The Conversation Prism

By Emmanuel Narokobi

The bursting growth of ‘social media‘ is grabbing allot of us by the eye balls and dragging us into a new era where everyone is a click away and where the content producer is now also the consumer. I think the word now is that we have become ‘Prosumers‘. So just to visually map out this flowering shift in how we communicate online in todays world, a very smart hombre by the nombre of Brian Solis has given us ‘The Conversation Prism

‘The Conversation – the art of listening, learning and sharing’. (click on Image for larger version)

Certainly a very informative way to illustrate the size and scope of social media, and of course so we can better understand the challenge it presents to brands, companies, marketers, bloggers and just everyday web surfers. And if you have no idea about what I’m going on about but you’re on Facebook or Bebo or the like, then please be advised that you too have already become part of the conversation. Actually you can let me know what social media you’re on by taking part in the Poll below.

Update: 26/11/08

Thanks everyone who took part in my little Poll. The results after 3 days (Sunday to Today) are below. I know its not exactly the most accurate way of working out who’s on what in PNG. Though I believe it gives some rough guidelines as to which social networks are most used. While we’re on this subject check out Rob@PNG’s entertaining and informative posts on the matter here and here.



6 thoughts on “The Conversation Prism

  1. Would be interesting to also see the results for the cyber forums pngscape and – used more regularly by Papua New Guineans to air their opinions and development and political frustrations..

    I used to be a regular contributor to the discussions under the pseudonym “mauswara” but have since left after the tone of discussions shifted from issues to personal and regional attacks…

  2. True true Solo. I used to contribute there as well but likewise one of the major reasons for me starting my own blog was the way discussions deteriorated into verbal diarrhea.

    Nevertheless Forum sites are still around and were the first kids on the block, so would be good to see how they grow their platforms as blogs and self run social networks like Ning begin their rise.

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