BMobile – Recruitment Drive

By Emmanuel Narokobi

bmobile_recruitment_driveSo while GreenCom is still trying to figure out their housekeeping matters and Digicel is rolling out service after service and campaign after campaign, it appears that BMobile is gearing up for some big changes as well.

Looks like the new Black Dolphin management has begun the ‘Recruitment Drive’ to building a new and hopefully better BMobile.

Click on the image to see the positions available, they range from the following:

  • Executive & Administration
  • Finance Division
  • Technical Division
  • Information Technology
  • Sales & Marketing

21 thoughts on “BMobile – Recruitment Drive

  1. Iam requesting to your administration could assist me to establish BeMobile coverage in my area of Pimaga in KUTUBU of Southern Highlands Province, we have 300,000 people living in the area and the only coverage that we recieve is Degicel but no BMokbile. Due to this Iam the one and the half of the population is favouring BMobile and they accept BMobile to be establish in the area.So please if any quuiry do not hesitate to contact 72631303

  2. Enquiring job vacancies for the position of Customer Care Officer

    I am currently employed by EMTV as a TV Station Operator for past 3 years
    and would very much like to express my sincere interest to join your prestigious organization.

    I am an IT graduate at ITI majoring in Networking.

    Thanks and anticipate hearing from you in due course

  3. I’m a student at the IEA Tafe takeing up IT who wants to take up any job vacancie with your IT department. Please be in touch

  4. I Ms. Millie Akai, 27yrs of age, from Enga Province am keen to work with be mobile & vadafone. Please if any vacancy regarding Logistics Coordinator or Admin officer within the Mt Hagen office I would like to submit my CV for your persual.

    With regards,
    Millie Akai

  5. Seeking employment within the Mt Hagen or Port Moresby Office as a Logistics Officer/ Admin Officer & Site Acquisition Coordinator.

    Please advise if any vacancy available. I can be contacted on my email;

    Keen Applicant.

  6. lm a grade 12 school leaver and lm seeking vacancy within your organization,i have study computing at IBS and did not gain a certificate due to personal issues, i have my documents with me here with my grade 10/12 certificate if you need further information i can be email on or i can be contacted through my phone 71052416

  7. I Alwin have completed my technician diploma 2 program with city&guilds facilitated by telikom training college.Have also completed my industrial training with telikom madang lately.I’m writing if you could consider me in your organisation.For more information i can be emailed on this

  8. I Newman Philip, Graduate Business Management(Major HRM) from University of Papua New Guinea. Currently working with Remington Group.
    Please contact me if there is any HR Jobs that pops-up with your Network Company.
    Can be contact on email:


    I awaits kindly.

  9. Hi, I am a final year Bachelor in Business HRM student attending the Institute of Business Studies here in Pom, I’d like to know if bemobile has an exisiting graduate development program as I would like to apply through that.

    Kind regards,

    Rachiddah. Kolema

  10. Hi my name is Tiye. I am a proud be mobile user and back in my village there is a population of 10,000 plus people but the reception is not very clear. We only have excess to mobile on certain locations only, but digital network is very clear. I am willing to give my piece of land for bemobile to set up a tower there so we could have clear network coverage. For any queries call me on 75354982 or email me. tkereme.1991@gmail. Thank you

  11. Hi I am Adrian, graduated last year with a bachelor of Science degree, looking for a job in the the field field of Electronics and Computer Science.

    Please do email me when ever there is a vacancy in the mentioned fields or any Graduate Development Programs available.


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