US Gov’t OK’s Pipe’s submarine cable to land in Guam

By Emmanuel Narokobi

I’ve been following the Internet Pipeline since earlier this year and as of September below is the latest that I know of so far:

Pipe Networks has cleared one of the last major hurdles in its plan to build an optic fibre network between Sydney, Guam and Papua New Guinea with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granting it landing rights in Guam.

The cable, PPC 1, will consist of two segments: the Australia-Guam trunk, connecting Sydney with Piti, Guam; and the PNG spur connecting Madang in PNG with a branching unit on the Australia-Guam Trunk. There will be an additional branching unit allowing for a future connection to Popondetta in PNG. Pipe confirmed in January 2008 that the $200m project would go ahead. It is scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2009.

The Australia-Guam trunk will consist of two fibre pairs with a design capacity of 96 wavelengths each carrying 10Gbps, a total of 1.92Tbps. Initially it will be configured with 140Gbps of capacity and the PNG Spur will provide a total of 20Gbps of capacity, 10Gbps on the PNG-Guam route and 10Gbps on the PNG-Australia route. The PPC 1 system will use the existing cable station at Piti, Guam, which is owned by VSNL International (Guam) where it will interconnect with other cable for onward connection to the US and Asia. Read Full Article.


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