Coconut Wireless in Hawaii – PTC’09

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Coconut Wireless, (one of my favourite South Pacific blogs and one that covers ICT in Fiji quite comprehensively),was in Hawaii just recently for the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC), 2009.

CW has a number of posts here on his trip. Even Telecom Fiji was there to give their views on their upcoming Video-On-Demand services. Na yumi??? Did anyone from PNG go?

Here are CW’s posts:


7 thoughts on “Coconut Wireless in Hawaii – PTC’09

  1. E, thanks for the link. Yes, there was someone from the PNG regulator present at the PITA workshop.

    Have not posted up that video yet, since I’m trying to do a more substantive post on what was discussed during the PITA workshop.

    Should have it up in the next day or two.


  2. Sorry E, it appears I lost a great deal of the video content on my camera’s memory card. I’m trying to restore the data… will keep you posted.

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