Martin Maden’s Photos – Tribute to Sir Mathias Kauage

By Emmanuel Narokobi

European based PNG Filmmaker, Mr. Martin Maden was showing these pics of Kauage’s pics on the new Facebook group ‘Wantoks In Europe‘ (started by Michaeline Moir-Bussy). Just looking at them I couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss and certainly pride. It is no accident that all the PNG art work you see outside places like the Holiday Inn in Port Moresby were all influenced by the great, late Sir Mathias Kauage. It was a revolution in a true PNG style of painting and since then I have not seen anyone who has come close to creating a fresh interpretation of PNG on canvas.

Martin explains his relationship with Kauage below: was a pleasure for me to have known the late Sir Mathias Kauage, who passed away in May 2003. We worked together for a long time at the Skul Bilong Wokim Piksa in Goroka from 1982 to 1983, me as a student filmmaker and he, even then already internationally recognised as a fine artist and painting a large mural inside the film school building. I do not know anymore how many times we went together to the hardware stores where he could buy his paints.

Today, I was in the city of Bayreuth in Bavaria, and I found a pillar that Kauage had painted back in 1994. It is the last of a series of column paintings by world famous third world artists that were commissioned by the “Iwalewa” house.

Kauage’s painting is the only one to survive from that series of pillars which were installed all over the city of Bayreuth as a public exhibition during the 800-Year celebrations of the city of Bayreuth. Even today, this pillar is still impressive. It seems that no no street kid has dared to spray graffiti over this work of art since 1994. Em i sanap istap.

Mi tingim yu, pren blo mi Kauage.


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