Finally Got My Visa Debit Card

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Just before Christmas last year I got my BSP Visa Debit Card. After paying my K100 sign up fee I was off to test it out. I used it at Boroko Foodworld to buy some groceries and then some days later I had a go at doing some online shopping at my favourite website

Well seems like it all works, and I’m using money that I have instead of going into debt, so just thought I’d spread the word on a nice way for us to start buying off the internet, because when comparing prices I can see that I can actually get stuff allot cheaper than what they retail for in the shops in Port Moresby. Especially for electronic goods. (Actually I might do some price comparisons soon to illustrate that.)

What I really wish I could do is buy music from the iTunes website, but with the internet speeds we have it will take me an hour for one song. SIGH!, if only someone could give us cheaper and faster  internet???!!!!

If you have a BSP account then download the Visa Debit Card application form here.


20 thoughts on “Finally Got My Visa Debit Card

  1. yeh Manu, I got mine too last week. And you know what! you can go to Esi Shop and pay your Esi Pay and get your B-Mobile and Digicel credits without the hassle of walking out of the office or house.

    I hope in the near future other services such as renting DVDS, purchasing PNG music or just doing any shopping can be made readily available without getting out of your chair to go to the shop.

    Now, that’s something that businesses in PNG can make a lot of money if they market their good online with a delivery service…

  2. Manu in regards to improved speed try to see if you can get Telikom’s ADSL broadband. Problem is that there is a long waiting line for customers trying to get ADSL Broadband. Just like B-Mobile Telikom have under estimated the amount of Papua New Guinean’s and companies that would want this service. Anyway I for one like it more then any of the other service providers. Everyone that I have spoken to who does have Telikom ADSL Broadband service speaks very highly of it.

    Now on to the iTunes store. The problem that I had with the Australian online store was in the fine print it stated that you needed to live in Australia. Hence I could not join because when you fill out the application form it asks for an Australian billing address. So I don’t think that the BSP Visa Debt card would work because your billing address would be a PNG address.

  3. Thanks Guys, yeah I applied for ADSL in August last year and yes I’m still waiting. I tried a whole lot of friends who said they had contacts who could hook me up, but again no luck so still waiting.

    As for the iTunes, the only luck I had was when I used a Pre-Paid Card which I bought at the Brisbane Airport. You can read about it here. But if that’s the case then that’s a real shame, guess I better try it out to see. The US site which I bought stuff from was all good, so guess I’ll have to look out for sites and countries that will allow me and those that wont. I do have another site I like visiting which couldn’t deliver to PNG, which is one issue that may arise for us in PNG.

    1. Hello Manu. I have just two question’s regarding on-line purchase’s using a BSP Visa Debit Card. Question is: 1). Do I have to use a middle-man clearing house like Paypal to facilitate my transaction or can I just input my Visa Card Number?.. 2).. How safe is it to use my Visa Debit Card online?,What if someone else steals my card details and use’s it? Dose that mean that I have to see BSP to replace my Visa Debit Card with a new one?
      Many Thanks….

  4. E,

    Do you know if if is possible to setup a Paypal account with a PNG debit card as the sign-up account?


    NB: Interestingly and as far as I am aware PayPal will not accept a PNG business as a Merchant.

  5. Hey Rob,

    Yes you’re correct, they don’t want to have anything to do with us because PNG is considered a High Risk country.

    I’m actually looking at it at the moment for a project and we’re doing it through Australia. I have a company registered there.

    Here’s an article to read on PayPal’s limitations.

  6. That’s it…. i so have to go and lodge my application for one now!!! only if i can find someone willing enuf to re-fill the account! LOL 🙂

  7. I got my BSP Visa debit card some time ago and it seemed to be working fine in PNG. Now I am in Europe and the card does not seem to be working here. Can’t get cash from ATM’s and also can’t purchase stuff from stores with the card. Probably starve to death here. Any ideas?

  8. This block is very helpful… found information needed regarding VISA DEBIT CARD. One thing I’ld like to know is the Telekom ADSL broadband (What its about,cost, how to install and use etc). If someone know anything about it, please need help.


  9. So much for paying out from BSP. How about recieving payment earnings to BSP bank accounts from online sales of items? Anybody have some ideas on that.

  10. I would like to know, since after reading through all these very interesting things about e commerce..

    Once a purchase is done online, how do you get it..?

    does it have to go through customs check?

    Take for example, if I purchase a camera online, lets say from an online shop in Australia, how will it reach me???

    Sorry to ask. Im kinda new to the scene..


  11. Hi Manu, have a quick question… really need your help

    How much is it that am going to register to have a visa debit card?

    Ty 🙂

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