Junior Kopex and Alyson Joyce on Facebook


Music, Music, Music…always rattling in my brain and sweeping my emotions from  side to side like a windscreen wiper.  So I had to ask, where is our PNG music and the internet? And I don’t mean just websites but in terms of Web 2 and all the benefits of this social media hoo ha.

Glad to say that I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Junior Kopex and Alyson Joyce have Facebook pages. So now fans can have a direct relationship with their artists. Even better too, on Alyson’s page you can listen to some of her tracks as well. So I’d encourage any budding or established PNG musicians or bands out there to have a look at Facebook’s Artist/Band pages, (you can sign up here).


I know that internationally MySpace is bigger with musicians, but I thought that since the PNG community is more dominant on Facebook, it may be worthwhile looking at setting up where your primary audience is.  To be fair to MySpace you do have PNG artists like Akay47 and Tribe of Jubal. So all in all these are cheap and effective ways of taking advantage of social networking to spread the word about you and your music.

Anyway sampela tingting tasol and if anyone out there knows of any more PNG artists with Facebook pages or MySpace pages let us know.


One thought on “Junior Kopex and Alyson Joyce on Facebook

  1. AJ you r pure as….. wow i have been watching u flourish as artist since i moved from bris vegas 10yrs ago to live an work PNG. What a an amazing journey u have had. Gee i even flown back to my 2nd home to see u. neway smile & lets hope the judges judging yu do sum more research.
    lakim yu

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