Zayed My Nephew

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Been away in Wewak since last week Thursday and just got back today. So an hour or so ago I became the uncle of a Mister Antonio Zayed Murhein Narokobi. Weighing in at 3.95kgs and at 52 cm tall (or long). My Brother Samson is certainly a proud father and yes his wife Hazel is doing well.

No prizes for where he got the name Zayed from.

2 thoughts on “Zayed My Nephew

  1. Congrats Emmanuel!!

    And with a name like that I pre-empt that Mr. Antonio Zayed is destined for great things.

    I don’t have any of my own kids however I have 13 nieces and nephews back home Downunder. Probably what I miss most being here in PNG – spending time with them.

    Enjoy mate!!


  2. Thanks Rob, yeah no kids myself too. So like you will be the Uncle for a while yet.

    My brother and I were actually set on just having his name as Zayed, after the Great Shiek himself. But my mother being the stout Catholic she is insisted on Antonio first.

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