Digicel SMS Services 02

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Digicel are rolling out more SMS services, here are some of the latest ones:



Click image to see larger version

10 thoughts on “Digicel SMS Services 02

  1. I heard on the grapevine that email via your digicel mobile is coming soon, currently being tested out by digicel employees only. Is it true?

  2. Well at the Mobile Money Summit, BSP was saying that they were working closely with one of the Telco’s to have GPRS enabled for their mobile banking. So I imagine that it is on the cards.

    Only issue I can see is whether it will require the Telco’s to also get an ISP licence so that they can sell internet and whether Telikom will enter into predatory pricing if we only have one gateway for internet?

    So my guess is that Digicel will fight again for their right to have their own internet gateway to be in control over their pricing. On the customer end, we can only hope that this will bring to us cheaper internet access like what happened to mobile phone costs.

    On another topic, I’m not sure how the ISP’s will feel about all this?

  3. guys, have used the new mobile internet service from Digicel and it works great. currently available to postpaid customers only but understand that they will extend to prepaid customers as well.

    the service is fantastic! you can also use the mobile phone as a modem and hook it up on your laptop. tried that and it works great!

    cost- will see what their finalised rates are! should be interesting.

  4. Hey mes, that’s Awesome news!!! I can understand why their not advertising it, but hell looks like I better upgrade to postpaid…but yes will want to see the costs

  5. Mmmm…I don’t think Digi’s Australia’s funniest jokes advert would be fitting in the PNG context. PNG’s funniest jokes would definitely be hilarious! Not only that, it will also be an incentive for PNG jokers to make some money using their joke telling talent

  6. LOL…maybe they should have Irish jokes as well. But yeah good point Solo, well all they have to do is write down a good number of them and then take them across to Digicel or see the guys at MobiMedia.

  7. hi ya all…. heard that digicel just launched its broadband services so please if any IT people out there can give us more info on this. is the srevice going to apply to ordinary mobile internet users???……lost

    1. From what I’ve read looks like Digicel Broadband only applies to their ZTE tablet, the internet USB stick and I think the Blackberry’s

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