ONETOX Concert 2008

By Emmanuel Narokobi

CHM’s second concert this year at the Port Moresby Country Club for the ONETOX band from Solomon Islands. Pity the rain and poor marketing of the event meant that the crowds were not as big as the other concerts I’ve attended this year. But still a steller performance by the ONETOX band. The crowd were loving their hit song ‘Ramukanji’ which was played 3 times much to the delight of the fans, but it was ‘Lonely‘ that really got the crowd screaming.

The tight harmonizing and skillful rapping between the 5 made for a great performance, with their active onstage presence and constant interaction with the crowd. This was certainly no dry act and I was happy that as artists on stage they knew how to smile and enjoy themselves which is something rare in PNG performances.

O.N.E.T.O.X Band by you.
O.N.E.T.O.X Band by you.
O.N.E.T.O.X Band by you.

2 thoughts on “ONETOX Concert 2008

  1. I’m interested in hiring the Onetox band to do a live performance for one drug free event here in Micronesia. Do you know who I can contact (email and phone number) so as to arrange a possible live performance? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and hope someone is able to view this message to provide me a possible contact. Onetox and DMP are both huge fan favorites here in Micronesia. To have 1 or both here would be a dream come true for many of the not so fortunate youths.

    Kind Regards,

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