Lomtengen – “Your Cry”


By Adam Vai Delaney

Special thanks to Gerald Valilio for the background information and music

Lomtengen – meaning: “Your Cry of the music” in the Arowe language in West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea (PNG), is the name of a remarkable, debut CD album from Producer, Gerald Valilio, of Valilio Productions.

In that song, his father’s name: “Valilio” is shouted out, gratefully inviting the listener on a fascinating, joyous expedition through the villages of PNG; beyond the Pacific Ocean and across Mother Earth.

Gerald, the PNG-born, Australian-based Producer, explains that he had chosen the name “Lomtengen” since the meaning of the word reflected his ambition – that the ‘Cry’ of the Music from Melanesia would traverse globally. A good point indeed. Melanesia is a musician’s gold-mine with its abundance of rich, vibrant songs and cultures that have hardly been heard of by the world outside, including neighbouring Australia. Read full article here


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