World’s most corrupt and least corrupt nations

Corruption watchdog Transparency International has released a list of the world’s most and least corrupt nations.The report comes ahead of a conference in Bali this week where more than 100 countries are expected to gather for a United Nations anti-corruption conference.

Four countries from the region made it to the list of most corrupt countries in the world: Somalia and Myanmar tied in the top spot, followed by Iraq and Sudan.

The least corrupt countries in the world are Denmark, Finland and New Zealand, scoring 9.4 on the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI). The UAE ranked 36 in the list.

The lower the CPI of a country, the higher corruption is, with 0 being the most corrupt and 10 being very clean.

Most corrupt country and CPI score
Somalia: 1.4
Myanmar: 1.4
Iraq: 1.5
Haiti: 1.6
Uzbekistan: 1.7
Tonga: 1.7
Sudan: 1.8
Chad: 1.8
Afghanistan: 1.8
Laos: 1.9
Norway: 8.7

Least corrupt country and CPI score
Denmark: 9.4
Finland: 9.4
New Zealand: 9.4
Singapore: 9.3
Sweden: 9.3
Iceland: 9.2
Netherlands: 9.0
Switzerland: 9.0
Canada: 8.7

most corrupt countries

The least corrupt countries in the world are Denmark, Finland and New Zealand, according to Transparency International.


152 thoughts on “World’s most corrupt and least corrupt nations

    1. E,

      Keep up the good work man, It’s a lot easier catching up on issues on your website then trying to navigate through our newspaper sites. As a PNG Citizen living in Sydney and currently working in West Africa I just wanted to comment on these stats produced by these organisations. Alot of these are per capita based and because of the size of our population we seem to feature alot. I might be biased but in my opinion we got nothing on some of these African nations when it comes to corruption!!! Also on murder and other crimes, I haven’t seen stats but I bet and don’t quote me on it there are more cases of murder in Sydney p.a then in the whole of PNG p.a.



      1. John,
        You don’t know much about Australia not you own country.
        Here are the stats for murder rates per one millio people..

        Australia 17.7 per 1,000,000
        Papua New Guinea 540 per 1,000,000

        That makes PNG MORE THAN 30 times worse than Australia

    2. Australia murder rate = 17 per 1,000,000
      PNG murder rate = 517 per 1,000,000 (PNG’s figures is probably higher in fact)

      Conclusion = Murder rate in PNG is at least 31 times higher than that of Australia

  1. Iraq and Afghanistan are on the list of most corrupt, apparently pre- and post- US presence doesn’t make much of a difference in terms of good governance.

  2. I can seem to find nigeria on this list, with wide spreed corruption going on everywhere.
    I want to say nigeria is the most corrupt nation in the world. go and see what government official are doing with the state money. there is mass looting of state fund in the country.
    They goverment sack the former chairman of the anti corruption body because he was doing a good job. Now corruption has gone back to where it was 5 years ago. I think you have to make a proper investigation on corruption in nigeria. Thank you.

    1. i think you should show a little patriotism. How many people have u seen that exhibit such level of unpatriotism. if everyone starts to give details about happenings in their country, u will be very shocked at what you find.
      Raise your head high and be proud that at least we made it out of the top 10 for now.

    2. All of u dat said Nigeria shud b listed ought to be ashamed of urselves y not rise n make a difference instead of sit back n critizise Nigeria.Be proud dat it wasnt even mentioned am disappointed dat u pple posted such a stinker on dis wall

      1. Nigeria is the soil of Princes and Princesses; as I receive tens of mail daily to help them transfer their funds to some other country. The soil of rich people; cannot be currupt at all.

  3. Am a patriotic nigerian with high level of political economy decree. So, what am trying to insinuate here is the level of padigree of your research findings which to me does not commensorate with the reality on ground as regards to Nigeria position in the global corruption least. As matter of fact, Nigeria should come among the first ten, though i may ve little experience about other nations. Yet, the act is highly pivoted here.

  4. Hi Umar, the above post was taken from the Transparency International website, so definitely it is intriguing how they came up with their statistics.

    The reason I posted it was because it was so different to other corruption tables that I have seen in the past. For example the Herald Tribune posted a Forbes list on 24th March this year which listed the top 2 countries as Chad and Kyrgyzstan (in that order). Whereas the above is Somalia and Myanmar.

    So I’d say perhaps it depends on who is writing the list of corrupt.

    1. I am an American citizen, but grew and schooled in Nigeria. It is a true that Nigeria is a very corrupt country. But not seeing Nigeria on the list is good. So for Umar and Emmanuel to make comments like that shows moral corruption in them. Isn’t it good to know that Nigeria is getting better? Or would you guys like to see Nigeria on the list of corrupt nation. You guys are so unpatriotic. Shame on you. If you two guys are the real potrait of Nigeria, you have failed. Your potraits stink; ugly!!!

      1. Dele I’m not putting down any country here, I have not singled out Nigeria as the most corrupt country in the world, even my own country has huge corruption issues.

        The whole point of the post was that corruption appears to be in the eye of the beholder. That’s all.

      2. There are alot of countries not listed but you can see them on the map if your not half tarded. nigeria is very corrupt it ranks on the map at 2.0-2.9 very near to the most corrupt.

  5. i just find it intriguing that a cluster of divergent political systems (as samples) can be collated together to form an ordering that is ultimately biased. look at myanmar for instance. it is a political system governed presently by a military junta. should it be compared with new zealand (for instance), the latter having the luxury of multi-party electoral competitions, with all the liberties that even the average civic-minded folks in myanmar dream of having? how does transparency internation (ti) expect to find a thriving check and balance system in myanmar if the political system of that country reinforces the brutal suppression of free speech and freedom of assemby – the fundamental blocks of transparent government.

    likewise, somalia is effectively a failed state, without even the watchdog agencies to keeping a check on institutions of goverance! if it has watchdog agencies, they could just be centralised in mogadishu without even the slightest influence 2 km outside of that part of somalia (the outskirts of mogadishu is controlled by die-hard islamists or tribal warlords). i really don’t see the logic in comparing the netherlands and somalia.

    perhaps a third world-first world categorization could have been feasible, taking into consideration the stages of countries political institutions and the types of ruling regimes or political systems of these countries!

    those who came up with this survey do no justice to “late-comers” to the state-system and other fundamental issues of colonial history, political geography, economic endowment, and socio-cultural diversity. if we take at face value the impositions of such surveys, it reinforces the feeling that what comes from “these people” is nothing but gospel truth. these surveys take the contextual out and lump all in a heap. this is not helpful if solutions and practical measures to dealing with corruption and wider goverance issues is in need of being defined to suit local situations.

    two-toea comment blo mi tasol…

    1. wow you all can’t read a chart can you lol. myanmar is on the map and is the darkest red color. so myanmar would rank among the worst from 1.0-1.9 it ranks no where near new zealand. new zealand is among the least corrupt and myanmar among the most corrupt.

  6. hey Kava, great analysis there. So perhaps it would be useful then if we could find surveys at one website or source which could list the following international comparisons:

    1. Population vs. Actual Votes made at the most recent National Elections
    2. Population vs. Media Companies (encompassing radio, tv, newspapers, magazines and specific political websites)
    3. Male politicians vs. Female Politicians
    4. A tally of political systems (e.g. Westminster) and which countries are using them.
    5. Living Population vs. Population killed for political reasons
    6. Bureaucracy population vs. Government Departments vs. Population
    7. Government Department Budgets vs. Actual Expenses

    Just some ways to measure progress maybe. Not sure how feasible they are but let us know if you think there are more or better ways to measure and track development progress.

    Because at the end of the day I think education and general development in itself tends to dilute corruption.

    Oh and one more thing, what the hell is a ‘Corruption Perception Index (CPI)’?? How solid an indicator is ‘perception’??

    1. Immanuel,

      God with us! Not Transparency with us! All Transparency Interantional purveys is American made cargo cult, shoving down codes of moral behaviour down the throats of everyone.

      Honesty starts at home, and begins with you and me. Honesty is not an Ausaid funded operation. Unselfishness canot be legislated. Compassion cannot be sold in coupons.

      Papua New Guineans must wake up to their senses and stand up to these morally bankrupt contraptions prescribing what they do not practice themselves. It is the worst form of imperialism, touting they are better than us, something my good friend Bernard Mullul Narakobi fervently stood against.

      Our Nation needs honest unselfish and compassionate leaders. The starting point for that leadership is you who are reading this blog. You and I need to be honest, unselfish and compassionate. You be what you want the world to be.

      1. Yes indeed….oour nations needs unselfish and compassionate leaders.
        How right you are I But ……how not to elect a bunch of people who
        are champions in not telling the truth to the people whom they want their votes from ? How many people can read the lips of the politicians
        and strong engough to kick out the ones who are steeling from us ?

        How many politicians or bankers do you see in prison for steeling from all of us thus depriving us from the basic needs we all deserve ?

        Honesty should be thought in school first. No we teach about sex first
        and marriage is not among the normal life. People immigrate to other
        country to have a better life and yet, they lie and steel again from those
        countries who helped them start a new life. Is there really some hope?

        of us

  7. re: the U.S. score, they most have ask republicans exclusively as there is no way that country would have scored so high if honest individuals where part of the survey.

  8. Is it globalised corruption? If Yes, the answer is correct and if No, the answer is totally wrong. Highly educated means high corruption, on the other hand low level of literacy means High corruption, so maintain equality of social development.

  9. I think Transparency International in this country is full of SHIT, and most people involved in the organization on a national level are just grandstanding because they’re not qualified to do anything but make some noise and raise their own profiles.m

    That’s just my opinion, not trying to spark an essay writing comp, but yeah.

  10. you go girl, you are entitled to your opinion. and its obviously got nothing to do with essays and dissertations.

  11. I would think Australia should rank in the top most 20 corrupt. It may not be quite as bad as Nigeria, but it is worse than the Philppines. In my decades of business here and internationally, the number of Australian procurement officials that did not solicit for a bribe/backhander/kickback I can count on one hand.

    1. Ram, you are obviously an Indian and therefor ipso facto corrupt.
      People like you spread corruption.
      Actually, I think your just full of bullshit.

      1. Im ashamed for your comment. “people like you spread corruption” ? i hope you’re not insinuating all indians are the harbringers of corruption… if you really want to get to the bottom of where corruption started spreading i hope you can open your history textbook to the chapter called colonialism.

  12. Unfortunately I must say I agree with Molly.

    TIPNG is comprised of a bunch of cowards who like grandstanding to lift their own profiles. That in itself IS corruption.

    The only reason I got behind the Walk Againts Corruption this year was because I liked the idea of involving school children and getting them to realise the detrimental effects of corruption at this early stage in their lives. Hopefully the participants of the 3 school teams my group sponsored will mature into responsible adults in future.

    As for TI, my God, they lost my respect long time ago! Someone take assertive action against corruption in this country and we will all jump onto the bandwagon.

    1. Another good report from Ilya.

      Surely a Government desperate to stay in power and afraid to face Parliament is a sure sign of corruption. Let’s just close down all democratic institutions to avoid having to answer questions!

      MPs in uproar as PNG parliament adjourns
      Ilya Gridneff
      July 29, 2009 – 3:37PM

      Angry scenes erupted in Papua New Guinea’s parliament after the government avoided a motion of no-confidence by adjourning the session until November.

      MPs hurled abuse at each other across the chamber and security officers had to restrain members of the public who voiced their frustration when the government won the adjournment vote on Wednesday.

      Opposition Leader and former prime minister Mekere Morauta said Prime Minister Michael Somare’s government was running scared, so much so that they broke constitutional laws to avoid the no-confidence vote.

      Morauta told a media conference after the vote that parliament had only sat for 29 days and the adjournment meant they would miss the required 63 days sitting time for the year.

      “Yesterday Somare said he had the numbers to block a vote of no-confidence, today he adjourned.

      “The government is worried, it is fractured.

      “He is afraid to face the music, the constitution, he will go down in history as someone who has threatened democracy,” Morauta said.

      The opposition would go to PNG’s Supreme Court and refer Somare, Parliamentary Speaker Jeffery Nape and the leader of government business Paul Tiensten to the Ombudsman Commission for violating the constitution, he said.

      Deputy Opposition Leader Bart Philemon compared Somare to “a serial rapist” and “serial murderer”.

      “Somare is a leader who acts in a similar manner, demonstrating he is above the law,” he said.

      Opposition member Julius Chan, also a former prime minister, said PNG was not in political limbo but “now in hell”.

      Western Province Governor Bob Danaya, who has sided with the opposition, said there was a big split within government based on principle.

      “They are destroying this country,” he said.

      Six other government backbench members listed a series of scandals and corruption as their reasons for swapping sides.

      “This has come from within the government, from us, we are dissatisfied and angry,” MP Jamie Maxtone-Graham said.

      Somare on Tuesday said he had the government’s full support and the numbers to defeat a no-confidence vote.

      But on Wednesday the government opted for a successful 56 to 32 vote to adjourn parliament until November 10.

      A government spokesman said the adjournment was to allow for “much needed refurbishments” to parliament house.

      © 2009 AAP

      1. Norway is supposed to be first on the least corrupt list, not last on the most corrupt list.

      2. wow unreal lol if you can read a chart you would see that PNG is ranked among the worst. it ranks 2.0-2.9 being near to the most corrupt. most corrupt being 1.0-1.9 learn to read a chart.

  13. How can they do this? What has happened to democracy and the rule of law in PNG? I am so saddened by this. I hope my wantoks can find a resolution – it seems like PG is becoming like Fiji.

  14. I don’t think our country’s ethnic composition could enable a Fiji like situation. But the Courts for the most part have been neutral so if it goes that far I still have some faith in the legal system in addressing this.

    The government has done allot for big business in PNG, but too many of the deals however appear, time and time again, to be skewed towards individual interests.

  15. The corruption of a government starts from its leader such as Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, who is the President of this country is corrupt, so his whole government is corrupt. I thinkg Transparency International should place Afghanistan name at the top of corrup government list.

  16. I am surprised to find the name of Switzerland in least corrupt nation. All the black money is deposited in their Banks and governments of various countries are begging in front of Switzerland government to disclose the list of illegal account.

  17. If we were all truly honest I think we would all admit that there is some level of corruption even in the best of us. What is corruption anyway? Well in my simple English and simple layman’s mind, corruption is seeking your own good and welfare above and at the expense of those around you. And if we were brutally honest with ourselves we would all have to admit that there were many occasions were we may have sought our own good above that of our neighbors. Nations that are the “least” corrupt are perhaps nations were the general rule and norm of that society is to seek the good of your neighbor above yourself. Nations that are perceived to be “corrupt” or “absolutely corrupt”, perhaps this thought, ideal or value may not be something that they have grown up with, see in practice or even entered their thought processes.

    Is there a cure to corruption? Well perhaps my answer to my own question will have to wait for another day.

  18. I agree wthat everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but i’ld like to single out comments made by both andrew and umar. this is to inform them that as long as Nigeria has people like them, the corruption level in that country will keep inflating.

  19. i dont seem to find cameroon on the list of the most corupt states.
    dont tell me the coruption here has gotten to the level where thee officials of Transparency Int. have also started receiving bribes from our most corupt goverment to keep us at the bottom of the list.

  20. Well,I’m nigerian citizen living in america,if nigeria corrupt don’t make it worse by your words,do your best to make it right,there’s no where that perfect in the world,rumor people carry carry arround at times makes things worse for foreigners to come over to nigeria even for visit,nigeria is you and you are nigeria,it might not reflect on you now but it will make one day,I love nigeria with my heart no matter what,do your best to make it good,not to spoi with your words

  21. It seems to me like all the countries are corrupt in their own way… however it also seems like countries like Australia and Canada are under looked just because they have universal health care and USA doesn’t… there needs to be more things like riots to wake up the politicians of these countries so as they can “smell the coffee”. It makes me sick that corruption goes on in large amounts un-noticed, and people are there to pat them on the back and continue being oblivious.


  22. If this shit continues I’m all in for making a new country and letting escapees escape to Canada… this has gone on for too long and its getting scary… corporations like Baxter continue to prosper and be helped even by the U.S.A’s government… people are dieing and yet we continue to believe the news stories that are regulated by U.S.A’s government, basically we are becoming Big Brother’s perfect reality just like England already is… WAKE UP PEOPLE IT IS NOT TOO LATE.

  23. I believe Indian politics has made India the most corrupt country in the world. It is strange we fakely portray ” Incredible India” but the reality is that no one wants to live in India.. that is why you see Indians driving cabs everywehere in the world or cleaning streets or shopping centers.. .IF they are lucky they get the jobs of security guards… English movie Slumdog really depicts the true India.. How can we ask people to visit Indian when all of people are busy buying properties in the world… they them selves hate to live in India.. as truly said.. NRI means Nahi Rahnday India…

  24. India definitely tops the list of most corrupt countries in the world… and why its name is not there… because some one bribed the maker of the lists…. I hate to live in this shithole… all India is a slum… that is why no one wants to live there… if they believe India is Great than.. why all the time they stand in the cue to get Residency for their families.. and visas… bloooody hypocrates…

  25. hi this is ram gopal varma from bloody india i agree with ghanta nd chopati both r right i truly agree india is the country of rogues, scoundrels, bastards, rascals, dogs, assholes oh many words but no time in short india is the biggest asshole in the world fuck india this is my agg for india i hate to live there may india soon disappears from the world map

  26. How come Philippines is not included in the lists?i am a filipino but i can clearly see the corruption that is happening in our country that is why we are not developing. we are not on the most corrupt as well as in the least so are we on the middle?

    1. just wait and see wag kang mainip..our country will break a new world record in the field of corruption…most of our political leaders barred in entering the gates of hell..satan denied their passports and visas baka kasi mag-destabilize,mag-martial-law,kudeta,mag-massacare ng mga inosenteng demonyo dun and dethrone him from hell..mahirap na baka mag singson siya sa bandang huli and send ampatuan clan to liquidate him.(no more hell because full of water)

  27. Surely the essence of this blog should be: What is corruption, why does it occur and should we and can we stop it?

    Some of the previous bloggers have discussed the differing views about national corruption but how this factor is determined? Is corruption just in the eye of the beholder and is TI the only authority here?

    Where are the links to determine what corruption is and the identified, ethical benchmarks being used? Perhaps the ethical base being used to determine corruption is not universally accepted? Should so called developed nations have the right to lecture so called developing nations on what they see as government corruption? What gives them the apparent right to do so?

    I suggest that there needs to be some common sense introduced into this discussion.

    Firstly, what right has anyone outside of another country to infer that the other country suffers from an inferior government practice? Take PNG for example. What right does anyone have to suggest that corrupt practices exist in PNG or that the government is corrupt? Just because the PNG Governor General leads a march against corruption doesn’t confirm that corruption exists does it? A mere statement by the PNG Prime Minster that the PNG public service is corrupt doesn’t necessarily make it so, does it? That PNG’s public services like Health, Education and law and order are greatly underfunded or just unfunded should really have no correlation with the fact that the PM buys an expensive executive jet, has his health checks in Singapore or allows millions of Kina to continually disappear from government departments and finally dismisses the PNG Parliament at will, really indicate corruption in PNG?

    What right has anyone got to suggest that a nation’s people should expect their elected political leaders to ensure that the country’s health services, education, law and order of any one of the number of essential government services actually work? What right has anyone got to expect that if they work hard and pay their taxes they should receive responsible and accountable leadership from those who are elected to do these things. Everyone knows that once you get elected, you can reap the financial rewards on offer and become the equivalent of a traditional ‘bigman’ (some may say ‘bagman’).

    So ‘fair go’ I say. Lay off Somare, you blokes. He and his sycophants are just doing what comes naturally after all. What would you do if you were elected and would it be any different? What would stop someone doing the same as is happening now once they were elected?

  28. Paul, old mate! Do I detect a little tongue in cheek, or are you suggesting that we all go soft on Somare? If it is the latter, then I am one who is not so readily persuaded that he should be let off the hook. PNG is fast becoming a basket case by almost any measure, one of which, widespread
    corruption, is acknowledged by the Grand Chief himself, although he neatly handballs the problem to the public service. Nice touch, Mick! And of late he has drawn the public’s attention to his long years of service for the
    country, a fact that is the key to Somare’s culpability because he has presided over the country a darnside longer than anyone else (a statistic
    that he happily boasts about). He even calls himself the father of the nation to which my response is: “Daddy old chap, just take a long hard look at the child you have brought up.” No, Somare is either frightfully inept or incorrigibly corrupt, or both. But I still wish him a merry

  29. G’day Laurie,

    regarding those years of service, wasn’t it the ‘Sif’ himself who paid out Pita (Emi no) Lus K300,000 just because he had spent so many years in Parliament, irrespective of what he was paid and what, if anything), Mr Lus achieved? Perhaps the Grand Thief (sorry), Sif, is thinking about a pro rata ex gratia payment from his successor when he finally pulls the plug or is in some way ‘toppled’?

    Who knows what might be in the offing after all? ? Potential amounts might pay off another residence in Cairns or perhaps a mansion in the Solomons or somewhere more suited to his business associates who might offer some form of legal protection if there is a future ‘which’ hunt to see where all the millions of Kina went to?

    If I were a ‘sif’s sycophant’, I would be starting to get worried just who is next to be investigated by the Chief Ombudsman as he recovers from the last attempt on his life.

  30. You guys we need someone like Powes Pakop in whole of PNG.

    Don’t know him personally but I know from very small things he had done so far within the Nation’s Capital am sure there’s bigger plans ahead. Only God knows.

  31. Where there are no People, there is no corruption. So Antartica, The Arctic, Alaska & Greenland are the least corrupt but there are some people living there! So, not 10 but only 9.4 for them as well! Alaska will be spoiled by USA when the world has run out of oil and same for Greenland. Antartica and the Arctic will become giant pools of water in 30 years or less because of Humans! Way to go Humanity!

  32. Sorry to disillusion you Halo Fan, but the Antarctic won’t become a pool of water if in fact global warming actually happens. The oceans will rise and the millions of people who live on the coast and on lower ground will start to migrate to higher ground. Countries like Bangladesh will partially submerge and who will take and feed her millions for example?

    What will happen in Antarctica is then a mad scramble for resources. Currently the Antarctic Treaty supposedly prevents this however that was only agreed to in order to postpone the eventual bunfight.

    Corruption is not confined to any one nation. It is a human disease that grows exponentially when there are insufficient laws to prevent it or that the authorities in charge don’t use the law to stop it starting. The greater the impetus, the harder it is to stop.

    What helps the spread of corruption is a lack of education and communications and the inability of everyday people to do anything because they are made powerless by the people who are benefitting from the corruption in the first place. Like a rotten apple in a barrel, if it is not removed, it will eventually send all the other apples rotten.

    The only way to stop corruption is to maintain a strong, ethical standard and highlight anyone who strays over the line. Who will do this however when whoever wants to speak out doesn’t get support from the majority of their own people? These are the people who prefer to turn a blind eye because they are either scared or on the take themselves?

    When people see corruption, they must publically confront their leaders and say, “Are you either scared to do what is right or are you on the take yourself and afraid to be found out? Which is it? It can only be one of two alternatives?”

    1. Please Paul I need to pull you into line ‘again’.
      Climate Change and Corruption is your headline.

      Regarding “PNG”
      What is ‘Corruption’
      If I happen to be a tribal member of PNG and go to war with the enemey who could be the tribe next door and kill you wantoks father and brother, that night I could say sorry and exchange some pigs and kina for the loss of your wantoks relatives. All is then forgotten. Question what do you call that?
      Numerous other senarios are also performed in PNG for a ‘Exchange’ before paper and coins a ‘kina’ was a sea shell.
      Without harping on and on, the point I am making is that PNG belongs and is a seperate culture to most others that I have studied.
      Although corruption in Western countries is more sophisticated and not advertised,there fore less noticed by the ordinary , could add media controlled as the media is owned.
      Careful of the Australian Government band waggon Paul as history shows there is no more corrupt that the English and its progeny.
      Hence why the world is in its current state.

      Please dont feel threaten, just think before you press send.

  33. Tim me ol’ china,

    (BTW – that’s Oz slang for a china plate i.e. ‘mate’)

    Nobody should feel threatened, least of all me. I have nothing to do with the Australian government or their actions. I haven’t been trying to pontificate or lecture, unlike some. I do not hold my culture up as a shining example or try to put cultures down. All cultures are subject to change however.

    Corruption is in the eye of the beholder. What may be seen as corrupt to one may not be to another. All I previously pointed out is that logically there must be an ethical standard, or a metaphorical line drawn in the sand, before you can decide if some action is either corrupt or not. If your ancestors chose to war on your neighbours and then seek forgiveness by offering compensation, this is not unique among nations.

    Many people tend to view corruption as an illegal activity that everyone knows goes on but no one seems able to stop it. If those tasked with stopping an illegal activity are accepting the responsibility (and being paid for it), but then not doing what they are paid to do then this is further corruption. So if those who can see corruption taking place but then try to justify what they see, what could this be seen as?

    Can Mr Kond justify reportedly receiving K200,000 for helping to set up carbon trading in your country when your government has yet to agree to this activity? Is Mr Roberts squeaky clean when he involves people in deals that have yet to be officially sanctioned or that the people might not fully understand? These are issues that some who seek to support such actions might find embarrassing and unsettling.

    So why are you so reactive to this logic? Surely it can’t be that you feel personally aggrieved and uncomfortable at anything already disclosed? Surely you wouldn’t be a party to something that should not be happening and now feel guilty about it? I do hope that’s not true but that’s sure the way it sounds.

    Was it not Shakespeare who summed it up in the statement in his play ‘Hamlet’, “Methinks she doth protesteth too much!”

    1. Paul,
      If it is not a lecture, then you are trying to author this blog with so many oh ha’s it makes a lot of us sick.
      Corruption is in the eye of the beholder , but your constant comments regarding makes me wonder who feels guilty.
      Ethical standards are not for you to judge all make comment as your comments tend to be corrupted .
      A stupid comment in ‘nobody seems to be able to stop corruption’ again what is corruption in your eyes?
      As far as I am concerned Incorporations owned by Incorporated Land Groups contracted Roberts some years ago to “Carbon Trade there forest areas because they did not want to log anymore what has that got to do with any Government.
      Is not the Copenhagen negotiations living proof that the UNFCCC and the leading governments of the world incompentant let alone the PNG government.
      The International offers to take control of PNG forests in exchange for substities to add.
      The only people who find Roberts structure embarrassing and unsettling are either non forest owners or forest owners who are not envolved with Roberts origination process.
      Mr Kond and others are contracted to do many things for the process, you are just trying to re hash Illya rubbish.
      Again Paul you been found wanting.

  34. Em nau wantok Timoti,

    Nau tasol yu bin surkim ol liklik bus nabaut na sanap long ples klia. Nau mipela lukim yu stret.

    Emi tru migat liklik bisnis bilong bulamakau na diwai tasol emi no samting bilong PNG. Emi tru mi save plantim diwai tasol displa diwai em bilong as ples bilo mi yet.

    Emi tru mi gat bel hevi long ol pipol bilo PNG. Bilong wanem? Sapos ol wantok istap long bus ilaik kisim olgeta save long as tru bilo wanpla samting, bai oli go we na long wanem hap long kisim displa save a? Sapos oli nogat gutpla save long wanpela samting bai oli no inap skelim samting sapos oli harim sampla tokgris bihain.

    Tasol sapos ai bilo ol emi op pinis bai oli inap skelim sampla kain tokgris bihain. Sapos bihain husat man ikam na tokgris na liklik giaman wantain ol wantok em bai oli save gut longen na tingting bilo ol ino bagarap pinis. Oli ken skelim toksave olsem. Emi tok giaman oa emi tok tru? Yu husat ilaik halivim ol wantok bilong yu? Yu bin mekim wanem pasin longen pastaim a?

    Sapos husat wantok ilaik kisim save gut long husat ilaik girapim wanpla bisnis a? Orait, emi gutpla rot long oli lukim wanem kain samtingtru, displa man ibin girapim pastaim. Sapos ol bisnisman ilaik tok bisnis wantaim ol, emi orait tasol oli mas girapim bisnis na winmoni bilong ol pastaim na bihain bai displa bisnisman em yet iken kisim pei. Sapos ol wantok ino kisim winmoni pastaim, watpo sampla bisnisman ilaik kisim wokmoni oa pei pastaim a? Emi olsem bikpela bengbeng aiting. Planti man ibin wokim bengbeng long PNG na narapela hap graun pastaim. Planti manmeri ibin lusim planti moni long displa giaman pasin. Nogut narapla bengbeng ikamap gen ya.

    PNG emi gat lo olsem na ol wantok inap long skelim husat ibrukim displa lo (oli kolim korapsion) na husat itok stret. Emi no lo bilong mi. Em lo bilong kantri na pipol bilo yu yet ya.

    Mi nosave tok nogut long yu olsem. Watpo yu tok nogut long mi a? Yu husat inap long stretim tingting bilo mi a? Nugut yu bin kisim liklik gris moni long wanpla samting pastaim na ol manmeri bilong bus ino save a?

    1. Gee weez!! PAUL!

      Gutpela tru long lukim olsem you inap tru long writim longpela leta or pas or essay long tok pisin,Save istap long yu watok.Causes mi to want to go back to PIDGIN class so bai mi lain ken.(Are my spelling in tok Pisin correct?)

      mitasol…poro blong you

  35. Paul, Bla bla we are all speaking English here, it is so typical of you as you go to pidgin when you feel weak.
    The rest of the world want to actually read and try to understand your comments.
    Do your self a favour and go and find a real job and stop creating media hype and writing for PNG opposition who are finaced by the Australian government in which you ‘DO’ respond to those actions.
    Understand we believe your writing is politically motivated with a agenda as stated.

    again you are found wanting.

    1. Dear Or Dear TIM!!

      Olsem wannam you makim kainkain toktok olsem,do I detect something there?! .Come whatmay,it is always good to converse in the language one is most comfortable with and also able to express wantaim feelings,yu save Tim.Mitu, mi no save tumas long writim longpela pas or leta oslem PAul.

      Tim,yu writim wanpela pas or leta na bai mi lukim and ridim.Mi tink bai Paul bai winnim yu.Yu tok Blah blah long poro man bilong so nau yu taim blong yu.Come on jump to the challenge mate,see if you can!

      Nogut yu makim mi waitim yu longpela taim Tim!

    2. This sounds lie a paranoid and delusional rant………..
      And for god sake Tim, just speak for yourself unless you suffer from a multiple personality disorder………

  36. G’day Tim,

    Great to hear from you again.

    My, my, Emmanuel WILL be impressed when he hears that the rest of world reads his blog. I thought we were just discussing issues concerning PNG.

    However in the interests of those readers you refer to in the ‘rest of the world’, I’ll address the points you raise in English.

    My real job, as you put it, is as I’ve explained previously in other posts on this blog. I don’t have any current political affiliations nor am I intentionally grandstanding to the media. If the media choose to print what I write, it’s a free country and that’s their responsibility. I am not part of and do not represent the Australian government. So having been upfront and honest, why can’t you be the same? My cards are on the table. Where are yours? That’s the number 1 issue isn’t it?

    Now if, as you suggest, I am creating some media hype about Carbon Trading, then its about time someone did in order that the countrymen and women you claim to represent might discover everything about the subject they need to know in order to make some informed decisions. That’s the number 2 issue.

    The number 3 issue and the one that addresses the so called $64 question is: Just who is ‘WE’? I thought you were only representing yourself? Just who are you claiming to represent now? Bit of a ‘Freudian’ slip you made there mate.

    I am not trying to put anyone down nor disparage any open discussion about so important an issue. To do so only would only beg the question ‘Why’?

    So Tim, just who has been found wanting?

  37. Hi Emmanuel:

    I commend you on a fine blog you have and I do enjoy reading the many interesting comments from fellow PNGeans and from overseas friends.

    I particularly like to read Paul Oates comment. They give readers some very good in-depth insights into the many cross-cutting public policy issues our government should be seriously addressing today.

    For those readers here who came in late or do not know Paul’s background, he is an ex-kiap who has worked for many years in PNG and still keeps himself very well informed with PNG issues before and post Independence. He cares for the people of PNG and the country and has contributed many good ideas for discussions here and on other PNG related blogs.

    Interested readers are advised to check Malum Nalu, David Ulg & PNG Attitude for some Paul Oates other posts).

    I always learn many new things when I read what others like Paul Oates are saying about my country: PNG and what the present hot issues are. I may post some comments here if you agree for longer submissions as Paul Oates seems to be getting all the attention lately.

    Keep up the good work Emanuel, you are providing a very invaluable service to get the public talking on issues our political leaders need to address to make PNG a better place and country in future.

    Reginald Renagi
    The Big Smoke

  38. PNG has a high level of reported corrupt practices but it certainly isn’t the world’s most corrupt country. There are many countries who are very corrupt than PNG.

    The World TI Index is just a perceived index from all the negative corruption reports and other feed backs it gets from many different sources. It puts PNG in a bad light so rather then get ourselves very angry over it, let all do something together as a country to fix the problem and try to improve the corruption index statistics each year. It will be a slow process and will take a long time but it’s worth it for now and our next PNG generation.

    1. Reg
      People in PG have to face the truth before things can get better.
      The country is in a complete shambles……….its government is a “dysfunctional blob”.
      The essential services are almost non existant.
      Without overseas aid the place would go under.

  39. Well i’m surprise that i can’t find Tunisia in top of the list,
    the lifetime president there use the country and his family as his
    personal properties. Looting public money becomes like fashion there
    Tunisia must be before Somalia or Myanmar, we can’t blame Somalia since has no government or Myanmar under international sanctions.
    Tunisia beat all the record on corruption.
    I will say this classification turn blind eye to countries who are friendly to US and nail who are not. It’s more politics than pointing the problem.

  40. thank God at least Philippines wasn’t included to the most corrupt countries in the world…hope corruption will be totally vanish in our country!!

  41. Talking about corruption, I find it hard to understand fellow countrymen who are supposed to be law enforcers. I’m talking about the Police & Army.

    Right now, there is a tribal warfare in the southerns highlands where I have witnessed guns & bullets being purchased by warring factions from the police and army personnel. This armoury is supplied to the fighting clans. Someone needs to investigate and patch this up, this two institutions are supposed to be disciplinary bodies taking lead to fight corruption. My mention of this illegal armoury purchase to a high ranking police officer was brushed aside with a wave of hand. My God!!!No wonder recent jail break is so easy to draw conclusions.

    PNG is witnessing filty businessmen including Asians hiring criminals to kill each other so they can prosper at the cost of other’s life & businesses. Crime has taken another higher level, sort of hitman type but done at unprofessional level in corruption niche PNG.

    Talking about PNG finance dept & dept of mines and petroleum collaborating with land owners to write up REAL BULL-SHIT project proposals and release millions of kina which the officers approve and pay themselves. In this process, there is a long list of network beginning from officer & pretex landowners, dept secretaries & clerks and last of all the BSP bank tellers & officer. Everyone gets a cut. PEOPLE THIS IS REAL. And I’m excluding the ministers because for them, man… they are big boys so they play a much bigger game but a game called “money laundering”. Talk about the prime minister, whew!!! his stakes will be much much way way too high!!!

    The public servants and public? Why do we blame them…well if others above them are doing it, they think why am I labouring for lousy wages with a payrate that was set from the pre-independence era? I to must make ends meet if the process & systems are not right. Maybe this is the kind of mentality with police & army.

    FOLKS PLS DO NOT DENY IT. CORRUPTION IS RIFE HERE IN PNG. To prove this just try to go late at air niugini jacksons when checking is closed, offer some incentive to the check-in officer and you shall definitely be on the flight. This country is decaying with corruption. Where will it stop???

  42. In my last post, I am asking “where will corruption stop”. The question of when will corruption stop to me in PNG is like….generations to come. So I am simply asking where will it stop and rather how?

    1. Hi Kafu, your comment as to when you think corruption will stop intrigues me. Let me give you a hint of what I think. Firstly, PNG is a nation-state. It has state apparatuses, the bureacracy, the workforce, the economic system and the society – which comprise the people. When one refers to corruption, it can have different connotations and applications. Corruption exist at different levels and at different frequencies. We must be positive about eradicating corruption. We cannot continue to pick on the rotten apple amongst the others and assume that all will go rotten because of it. For me, I see a positive future for PNG or for that matter any particular nation. Only when nations achieve higher levels of political education will they be able to affect and create desirable changes [corruption being one]. I have discussed my points in another forum and would very much like to express it here as well.

      I am compelled to write this because it is cricial as to how we can deal with the corruption, lack of accountability and poor governance system. Democracy has its PROMOTIONS AND CONTRADICTIONS [hence the slang – pros and cons], so as Communism, Socialism and other known ideologies. It is not the system but the people [leaders and followers; rulers and subjects]. So to effectively minimise such malpractices, I believe that there should be more popular civics and citizenship education. Let me explain this by giving you these three senarios of what I would like to term Political Culture:

      1. Parochial Political Culture

      People who are characterized by parochial political culture will have very little knowledge of what is going on in politics, particularly national politics. They will also have few attitudes towards the activities of the central government. One is not likely to have very developed attitudes towards something one does not know about. With such people traditional attitudes and behavior are likely to predominate. For instance, they are likely to use kinship or ascriptive criteria rather than achievement criteria when making political decisions and choices. It is probably true to say that in PNG, the overwhelming majority of people are characterized by parochial political culture. Parochial political culture can be equated roughly, with what prevails in traditional societies. THIS IS THE CURRENT SITUATION IN PNG. MORE THAN 85% OF THE POPULATION LIVE IN RURAL VILLAGES THUS IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO EFFECT CHANGES SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY FIT IN THIS CATEGORY. MAYBE THE SAME CAN BE SAID OF ALL THE NATIONS LISTED AS GROSSLY CORRUPT. MOST PEOPLE DO NOT DIRECTLY PARTICIPATE IN THE POLITICAL PROCESSED, THUS THEIR UNDERSTANDING OF CORRUPTION WILL BE MINIMAL. THIS MAY ALSO BE THE CASE FOR NATIONS CATEGORISED AS CORRUPT ACCORDING TO TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL INDICES.

      2. Subject Political Culture

      This can be equated with the predominant political culture of modern authoritarian systems. People who are characterized by subject political culture know a great deal more of what goes on in politics, even at the national level. They also have more developed attitudes, whether positive or negative, towards what goes on. However, they know or believe that they cannot affect anything very much. They believe that things will go on just as the authorities’ want, regardless of what they feel or say or do. Their feeling of self-competence is low. They feel very much like spectators at a football match. They may boo, they may cheer. But the outcome of the game is as the players play and the umpire handles it. Another imagery that has been used to depict this type of political culture is the weather. People know, through observations, whether it is likely to rain or not. But they cannot make or stop the rain. AGAIN THERE IS AN ELEMENT OF THIS BEING DISPLAYED BY THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT AND POLITICAL SYSTEM IN PNG OR ELSEWHERE . THIS IS THE CURRENT EXPERIENCE WHERE LAWS ARE PASSED, CHANGES ARE MADE WITH LITTLE CHECKS AND BALANCE SYSTEMS; NO PUBLIC CRITIQUE NOR CHALLENGES…THE DAILY MEDIA SOCIO- ECO-POLITICAL ISSUES EXPRESSES VERY MUCH THIS SCENARIO

      3. Participant Political Culture

      Finally, participant political culture characterizes those who, in addition to knowing a great deal about politics and having well developed attitudes towards aspects of political process, also feel that they and others like them can influence what happens through participation. Whether their belief is soundly based or not does not matter very much. What matters is that they believe they can affect political outcomes and on that basis they participate. HOW CAN THIS BE ACHIEVED? MORE PEOPLE MUST BE EDUCATED TO UNDERSTAND AND MAKE THE CHANGES. IT WILL NOT BE EASY TO ACHIEVE THAT BUT OVER TIME THIS CAN BE ACHIEVED. CORRUPTION CAN BE NEGATED IF AND WHEN A NATION’S POPULATION IS WELL EDUCATED AND PARTICIPATES FULLY IN THE POLITICAL PROCESSES. THE EDUCATED POPULATION WILL PROVIDE TRANSPARENT LEADERSHIP EITHER THROUGH THE ELECTIONS AND BY VIRTUE OF SRCUTINIZING THE ELECTED OR APPOINTED OFFICE HOLDERS

      It took centuries and decades for the democratic systems in USA, France, UK, Japan, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, and other nations to realize their potential – PNG is going 35 now and it needs to look at the experiences of these nations to adapt their systems in their truer and quality practices. Corruption is a weed, and all weeds can be pulled up by their roots.

      Let us be optimistic and positive about dealing with corruption.

      As citizens of our respective nations, we all can contribute to make our respective countries, nations that are existing and displaying profound transparency. In PNG, we have a Natural Resource Syndrome, Dependency Syndrome, Donor Assistance Syndrome, Village-Clan-Tribal Syndrome, and many other syndromes. Some of these syndromes are challenges for us to overcome whilst others can be accommodated as we journey through progress. The case may be differnt for other nations.

      So the question is: how can we make the necessary changes now and continue to strive for best practices given the gloomy portrayals of our nation?

      To anyone reading this, relate to your own nation and note the political culture and educated population that I alluded to. Do you have an educated population? Do all citizens in your nation participate in the political processes? Are political issues raised and addressed proactively rather than reactively? if your nation qualifies, then probably it is not corrupt, otherwise consider the comment that you might want to make.

      1. Hi Donald,
        Thanks for your impressive views here on corruption. I feel like a “subject political culture”. I need to fit into category 3; “Participant political culture”.

        How true your observations are for PNG, we need to find avenues where we can be participating positively in politics, of course education is key. I agree, corruption in PNG can be weeded out, with the right mechanisms.

      2. I dont think we need a generation to weed out corruption. look at what Justice Graham Ellis did to the law and order problems in Enga. Lets be practical to this cancer and not dwell too much in the theoretical domain


  43. According to that list, Iceland is the sixth least corrupt country in the world. Are you kidding me? Iceland is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Not only is the entire Icelandic financial market corrupt and without any ethics, but the politicians as well. Most if not all politicians in Iceland are corrupt, like most criminals, they do not know the difference between right and wrong. Many of them have broken the law while in office, but they get away with it. Those who made this list have no idea of what is going on in Iceland. They most likely asked Icelandic politicians if there is any corruption in Iceland. How can anyone expect anything else from dishonest people to answer any other way, then by saying no there is no corruption here? If you ask a corrupt person if he is corrupt, then he will, without any doubt say that he is not.

    1. umm not likely iceland is trying to make it’s self a safe haven for reporters to be protected and keep there wistle blowers protected and confidential. they are trying to take the very best laws on media protection from all over the world and incorperate them all in iceland. GL iceland hope you get it done.

  44. my name is sharifah, and i am only 14 years old.i live in india.all those who are expecting nigeria to be on the list i think u should come to india and see for your say the truth, i was expecting nigeria to be on the first ten. i am really impressed it is not.i miss nigeria and i am proud of it.

  45. Philippines should also be on the top of the list.. i’m from philippines. im experiencing all types of corruption here. wtf!

  46. Personally, I do not believe any one person or organization can realize the true extent of corruption enough to accurately quantify it……… If there’s one truthful thing that this report shows, it’s that corruption exists EVERYWHERE.

    Some of the figures may not be anywhere near accurate, but really I believe it doesn’t matter. The main objective of this report was to bring about awareness of corruption to as many as possible, and hopefully “shock” people into striving towards change. Corruption affects us all and it is us who are responsible for keeping a lid on it.

    Regardless, I am a New Zealander, and damn proud of it.

  47. I’m a registered voter in the Philippines and all i see on television are crappy campaign advertisements. I’m sick of the false promises and cheap slogans. The voters in the Philippines are also very immature. Apart from terrible officials, i think some voters are also ought to be blamed for a country’s situation. I pray that some wise official will fight for a law to restrict illiterate people from voting. Their immaturity and lack of objectiveness sickens me.

  48. A follow-up to my previous comment:

    I don’t think i’ll be insulting anyone with my previous comment because indeed some if not most of the officials in the Philippines are terrible, and the illiterate people i’m referring to cannot even comprehend a single sentence that i have typed. And another thing; the people in authority also ought to pass a law to heighten the requirements for those who plan to run for office. It is sad to think that someone who has absolutely no experience or background in public service, law, ethics and the like can run for office. Heck, some candidates in the Philippines are not even college graduates and worse, people (most likely illiterate people) even vote for them. What a huge shame. If this madness will continue until the future elections, then hell, I say that the Philippines’ government will continue to exemplify pure BULLSHIT.

    1. thank heavens there’s someone else in the Philippines who shares the same view point! i and some of my friends are really fed up of the “masa” population in the philippines voting for unreliable and corrupt officials. it’s the illiterate voters who are to blame.

  49. Moresby again has the dubious distinction of being ranked in the 5 worst cities in the world to live in. OK its from a UK newspaper designed for business people travelling to different places so the measurements are rather western-oriented, but do reflect incidence of crime, reliability of infrastructure and services, safety and general well-being of citizens an visitors.

    Is it fair?

    One thing that really gets my goat is the regular police roadblocks. They haul you over and ask to check your licence, then hang on to it for 15/20 minutes until you get fed up and hand over 20 or 30 kina, whereupon they miraculously give back your licence and say Its all OK – have a nice day Sir! At least they’re polite about it I suppose, but it’s still corruption (maski lik lik).

    Port Moresby on ‘worst cities’ list
    February 11, 2010 – 1:09PM


    Papua New Guinea’s capital Port Moresby has once again been ranked among the world’s five worst cities to live in by The Economist business magazine.

    In 2004, the same survey ranked Port Moresby the worst in the world.

    Despite massive amounts of foreign aid, relative political stability and sustained growth from a resources boom, Port Moresby is still considered one of the world’s worst addresses.

    Port Moresby ranked 137 out of 140 countries, putting it one step below Nigeria’s capital Lagos but one above the Algerian capital Algiers and Bangladesh’s Dhaka, which shared the 138th spot.

    National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop did not return AAP’s calls regarding the ranking.

    The Economist Intelligence Unit’s latest liveability survey released on Wednesday ranked Zimbabwe’s capital Harare as the world’s worst city, while this year’s Winter Olympic host Vancouver was ranked the most liveable city on the planet.

    Australia’s Melbourne was third most liveable, with Sydney in seventh place and Perth and Adelaide equal eighth.

    New Zealand’s Auckland was placed 10th, and its capital Wellington 23rd.

    The Economist’s assessment is based on “perceptions of development levels to assigning a hardship allowance as part of expatriate relocation packages” and focuses on stability, health care, education, infrastructure and culture and environment.

    © 2010 AAP

  50. Hi Peter,

    your example got me thinking.

    What is corruption and what is culture?

    It’s been observed that the type corruption you refer to could be a natural extension of PNG not paying their public servants enough to make ends meet. Policemen and their families find it hard to keep their families in food and clothing and send their children to school etc. These road block activities have therefore become an accepted part of living in PNG. But what if there are ‘flow on effects’? What happens if the police need to conduct more and more roadblocks to meet an ever increasing need for unofficial taxation to pay for their requirements?

    What if the food store operator requires an extra ‘incentive’ to find what you are after? School uniforms suddenly need some extra assistance to be ‘found’. What if your children’s teacher also needs ‘a little extra’ incentive payment to ensure your child can pass their school exams? Where does it stop? The chances of the whole system ‘snowballing’ are immense.

    Prime Minister Somare is on record as saying that the PNG public service is corrupt. But what does that make him and his government for allowing this to happen?

    In many countries of the world, incentive payments are the norm. In the United States, it is expected that low wages will be subsidized by ‘tips’ or commissions. 10% is the usual going rate. So how is that different to the reported ‘six pack’ culture that one hears about that’s needed to get some action from the PNG public service?

    Other countries in the world use various words to mean the same thing. “Dash’ is another expression that refers to ‘sweetening the deal. How is that different to a business lunch where the client picks up the tab? It’s surely not far away from the ubiquitous brown paper bag is it?
    Australian culture, not to mention the law, abhors corrupt payments but where does one draw the line?

    If there is no accepted benchmark, can one expect any limit?

    1. Paul,

      You bring a lot of insights to the table so thank you. I must admit I never used to see the ‘six pack’ culture that is so rampant in the PNG public service against the so called ‘tips’ culture that exists elsewhere.

      Your response finally brings out the one underlying issue that gives rise to ‘corruption’ in PNG. PNG public servants are severely underpaid and most of the incentive payments they demand/expect can be traced to a quest for survival.

      Unfortunately for us, as you have rightly pointed out, this incentive culture is quickly snowballing as we speak and something must happen quickly to stem it.

      I think a thorough review of public sector remuneration schemes is urgently required where our public servants are compensated in accordance with the actual cost of living.

      Only by paying them well can we succeed in holding them accountable. They must have ‘something to lose’ at the first place in order to build a performance culture that is backed by effective punitive measures.

  51. How about this for an example of corruption?

    Motigate cover-up

    PRIME Minister Sir Michael Somare covered up the Motigate Affair, according to the Ombudsman Commission.
    The Ombudsman recommended that Sir Michael and his former deputy prime minister, Don Polye, be referred to the Police Commissioner to be investigated for possible Criminal Code charges.
    Also recommended for police investigations are acting chief of staff of the Prime Minister Leonard Louma, deputy commissioner of police (administration) Toami Kulunga, police lawyer Hodges Ette and four senior Defence Force personnel.
    It said this in its 70-page final report into the Julian Moti Report Affair which was tabled in Parliament by Deputy Speaker Francis Marus yesterday.
    Ombudsman commissioners John Nero and Phoebe Sangetari compiled the report, noting with concern that the procedures of the arrest of Moti, then the Solomon Islands attorney-general, were flawed from the outset when he was taken out of Jacksons International Airport transit lounge, en route to Honiara, on Sept 29, 2006.
    The Ombudsman said the police and the courts misinterpreted the Extradition Act and the Migration Act while PNG Defence Force air squadron acted out of line in eventually flying Moti to Munda, in the Solomon Islands, breaching PNG Civil Aviation procedures in the process. The Ombudsman said the Prime Mminister had used a national security provision of the Organic Law of the Ombudsman Commission on Nov 2, 2006, to prevent Mr Louma and then chief secretary, Joshua Kalinoe, giving evidence to the Ombudsman Commission and a separate Government inquiry into the Moti affair.
    It said “this is seen as a means of protection, or cover-up” which prevented Mr Kalinoe, departmental heads and public servants from giving any information, answering questions or producing documents and other matters to the Ombudsman.
    “In the opinion of the Ombudsman Commission, the direction to transport Mr Moti to the Solomon Islands came from the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Sir Michael Somare, which was facilitated by key Government officials,” it concluded.

  52. And tihs? I am in despair now about my beloved PNG.


    PNG inquiry find millions paid in fraudulent claims

    Liam Fox, PNG correspondent

    Last Updated: 1 hour 58 minutes ago

    An inquiry into Papua New Guinea’s Finance Department has found hundreds of millions of dollars was paid out in fraudulent claims against the state.

    A commission of inquiry has spent three years investigating the goings-on at the Finance Department.

    The Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare tabled its report in Parliament today and says people will “shudder in awe” at the level of corruption exposed.

    The inquiry found hundreds of millions of dollars was paid out in fraudulent claims against the state because public officials didn’t do their jobs.

    The report details a litany of procedural breaches and collusion by bureaucrats with lawyers and other parties to process fraudulent claims.

    Sir Michael says he’s set up a team to implement the report’s 75 recommendations and it will work closely with the police fraud squad.

    1. Peter,

      your concern is well justified however the REAL question that should be asked is why Somare and others have allowed this situation to continue for so long? Everyone knew it was happening.

      Either he and they are equally culpable or equally incompetent to run PNG.

      There is no other explanation.

      Will the PNG Opposition be able to oust Somare before the 18 month period of no confidence motions commence? That is the next question? What deals being done behind the scenes are anyone’s guess? What surety is there that the Opposition will be any better if they are successful?

      The real problem is how to educate the PNG voters on what they must do to bring about a change in their country. Where are the news reports highlighting the in depth reporting that should be sent out to everyone that has a radio and will be voting in the next election?

      Somare is just using this report to cloud the issue of his culpability concerning Motigate and all the other mistakes he and his incompetent team have allowed to happen or been actually involved with. Why set up a team to work with the Police Fraud Squad? Why not just bolster the Fraud Squad and the Public Prosecutor and Courts? Why not offer an amnesty for those who are prepared to give back the money stolen and come clean about who else is involved?

      Could the real reason be that any legal action against anyone must first be cleared with Somare before being instituted and if so, why would that be? Hmmm…

  53. Yes Paul.

    I fear we have a dictatorship in the making. Some of my friends were forced to leave PNG because they exposed corruption in their place of work. I had threats made against me, luckily my tambus protected me.

    Politicians were involved in the student unrest in 2005 (I have proof of this), and no doubt in the current troubles at UOG.

    Let’s hope Powes Parkop and his new party live up to the expectations!

    1. Hi Peter,
      accept my apologies for cutting in late on your good points. Just to tune your discussions for a finer print on the corrupt politician and higher education, Universities crisis. Yes you are right, UoG crisis was corruption at its worst and from the highest political office of higher education. It was started by a political head who took the advice of an expatriate, acted against the laws of the University, against the advice of the Attorney General and breached the PNG Constitution by terminating the UoG Council in September, 2005. The 2010 crisis may not be the last because of the rotten core by the politician…and little governors who have moved into their own little turfs between 2005 – 2010 to take a slice of the State funds being pumped into new buildings and courts programs. The Michael Gene, Prof Allan Easton and George Kuno Independent Committee, after investigating all these I hope will put an end to this little corruption.

  54. well , am very happy not to see nigeria on that list which is trying to prove to the world that nigeria will be a better place for every citizen of the to do a born nigeria citizen,am not trying to say nigeria is the best place in the world. but i belive that one day nigeria will be the world leader in economy,school ,security and many other aspect.i belive nigeria will not ever again enter that list.

  55. Could the real reason be that any legal action against anyone must first be cleared with Somare before being instituted and if so, why would that be? Hmmm

  56. I believe Indian politics has made India the most corrupt country in the worldI agree wthat everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but i’ld like to single out comments made by both andrew and umar. this is to inform them that as long as Nigeria has people like them, the corruption level in that country will keep inflating.

  57. And don’t think Australia is free of corruption. Several Queensland police have recently been sacked and charged with corruption, the commissioner of Tasmanian police has been forced to resign, and the Victorian police commissioner was too busy having dinner with friends to respond to the “black Saturday” bush-fire crisis.

    Corruption follows power and money as night follows day. If you have the right checks and balances in place then hopefully it can be weeded out and the corrupt people brought to justice. Unfortunately Maladina’s bill to reduce the power of the PNG Ombudsman will make it easier for corruption to flourish and the guilty hide their tracks.

  58. Anybody heard about the OTML strike in PNG? What is the cause?………

    I heard the big boys are getting ‘too fat’ and forgot that they have small boys to look after.

  59. Hi there,

    I am a student at Law School.

    Initially I was on the bandwagon criticizing the Maladina Amendments. However, after carefully reading the Amendments and reviewing the historical performance of the Ombudsman, I am beginning to realize that there may be positive implications of the Amendments on the overall performance of Ombudsman.

    For example the Maladina Amendments in fact forces the Ombudsman to act upon complaints within 30 days. There are presently so many outstanding issues which we the public would like to see dealt with, for example the Taiwan issue and the Singapore bank accounts etc. The Amendments also ensures that cases are brought to the Public Prosecutor within 2 years. A lot has been said about Section 27 which to some extent has reduced the Ombudsman powers, but it appears the reduction is relatively small. Section 27 still remains and gives the Ombudsman certain powers to issue directives. However, overall if you carefully read the Maladina Amendments both in the Constitution and also in the Organic Law it actually gives more powers to Ombudsman to issue directive to Leaders to rectify any breaches.

    I have seen recently that Parliament is making major Constitutional changes affecting the Courts and Judges e.g. increasing their age of retirement and increasing the jurisdiction of the District Courts etc. and these positive changes have been brought about by Maladina himself.

    I have now read the Amendments and perhaps it is time to review the Ombudsman after 35 years. I’d be interested to hear from those who have actually perused the Amendments.


  60. So on the map the yellow countires are the ones best at hiding corruption, and the red countires are the countries where they get their money from?

  61. It is common knowledge that in many Government Departments to get money released for legitimate and approved projects you have to pay a bribe like this (a percentage of the amount allocated). No wonder PNG is regarded as one of the most corrupt countries.

    From todays PC –

    K5000 ‘to free’ K2m RESI cash


    OFFICERS allegedly from the office of National Planning and Monitoring will release a cheque of K2.5 million to one school in exchange for K5000 cash.
    “This place is corrupt … pretty bad, can you organise some cash…” This was the message allegedly from a senior officer within this government office in return for the release of K2.5 million. The money is for rehabilitating the New Erima Primary school in the National Capital District.
    School chairman Simon Eyork was aghast when he heard that message on his cell phone after his failed attempts to get the cheque for the school.
    Since 2008 Mr Eyork has been after the cheque and recently he was given a copy of the cheque (No; 239327) but was told to pay some cash before it could be released. Last week when he called on his cell phone to make an appointment with the secretary to go to the office of National Planning and Monitoring, another person, said he would send a warrant for the release.

  62. Extortion a la PNG

    This is only one of many instances that have been reported in the press. Here is another example from a couple of years ago.

    Post Courier Drum
    Tuesday 02nd September 2008

    Not the way
    INTERESTING revelation! A National Government’s minister hands over K250,000
    earmarked for a provincial institution’s operations. The event is covered by
    media organisations when the cheque is presented to the provincial
    politician. When the leader returns to the province, he hands over the
    cheque with instructions to the hospital CEO “deposit it into your account,
    draw down K70,000 and the rest, raise it back to my name – – -”. The
    hospital ends up handing over the whole cheque. We hope the Government knows

    So who do you go to when everyone is on the take? The minister? The auditor general? The PM? The police? People must stand up and be counted.

    The only way to stop this practice is to report it and have the problem exposed. If some are afraid to do this publically for fear of retribution, then they should refer instances of this nature to ‘PNG Action’ :

    and also to Keith Jackson’s blog :

    where the matter will be investigated and possibly exposed in a non attributable manner and after legal advice.

    I refer to the article on PNG Attitude:—paul-oates—-heres-an—important–project-you-can-assist-with-its-designed-to.html

  63. Peter, thats just the tip of the iceberg. I have 1st hand seen swimming pools, couches and ‘spending’ money pass hands to ensure contracts. The general rule of thumb I had been told by a previous employer ‘increase the quote by 10% to give it back to the guy who gives you the money’.

    To put things in context though, this practice is not exclusive to dealings in PNG but is common amongst alot of S.E. Asain business transactions.

    In days gone by you bought a nice bottle of wine, as a gift, at the signing of a contract or end of a project to add a ‘personal’ touch to the transaction.

  64. Article in the Post Courier 22 Apr 10

    Technology set to fight corruption


    Effrey Dademo started the non- government organisation but had learned that most NGOs were not consistent in getting messages on issues they want to tackle.
    She graduated from the University of Papua New Guinea with a degree in law in 1999 and started her work with NGOs and civil society in the Environmental Law Centre.
    While working with the NGOs she identified corruption as a contributing factor of resource management and ineffective supply of goods and services to the people of PNG. As a young advocate who devoted her life with NGOs, the funding constraints curtailed much of what should have done. However this Oro woman wanted to see that the corruption message got to the people.
    This prompted her to use the existing technology and internet to help her create an avenue for advocacy and awareness.
    Her concerns led her to launch the “ACT NOW” blog site, which is a non-profit making organisation.
    Ms Daffrey said ACT NOW “aims to fight corruption and explains in different types corrupt activities such as doing a favour for someone to connect phones’’. She said she wanted people to get closer to the directive goals and principles of the constitution as the guidelines.
    She said they would also be getting complaints from people who would like to share an incident that occurred to them and then find out how they could solve them.
    Ms Daffrey said ACT NOW would collect petitions from the people and use them to prove complaints in court.
    She said ACT NOW would also take up cases in court to support and uphold democracy.

  65. Also in Today’s papers it is reported that Finance paid K15 million to Peter Yama over a disputed compensation settlement (still before the courts) directly contravening a decision of the NEC. The PM and Deputy PM say they know nothing about this and did not authorise it.

    BSP claim that Yama still owes them millions in unpaid loans. Two senior lawyers from Gadens lawyers were threatened at gunpoint not to pursue the legal actions against Yama (they were acting for BSP) and two of the prosecution witnesses had to flee Moresby after receiving threats of imminent arrest over the case.

    Yama denies any knowledge of this. Strange coincidence?

    When due legal processes are interfered with by violence, a police state is not far away. Zimbabwe in the South Pacific?

  66. My name is Yemi, am a NIGERIAN. I have realized that all contributors to this topic on corruption are people of like-minds, who wish their countries to be a better place to live in. I read thru and did not find a single comment from anyone from the dveloped world. You know the implication of this? They are comfortable so care less of whatever anybody says about their government on corruption or other vices. BUT i want us to know that it is not that corruption is not in their country but they look elsewhere majorly because it doesn’t affect their well being. MY observation is that we (3rd World) always tongue-lash our government and system at the detriment of our progress and development. I never knew India is corrupt until i read responses from Indians. So let us do our critisism internally while having it at the back of our mind that Corruption and other vices have been and shall always be, we should learn to live with it while striving on our own to survive. Development is a process, it took many of these developed worlds decades to get there. It will take us lesser time to get developed if we pretend to fight theses vices (while striving individually to better our live through legitimate means ). I won’t ever acept that there is a country in this world where there are no few succesful indivduals who are not corrupt and not from rich background. JUST COUNT YOURSELF OUT OF THE CORRUPT GROUP, AND LEAVE THOSE IN IT TO GOD, ELSE WE SHALL CONTINUE TO LANGUISH IN POVERTY HANGING ON THE EXCUSE OF A CORRUPT FEW WHILE THEIR OWN GENERATIONS WILL THRIVE AT OUR EXPENSE. IF YOU HAVE A BAD FATHER, WILL YOU HANG YOUR LIFE AROUND HIM? DO YOUR OWN LEAVE THJE REST TO GOD.

    1. Yemi.

      Your passion in your post speaks volumes. I have to point out though, your first statement is on the mark but for one descrepency. I am from a developed country (Australia) and have commented on the above post.
      You are right though. I constantly remind my daughter just how ‘lucky’ we are and that lots of children around the world do not have the toys she has and some even do not have food to eat at dinner time. Too many people are wrapped up in their comfort bubbles, but also many are not informed as our news programs prefer to focus on other content.

      It was just yesterday I was discussing corruption in government and business with my father. (he was a top public servant in this country) and we both agreed that corruption is everywhere in many forms, ‘Developed’ countries are just better at hiding it.

      Corruption is not something exclusive to developing nations, nor will it ever be. Corruption is present wherever money and greed are bed fellows, no matter what country or state of development.

      Only through an understanding that ‘we are all in this boat together’ will this change.

  67. You are right.

    Check all six videos – the story of Kapris’s would make a great film! (a PNG Underbelly)

    I am sorry Yemi, but some of us here are from Australia. There is plenty of corruption here too, but there are determined agencies identifying and prosecuting those involved, with some success. The current Treasurer of WA is in trouble, not for corruption, but for having a mistress on the side!

    How would PNG pollies would fare if we measured their moral worth? I hear Luther Wenge has just taken a 4th wife, who is his cousin-niece. I suppose at least he is honest about it. Not as bad as Caligula who fancied his sister.

    Oh well, us ordinary old blokes can just get back to enjoying mowing the lawn, washing the car, going shopping and coping with the wife listening to Andre Rieu. Actually sometime I wish I was back in the Highlands of PNG!

  68. PM: 9 years of non-stop growth
    Source: The National
    In Parliament with ISAAC NICHOLAS and ALMA MARIMYAS

    THE country is, for the first time, enjoying nine consecutive years of economic growth, Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare told Parliament yesterday.
    “This year itself the economy will grow by about 8.5% for one of the best performance in a decade,” he said.
    The prime minister made the statement to parliament after opposition leader Sir Mekere Morauta had asked for a state of the nation address on the likely impact of large-scale extractive projects and warned that the government’s revenue base would become dangerously dependent on the sector.
    Sir Michael said that although opinions might differ, the fact was that major resource projects would no doubt have significant economic, social and environmental impacts.
    He said that since taking office in 2002, the government had been providing incentives to the resource sector which had earlier been given “the kiss of death” by economists and resource experts.
    “At the time, few people could have envisaged the scale of turnaround created by this initiative.
    “Three gold mines have opened in the intervening period. The large Ramu nickel project is nearing completion at a cost in excess of US$1.2 billion with an anticipated lifespan of some 30 years.
    “It can take a long time before an exploration project proceeds to the mining stage. But as long as the policy environment is good and exploration remains healthy, there will be many more long-life projects in the future.”
    Sir Michael said the next few years could see the start of two or three new giant mining projects at Yandera and Wafi/Golpu in Morobe and at Frieda River and the world’s first underwater mining off East New Britain and New Ireland.
    On the LNG project, he said the government agreed to offer landowners additional 4.22% equity to take their equity to 7%.
    “In addition to benefits derived from the 2% royalty and development levy, the total amount involve will equate to more than K20 billion over the 30-year life of the project.”
    He said in terms of fiscal regime, the LNG project would face a normal 30% corporate tax on its profits.
    “The LNG consortium has not asked for, and has not received, any tax holiday or other inducements.”
    He said as a 19.6% equity owner, the PNG government was privy to all information pertinent to the project.

    Tell that to the people living in villages with no power, water, electricity, decent health services, or with roads only an elephant on steroids can traverse..

    As has been said before…

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”


    “Think of the media as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”

    Joseph Goebbels

    1. I wish they’d start telling us how they want to spend the money instead of how much we’re getting.

      I would love to see the day when politicians can boast about how many schools, teachers and health centres we have per population or how many trained employees we have in the country that reached a certain income bracket.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Digicel Pacific

  69. Hope all those thieves involved with the thief of millions taken away from the Resilient people of Papua New Guinea be brought to justice and sent to jail and the keys of their cells be thrown away.Give them a drink of water and a plate of snakes and cockroach for food once a week and leave them to rot in their human waste for a week and get them to clean it up themselves.
    They do not deserve any human treatment,after all they stole what was ours and denied us, teachers wages,nurses wages,the clerks wages etc etc and they cause us to remain stagnant in developed that would have brought us better jobs and wages,better living standards.Better schools,hospitals,roads to will produce from the rural areas to towns and cities of PNG and the list goes on and one.They are not humans,they are the scums and from the bottom of the pit latrine of PNG.
    O Land of the Unexpected,beauty is in you.Mountains and valleys endowed with beauty that are beyond words.Rivers and seas deeming with lives with yellow and white and ,brown sand.People free and friendly would welcome strangers far and wide.My beloved country lift up your hands and cry and wile for you have been neglected: cry my people,cry and cry.For you have been trampled,cry and raise your hand over your head;cry for you have been trampled too long.(my personal lament for my mother land)

    1. Judy

      This is why the real fight for justice and democracy is happening, on the streets, right now!

      And its always going to be ongoing.

      But real change can come.

      From my perspective what we are seeing here is a revolution.

      Every revolution necessarily involves an act of law breaking, like the American War of Independence, the French revolution, The English War of the Roses, more recently in Timor Leste, etc.

      There is nothing wrong with a revolt against those who would use the Law as a tool of oppression.

      Everyone was initially confused, I think, when the CJ, in questionable circumstance, seemed to make an order as to who was the PM.

      In effect, the CJ was taking the role of every citizen of PNG and deciding for them as to who should be the PM.

      This was very wrong.
      Only the people can determine who they want as their leader.
      Not the Court.

      The CJ’s Orders were unconstitutional and in breach of the peoples fundamental democratic rights.

      Of course, under the separation of powers doctrine the Courts are forbidden from making such orders.

      So a couple of days passed whilst ever one scratched their head and tried to shake the confusion.

      It was confusion because there was and remains a majority of the house, all individually democratically elected, supporting O’Neil.

      In hindsight it’s difficult to see where all of this came from but then it becomes obvious.

      Somare has a history of abusing judicial process.

      His recent Court application to tilt O’Neil is but one example.

      Here’s on recent example of Somare’s abuse of legal process in the words of Deputy Chief Justice Salika, along with Justices Kirriwom and Kandakasi said about the “Grand Chief” Somare and his desire to observe the rule of law on 1 July 2011 in Somare v Manek [2011] PGSC 17; SC1118 (1 July 2011)

      @ paragraph 71. …..”In the present case, the Ombudsman arrived at a decision to refer Sir Michael to the PP after having come to a decision that there was a prima facie case of Sir Michael being guilty of misconduct in office. ……..”

      “……………rather than taking the most noble and respectable approach of stepping aside or resigning, Sir Michael took a number of steps which were inappropriate and amounting to an abuse of the process of the court and against the spirit of good leadership and leadership duties and responsibilities as set out in the leadership code under the constitution and the OLDAR and an abuse of the due process and the rule of law………”

      @ paragraph 79. ……………….”we are of the view that, Sir Michael through his lawyers abused the process of not only this court but also the process of the national court. ………….the various steps Sir Michael took through his legal counsel or advisors were nothing short of an attempt at preventing a process ordained by law taking its proper course. ……….

  70. Human rights concerns about police behaviour in PNG.

    UN expert condemns systemic police beatings in PNG as torture
    May 25 2010

    By: The Associated Press


    PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea – Prisoners are routinely beaten by police in Papua New Guinea while those who escape risk having tendons cut to disable them, a United Nations expert on torture said Tuesday.

    Manfred Nowak, the U.N. special rapporteur on torture, said in a statement that he was most concerned by the systemic police beatings in the South Pacific’s most populous island nation.

    He said that during his 10-day investigation into the impoverished country’s police cells and prisons, he found evidence of torture and “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment.”

    Prisoners who escaped were severely punished on recapture, he said. Punishment included cutting tendons with axes and knives, shooting prisoners at close range and beating them with gun buts, Nowak said. The prisoners were usually kept in punishment cells without medical treatment and sometimes died, he said.

  71. More from the UN report about prison conditions in PNG…

    “This follows a fact finding mission in which Mr Nowak found appalling conditions in prisons, detainees facing beatings which often amounted to torture and police using excessive force, even when not dealing with crime. Mr Nowak says he witnessed detainees in overcrowded, filthy cells, without proper ventilation, natural light or access to food and water. He says women were often sexually assaulted, by both police and other inmates. Mr Nowak says the conditions in the cells at the Mount Hagen Police Station were so bad it should be shut down immediately. He wants independent investigations of all allegations of ill-treatment or excessive use of force by police and prison guards and the ratification of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. He also wants to see detainees on remand separated from convicted prisoners; juveniles kept out of adult jails; proper complaints systems for inmates and the abolition of the death penalty.”

  72. Frdz, corruption doesnt mean what the people do, it is all about what the government cant do to overcome it. I beleive India can participate in the above list.

  73. The .President of America, Mr. Barak Hussain Obama is Orginally from ” BARAK ” The City near Kabul, ( at about 100 miles towords Kabul ) . The BARAK city is between Kandahar and Kabul. His fore father’s went from Afghanestan to Africa, Round about 250 or 300 years back, after date, they went to AMERICA, from Africa. Orgnally he is Afghani from Great Afghanestan. Just now he return to his own city Barak, near Gardeyz & his country Afghanistan.His four father was Jewish of Ghazni, ( between Kandahar & Kabul ) , at date time 4000 Jewish were living in Ghazni. who become Muslim. ( Obama’s fore father’s ), their fore he is a brave Muslim.We salute him.. . These are unbelievable things reminiscent of the dark ages of times of Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Russia. Overtly fascist posture has been adopted by American’s state. Serious questions arise both for American people and the International community. American people must realize that they live in a country whose state is anti-people, they have to seriously re-think their “patriotism”. International community must act to stop this. The people of European democracies must take their governments to courts and stop them from giving a single penny in hands of American’s oligarchy. By law states which use “torture” as a policy cannot get public funds. By doing so they will be helping people of American’s who are victims of a neo-fascist state apparatus…
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The Quetta & Balochistan is fighting place for Indian, American’s, Al-Qaeida,Ussr,& Pakistan Army, Taliban, in comming day’s.The Quetta is becoming fighting city in the World, as Kabul, Baghdad, Beriut, Bosni, & Kandahar, ( The ” KANDAHAR ” Battle is tough for American’s, & Nato army.May be Kandahari’s ” FUCK ” The American’s & Nato Armies, because in 90’s they fuck ussr army. ). Now a days Quetta is CIA Headquater, for Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Iran, Iraq, Central Asia, China, Ussr, and so many other Countries. The Pathan’s , Hazara, & Baloch are fighting with each other’s in Quetta. ( for PAKHTONISTAN & GREATER BALOCHISTAN ) …AT THE OTHER SIDE, The India ( 180 MILLION MUSLIM LIVING IN INDIA, out of 1200 million’s. ) & Pakistan ( 20 MILLION HINDU, PARSI, CHIRSTEAN’s, SICK’S, etc.are living in Pakistan, out of 172 million;s ) are brother’s.Late Muhammad Ali Jinnah & Gandhi was brother. The Muslim & Hindu are brother’s, Since Islam came to India, ( More then 1000 year;s ). The Hindu & Muslim are not Terrorists. Like India,Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Syria The American are foolish nation, they have no MIND, they are Mad, no sense,and also Sadeast Nation’s. What can they get from Afghanistan,Iraq, Iran, & Pakistan. The Afghanista is” GRAVEYARD’s ” for American’s Nato,( Ali BaBa & Forty Theive’s ) Birtisher’s, Canadian Army,& German Army etc. The World Zionist, World Anarchist, World Jewish Cngrees, Mossad, Fbi, Cia, Pentagone, Mi5, Mi6, Raw, Freemassion, & somany,other Agencies are, Failed very,Badly in GREAT,Afghanistan.. .Why There is Afghanistan known as “the graveyard of empires”?. The Afghanistan has a very rich history to it. So many people have invaded that country it’s crazy. The graveyard of empires doesn’t really stem from recent years as more so ancient, you had Greek, Arab, Iranian and Indian, Buddhist And also Pakistani, influence in Afghanistan all of which failed. In the recent year the British and Russian tried emerge their influence on them, and it’s not that they really failed at it or “lost the war” as someone put it, it’s more so that they gave up on it and left the country in ruins. The U.S. is there now Obama’s making a strategical mistake by sending troops to Afghanistan, Every empire that ever existed has fallen… America just hasn’t gotten to it yet. Many empires, ( The usa is not a Empires, because they have no King or Queen, their queen or king are” JEWISH “. ) have fallen without going anywhere near Afghanistan. Does anyone really think that an empire can last forever? The British lost the war there, the Russians lost the war there, the Americans are still fighting there, and they are making their ” Graveyard ” in Afghanistan, as a Russians before…One of those myths, for example, is that Afghanistan is inherently unconquerable thanks to the fierceness of its inhabitants and the formidable nature of its terrain. But this isn’t at all borne out by the history. “Until 1840, Afghanistan was better known as a ‘highway of conquest’ rather than the ‘graveyard of empires,’ ” Barfield points out. “For 2,500 years, it was always part of somebody’s empire, beginning with the Persian Empire in the fifth century B.C.”..Alexander the Great (right), Genghis Khan and Tamerlane all had their way with the place, . And though the Afghans gave the British trouble in the 19th century, Britain “never intended to make Afghanistan part of its empire,” rather just “a buffer state outside the influence of imperial competitors.” And it succeeded in that goal, Yes, two or three time British army are defeated by Afghani’s…There may be reasons for failure in Afghanistan, but don’t pin it on “a super-simplified version of Afghanistan’s history” distorted by “the past 35 years of seemingly unceasing warfare.”.Iraq,Pelistean, Labnan, & all over the World. They never sucssec by this Playing dirty Game. The WAR is out of countrol for theme . They are Trap Badly in this WAR. They want control whole World, But they cant control” 1″ ONE PERCENT OF THE WORLD, They are ” Out OF Date.” Like USSR in 90′s . The Dollar’s Game’s is over, Dollar is ” DEMONETIES “in the World. The Seven Flet or Six Flet are also uselees. You cant Throw ATOMIC BOMB on Kabul, Islamabad, Tehran, Baghdad, Macca, Yemen,or other Countries.YES you can use it on Mascow, or Bejung ,Tel Aveve, and London only .There Its is a widespread feeling among Pakistanis of being short-changed by the US, that despite Pakistan going the ‘extra mile’ for America’s interests in Afghanistan, its own concerns and interests on its western front have not been adequately addressed, while India has been allowed to gain strategic space in Afghanistan at Pakistan’s expense.the U.S.’s focus on Iraq as its foreign policy priority and Pakistan’s role as a haven for insurgents. The revisits Afghan history, specifically the invasions by the British in the mid- and late-19th century and the Russians in the late-20th to rue how little the U.S. has learned from these two previous wars. The sheds light on why Pakistan—a consistent supporter of the puppet Taliban—continues to be a key player in the region’s future. It’s makes important arguments for the inclusion of local leaders, particularly in rural regions, but his diligent panorama of the situation fails to consider whether the war in Afghanistan is already lostce 2001, RAND Corporation political sciens has been observing the reinvigorated insurgency in Afghanistan and weighing the potency of its threat to the country’s future and American interests in the region.There is no American interests in the region now a day’s, after 2001 American policy in Afghanistan , its better than ever…The American’s are bigger terrorist in History of the World, They American terrorism are going Two hundered years back, terrorism starting by them in the Modran world. The puppet Taliban, terrorism, and the United States, this is the place to start, ether the war in Afghanistan is already lost. A deeply researched, clearly written, and well-analyzed account of the failures of American policies in Afghanistan,In the Graveyard of Empires lays out a plan to avoid a potential quagmire. This is the time, we will be mandatory reading for policymakers from Washington to Kabul but it will also help to inform Americans who want to understand what is likely to be the greatest foreign policy challenge of the Obama administrationthe answer to the million-dollarquestion….until nobody actually sought an empirical answer. Nobody crunched the numbers. A useful and generally lively account of what can go wrong when outsiders venture onto the Afghan landscape. Those ventures have generally not turned out well…This is ominous The war goes on until 2025.I’m no Islam scholar and no military strategist. I’m pretty good at divining common sense and practicality as opposed to jingoism and unrealistic goals.So that’s why I’d say nine years this October is much too long to wage war in Afghanistan, and 1,400 American’s and more then 500 from Nato & other countries deaths there are unacceptable.I’d go home and let all the bad guys sort it out among themselves. I’d tell the Afghans it’s their country and their society. Just don’t harbor any killing Taliban commanders & other Afghani’s , ( The Target Killing, & Suicide Bomber ARE going To HELL. ) , isn’t making us popular.Not all Afghans love the puppet Taliban, & Al-Qaeda, but they don’t like to see Westerners with their weapon technology killing off their folks.We Americans are constantly told: “Don’t compare this war with the one we lost in Vietnam.” I do and I can’t help it. The more Viet Cong we killed the more villagers said, “Hey, those people are us.” Vietnamese who had government contracts liked us, but to the average citizen we were just another in a long line of occupiers that had to be pushed out. And we were cannot see an end strategy in Afghanistan. It’s really open-ended. Our president has said we may have to be there a while. We were in Vietnam a good 15 years.I know it hurts some of you to think of pulling out. Makes us look militarily weak. I guess, in some of these smaller cultural wars, we are. Our drones and bombs don’t seem to mean much or even intimidate much.So how much treasure and blood will you tolerate just to say “America doesn’t back down”?…. Can you beleive that Israel End ‘s becomming soon. ? After Two wars with Hizbullah & Hammas, the Third war is will be finishing point of Israel. in 2011, ( This war takes 11 Golden days only in Auttamn. This War is starting on ” Sturday ” Morrning, and ‘ END ‘ on ” Thursday,” evenig, ie, 252 Hours only. ) You must see the flim ” THE MEN WHO SAW TOMARROW ” Good by Israel for ever..The Poor Indian cant do any thing in this world. & Poor Pakistani’s are also cant do any think, because, they are allways fighting with each other, from 60 years all countries of the World are fighting with each other, Their is no need of Army in the World, The World with out Army is so nice for whole World & all nation’s. As ” World with out Israel, ” or ” World With out Foolish American’s,” or ” World With out Bastered Britisher, ” They are Evil & Devil of the Earth.The ” THE WHOLE WORLD NATION’S ARE NO NEED’s,OF ARM’S, & ARMY ” , .as look like, Swiss, ” THE WORLD WITH OUT ARME;S & ARMY. ” are so good for Humanty….With LOVE’S, To every body in the World.. THANKS.

  74. Yes America should get out of the middle east. Yes Akber Khan you are a nutjob that preaches peace while advocating destruction of Israel. Typical illiterate religious fundamentalist. No need for armies so long as the world bows to some nutjob, hypocite cleric. Fuck off back to the dark ages where you belong.

    1. John, entirely agree.
      These ar on of the most primitive inhuman cultures to walk the planet. They commit profound acts of terrorism then don’t understand why their nation is occupied. Right proper nut job indeed.

  75. What’s going on in this Mdren age, where we are playing dirty Game with each other. We are Killing each other. We are so callad Humen, but Actually we are Animal’s.What we gaine from this Dark & Black World. Why American’s are in Crisis, Why,? Why Israel ‘s are so distureb. ? Why.? Why European are Jobles, Why they are KILLING MUSLIM ? Why The Muslim are so weak, that the American’s beat them from 60 years. They Killed Thousand Muslim around the World daily. We need ” Friends, Not Master. ” The 11/9/2001 Failure Project, ( Mission Imposble ) were Progamed before 2000. They want Kill all Muslim Comunity, ie. Islamic Block. The “Pakistan is a strategically important country not just for the U.S., but also for the world. Mr. Obama said.. But they don’t NO, Who are The Muslim.? They think Muslim causes for them, But The 11/9 was are as like Japan’ies, or Viet Name’s, Viet Congs or as KOREAN’S, & Other one The want kill 1560 Million Muslim all over the World., With their Two Million Army.Just now they are killed Two million Muslim. With Their One million ( The pupped Al Qaeda, & Taliban , are WITH 9 COUNTRIES POWER THE ” Nato, are with 28 countries army, “. The US ARMY, UK, ISRAEL, CANDEAN army & others. ) . They are spend 60 Trillion Dallors in these WARS.Due to These Three Decade WARS, ” The ECONOMIC WORLD WAR CIRSIS IS BECOME “. You can’t do any Think. It needs 90 Trillion Dallors more. They are Totally FAILURE’s. American’s are Foolish, Mad, no Minde, Sadeast nation, & so cheap. ( Cheape man as a Mr. Bush. ) why ?. They are Think after doing Work. What’s happended after 11/9 , they lose 150 Countries of the World, espacialy Islamic Block.( 57 Islamic Countries. ) also. The Five Million JEWSH LOBBY are controling American’s Governament. The World Jewish Congrese, ( They shows how events including the election of America’s first African. ) World Anarchist, World Zionist, Freemasion’s, MI5, MI6, Watch Tawore, Awake, Lion Club, Rotary ,Jaycees, Cia, Fbi, Mossad, RAW Pentagon, Israel, Usa, UK, Faranc, Itly & China are can not Control Afghanestan, Pakistan, & Iraq. They must stop the War & Wall.They Must GO from Asian & Medal East Countries. Why With in Two years Obama Failed. ? The 11/2/2010,the midterm elections, was very costly for Obama, The election, was selected not elected, it was Joke of century, it was big Frud in selction not eletion of the World history . we are condempt him, This was White vers Black Blood slection, it was a tough of WAR. BETWEEN OBAMA & BUSH PARTY. The Barack Obama effect makes it tough for Democrats in midterm unhappy elections The both Parties ( Republican & Democrats ) are same. But the Third Party,( TEA PARTY ) ARE BAD .Their is no difrents btween Them.After Two years Who become, THE PRESIDENT OF USA. ? MAN or WOMEN ? BLACH or WHITE, ? so called MUSLIM or JEWISH, ? CHEMUNIST or CHRISTIEAN, ? from ASIAN or SOUTH EAST ASIA, ? They are Handover the War to ” USSR.”, AFTER DATE ” CHINA. “. The Chirstian, Bahhai’s, Wahhabi’s, Ahmedi, QADIYANI’s, Aga Khani’s, Bohries, Hindu’s, Communities are Playing Dirty Game’s in Pakistan, Iraq, & Afghestan. Why ? The Uropean Community wants, ( UK, & GERMEN’S etc . ) Pakistan & Afghanistan Divided in so many PICESE. Thanks

  76. Today’s Post Courier…Somare is corrupt to the core!

    Namah claims ‘tribalism’


    LEADER of PNG Party Belden Namah has expressed grave concern over the timing of Gari Baki’s suspension as police commissioner and the appointment of Tony Wagambie to the top post.
    Mr Namah said more serious concerns were that the Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare had now placed the country’s national security and sovereignty under serious threat by tribalising the nation’s forces. However the Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare in a statement yesterday said the Cabinet took a decision to suspend the Police Commissioner Mr Baki on disciplinary grounds.
    “Cabinet has directed the Acting Chief Secretary, Mr Manasupe Zurenuoc to establish an independent committee to conduct an investigation into the conduct of Mr Baki within the next three months,” Sir Michael said.
    Mr Namah said he was concerned of the manner in which the Prime Minister went about appointing three of his Sepik tribesmen to head the three disciplinary forces, police, PNG Defence Force and the Correctional services.
    “It is totally unfair, unjust and highly improper for the heads of the three disciplinary forces to be from one ethnic group particularly from that of the PM,” Mr Namah said.
    Mr Namah said, “It is also evidence of a desperate despot who wants to cling onto power and remain in office using state institutions. It is a sign of a dictator who is prepared to do anything even breaking the laws, abusing due procedures and processes to rally power for self gain and glory.”
    He said he was concerned especially during the time of a looming motion of vote of no confidence in him during this month’s parliament sitting.
    “This is nepotism at its best. It is not in the best interest of the six million plus citizens of PNG as it is of parochial and sectional interest. The nation must rise to vigorously oppose nepotism, wantokism and jobs for boys,” Mr Namah said.
    Mr Namah questioned whether there were other PNG citizens, who were qualified, experienced and had the capabilities to be considered for the top police job.
    “All Ministers from other provinces in the current Cabinet to seriously consider their alliance with the PM as it is totally adsord, insulting, unfair and unethical for the PM to continue using the Natuional Executive Council (NEC) as rubber-stamp to bulldoze decisions of vested made outside.”

  77. I find it quite amusing that Nigerians are insulting each other and debating over the fact that TI did not list Nigeria on their top 40 list of corrupt nations. FYI (for those who haven’t seen the full listing), Nigeria is listed as the 42nd most corrupt nation. Not a bad position to hold considering where the nation is coming from, however the ranking on TI’s list is trivial to the current state of affairs of the country.

    I can say only 1 thing though, change is coming to Nigeria and to Africa whether No 1, 5, 10, 30, or 42 on the list. Rather than focus on our ranking, lets focus on rebuilding, re-orienting and re branding our individual countries and the people.

    Most importantly change will come when people stop to depend on our leaders for change and to depend on themselves within their immediate environment to bring change and to be a change agent.

  78. The United States of America would not be as corrupt as it is now if it does not share a border with Mexico, where corruption has permeated deep in the Mexican culture.

  79. Most of the communities in India (such as Bengali), are succumbed in ‘Culture of Poverty'(a theory introduced by an American anthropologist Oscar Lewis), irrespective of class or economic strata, lives in pavement or apartment. Nobody is at all ashamed of the deep-rooted corruption, decaying general quality of life, worst Politico-administrative system, weak mother language, continuous absorption of common space (mental as well as physical, both). We are becoming fathers & mothers only by self-procreation, mindlessly & blindfold. Simply depriving their(the children) fundamental rights of a decent, caring society, fearless & dignified living. Do not ever look for any other positive alternative behaviour (values) to perform human way of parenthood, i.e. deliberately co-parenting of those children those are born out of ignorance, real poverty. All of us are being driven only by the very animal instinct. If the Bengali people ever be able to bring that genuine freedom (from vicious cycle of ‘poverty’) in their own life/attitude, involve themselves in ‘Production of Space’(Henri Lefebvre), at least initiate a movement by heart, decent & dedicated Politics will definitely come up.
    – Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, 16/4, Girish Banerjee Lane, Howrah-711101, India.

  80. I have lived in Netherlands for 2 years and have recently moved to New Zealand, so far its safe to say that both are very ‘anti-corrupt’, this is mainly due to the media’s high exposure on the government. Even small things about a Politician makes it to the Media and it is taken seriously. So here in New Zealand, no politician dares to take advantage of the government.
    New Zealand also has a very anti-corruption government system. Each branch of the government is installed with limited powers and is watched over by public services, so nobody makes a move to cheat.

  81. Because the United States controls so much in the world- it language and it’s money as a base, and it’s complete lies which take it far from any truth- the US is the most corrupt.
    In truth- No one owns land or his home. Even the citizens are owned. It’s constitution is a fallacy, it has become a dictatorship instead of the original Republic, it has another source print illegal money, the politicians in congress adorn themselves with immunity to the laws they create and don themselves with benefits far exceeding their positions, they allow illegal income tax, they take property without the courts, they use SS# as ID’s when they promised it would never happen, they use the SS money elsewhere and say it is gone, they play the stocks under the table, they make unconstitutional laws, they lie in the face of truth, they work to assure re-election instead of the interest of the people, they vote against the will of the people, they start murderous wars against nations and invade other countries that won’t play ball with them, they lie about why there is war, they adorn themselves with lucious gifts……………..and more.

  82. -u have guantanamo bay tortures.
    – u have trillion dollars misappropriated by Wall Street
    – u have a situation where Bush lost election to Gore in Florida and yet remianed as President.
    – u have a totally corrupt media.
    – u have a military-industrial complex that bullies every country.
    – u have a foreign policy based on acquiring oil at nay cost.
    – u have a syatem that tolerates Saudi Arabia the worst terrorist country in the world and a friend of Pakistan the second worst terrorist country in the world.
    – u have 100 million people below poverty level.
    – u have no universal health care system.
    Then who is the most corrupt country in the world?

    Answer honestly.

  83. All this talk about corruption means nothing if people in PNG don’t take a good honest hard look at their circumstance.
    I think the latest devolution of the situation in PNG in its current “constitutional crisis” speaks volumes on the underlaying cause of why PNG is inexorably heading to a point where it will deeply imbed itself in the floor of “failed state” status.
    Because there is clearly no respect for the people of PNG as citizens.
    There are generally referred to as “land owners” by government agencies and thats all they are regarded as.
    Same in the legislature.
    They are always spoken down to as if they were serfs and vassals.
    They are always offered trinkets with publicly announced checks for development of infrastructure which engrossments of sums that are pitiful in terms of what is needed in regional PNG.
    In short the average citizen in PNG seems a largely irrelevant event to the politicians in Waigani, save for a few individuals like Sam Basil who actually serve their electorates and don’t play them of us (politicians) and them (the rest of the nation).
    And when we come to a constitutional crisis and a dead lock, instead of observing the Constitution and sending the matter back to the people and dissolving Parliament what do we see?
    Let’s do a deal the “melanesian way” and sign a MOU to rule the country.
    By what authority under the constitution?
    This is not democracy.
    Only the people can decide who they want as a government.

  84. You actually make it seem so easy along with your presentation but I find this matter to be actually something that I believe I’d never understand. It kind of feels too complicated and very large for me. I’m looking forward in your subsequent post, I will try to get the dangle of it!

  85. Wondering what will be less corrupt, the blatant corruption wide open in some undeveloped countries or the veiled one, like that of some industrialized States, that bail corporations with trillions of dollars and are the support of others to profit billions in armed conflicts around the world?

  86. I’ve learn some just right stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how a lot effort you put to create this kind of magnificent informative site.

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