Pasifik Nau – an online gallery of contemporary PNG art

By Emmanuel Narokobi

On April’s Fools Day in 2008, a serious website was launched. A site named Pasifik Nau, which is an online gallery of contemporary PNG art. I say serious because finally I can say I’ve come across a PNG website for contemporary art which is up to date, makes use of a Blog and RSS feature and is also geared towards selling.

There are a number of other sites out there as well for PNG art, and if you know some good one’s please let us know so I can check them out as well.

I have to admit that usually when I hear the word contemporary art, my mind always goes to the Kauage style of painting, well looks like I was proven wrong when I discovered some fresh new approaches to PNG art on this site. Tom Deko and Martin Morobubuna in particular caught my attention. Tom’s bright lolly pop colours of PNG life mixed in with musical theme’s and some of Martin’s Pacific neo-cubism pieces finally reassured me that contemporary PNG art is alive and well. All it needs is a chance to be seen and to be grown outside of the studios and galleries were everyday people can feel the paint as it speaks to us in its vibrant colours.

The site owners have been collecting allot of these peices since 2005, but if you just want to display your art, bilums or sculptures or even sell, contact them on


5 thoughts on “Pasifik Nau – an online gallery of contemporary PNG art

  1. Hi E,

    I checked out this new website/blog the other day and I honestly I was not that impressed.

    Although presentation and style were very pleasing to the eye – I found the site to be somewhat short on content.

    Let’s hope that the authors persevere and continue to add relevant content as it does have great potential.


  2. Hi Rob, you are correct. content is a bit lacking, I guess I liked that it had features there to be made use off and I was impressed with the fact that I saw some PNG artwork that I’d never seen before.

    The first site that I saw years ago which I thought and had hoped would grow was Gallery PNG. Unfortunately it appears that it hasn’t been updated since 2007, which is a real shame.

    When you look on the net, you have artwork and artists mentioned in dribs and drabs like this Australian site. But someone or one of the existing sites needs to do allot more work in gathering and covering PNG art comprehensively.

    I hope that these promising starts will gain momentum…BTW, Eastern Highlands seems to produce allot of artists that get noticed…

  3. true, i think no matter how bright and colourful your website is the content is what will draw the visitors back to the site.

    in fact, there are a lot of companies with websites as well but they never update the content. some websites have a “Jobs” section and in one site they’ve been advertising the same job since they created the site which was in 2007…maybe they haven’t found the right person yet.

    anyway, the point is if you’re gonna have a site update the content (at least monthly) otherwise you’re just wasting money


  4. Coconut Wireless is coming to you live and direct from Pacific Telecommunications Council ’09.

    There are several posts up and a few substantive one’s on Pacific connectivity coming up.

    Check it out

  5. We agree, content is definitely the most important part of any site – and not just the visual stuff. We plan on adding much more information including some great podcasts of conversations with artists on their lives and their art.

    We are also focused on getting a lot more art uploaded, if you have any to share please flick us an email. Likewise advice on any stories or happenings.

    Hope you keep checking the site and giving us feedback as it grows.

    Pasifik Nau

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