    What are you doing Robert? haha

  3. LOL…Well there you have it…Alexa has spoken. I’m not surprised at all what with his twitter tweets and top reading hits onya Rob!

    Hey maybe like if we had that Bloggers Conference or Website Conference we could give out awards for things like this. Might be a good way for businesses and individuals to start thinking more about their online presence.

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