Digicel Foundation rebuilds Barakau Primary School

By Emmanuel Narokobi

I’m sitting here at the Yacht Club with my mate Sherman B. having lunch. I just had soup because I think I already eat too much already. Sherman’s on this cabbage/tomato soup diet and he claims that he’s lost 7 kilo’s in 9 days and so he’s obediently just munched through a dry Ceaser Salad (I wonder how many kilojoules are in the salad dressing?) and he’s washing it down with a pot of tea. What a showoff?!

Anyway so we’re just relaxing now after getting back from Barakau, where the Digicel Foundation had just opened a school that they had renovated. Well the Barakau Primary School to be exact, and its sad to think that this school was opened in 1959 and then has been neglected until today. Nevertheless it was encouraging to see what the Digicel Foundation were doing with Digicel’s extra cash.


I was invited along because Masalai is a sponsor of their website which we built and update for FREE. To be honest though it is a marketing activity for us, so its business as usual, but it wasn’t until I had actually come to one of these launches that I could fully appreciate what the Digicel Foundation was doing. I’m not going to harp on and praise Digicel and everything and obviously I’m a bit biased in saying this, but I think its very encouraging to see a large corporate citizen in PNG putting money into Education and in a systematic way as well instead of the usual adhoc sports and entertainment sponsorships. In fact this is the 6th education related project that the Foundation has put money into. You can read about the Foundation here.

Oh and its a wonderful feeling typing on a WiFi connected laptop at the Yacht Club while looking out at the glistening afternoon sea.

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