Underwater Sculptures for Sea Park

These underwater sculptures made me think for a moment  about the coastal floods we had recently in East Sepik and New Ireland. Nearly 80,000 people were effected so it was no small incident, but thankfully the government was quick to commit K50m to relief efforts.
Fortunately for Port Moresby we don’t get such weather due to our geography and coral structure around our bays.  Which made me think abit more about these artworks created by a Jason de Caires Taylor which is part of the worlds first underwater sculpture park in Grenada, West Indies.  So what if NCDC could commission some sculptures like these at the new Sea Park which should be ready by next year? Would certainly be a more interesting way for encouraging coral growth.
For those of you that never knew what Sea Park was about, below is a picture of me (yeah the kid in the red t-shirt) patting a dolphin in the 80’s after attending mass at St. Mary’s in town on a Sunday. The underwater observatory that is currently being reconstructed can be seen in the background. I doubt that NCDC will be looking after dolphins and seals again, but that underwater observatory could be where we could view my imaginary underwater sculptures. Maybe like a massive underwater tribal fight with bows and arrows and clubs and spears?
Click image to see larger version.
Update: 28/01/09

2 thoughts on “Underwater Sculptures for Sea Park

  1. Maan that was one cool place to hang out…. well from the memories that I can gather…..great to hear that it will be revived… who knows could be our very own Sea World in the making!!! 😉

  2. sea park should really be refurbished and maintained and brought back to life….. Uncle Powes Parkop please make that happen…. bring back what it was like those years back so we the generation of today can feel what it was like back than….

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