World First for Superannuation – TEXT BAL


“Obtaining your superannuation savings balance via a text message!”

NASFUND introduces a great new service to enhance client service delivery for all members.  The new ‘Text Bal’ service enables you to obtain your superannuation savings balance through your mobile phone.

In order to enjoy this new service, you must fill out a ‘Text Bal’ registration form (SF25) which can be obtained online at: or at any of our branches nationwide.  The form must be sent to Mr. Hamilton Riman at fax: 325 9738, e-mail: or delivered at any NASFUND Branch.

Once you are registered, your superannuation savings balance will be sent through a text message, each time your savings is updated.

If you lose your mobile phone, a new form needs to be filled immediately to invalidate the previous mobile number.  The new number will be entered into the system so that you can continue to use the service.

Please refer any questions relating to TEXT BAL to:
Turaho Morea
Phone: 325 4393



5 thoughts on “World First for Superannuation – TEXT BAL

  1. I’ve filled in 3 applications forms so far and have not got any acknowledgement from your end yet.

    Please advise me accordingly on the outcome.

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