PNGARNet – Who’s on it?

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Head over to Malum Nalu’s Blog for a report on the PNGARNet (Academic Research Network), finally being used at the University of Goroka.

After hearing about it coming closer to fuition earlier this year at the ICT Workshop at UPNG, I’m keen to hear more on how developed PNGARNet is and what Universities are using it now?

So I guess that’s DWU, UOG and who else is on the PNGARNet? I think my doctor friends were also looking at using this network?

9 thoughts on “PNGARNet – Who’s on it?

  1. Hi All,

    PNG-ARNet current members are……

    The PNG Universities

    * Divine Word University
    * Pacific Adventist University
    * Papua New Guinea University of Natural Resources and Environment
    * University of Goroka
    * University of Papua New Guinea
    * University of Technology (Unitech)

    • Research Institutes

    * Institute of Medical Research (IMR)
    * National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI)
    * National Research Institute (NRI)

    1. Dear Chandana,

      For your information Institute of Business Studies (IBS) is one of the Higher Education Institution in Papua New Guinea, approved by the Commissioners of Higher Education under the Act 1983. We are very much interested in joining the PNGARNET and also would like to know the charges and other details. Thanks

      N.Sadiq Ali
      Deputy Director
      Institute of Business Studies

  2. Hi all, just to follow up on the current members of PNGARNet, all has been listed by Chandana Silver, DWU ICT manager…
    Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) in Kainantu EHP is it a member also?
    Well, I think so!

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