Jnr Kopex performs for the Stingerz

https://i1.wp.com/profile.ak.facebook.com/object3/1931/115/n44003503225_7214.jpgFor all those Tolai Rock lovers out there, please feel free to shoot me down when I tell you this little story. So as I had planned all of last week, I made it to my softball club’s fundraising dance which was starring Junior Kopex.

So there I was, with drink in hand and as the band started strumming away to begin one of their hit songs ‘Anita’ I thought to myself, ‘okay well I can see Leonard Kania and I can see his brother Uralon Kania, and all the band members are there, but where’s Jnr Kopex?’

So silly me had to be corrected on the night, as I was advised that Jnr Kopex is the name of the band not a person. Aiyo spak sense oh??!!!


Leonard Kania with a Fan

So what was it like? Well imagine hearing Leornard Kania singing over the radio, then remove the radio but leave his voice and then add the band and Leonard himself and what you get is a live act that sounds exactly like the recording. Which is a point I need to make because from the live acts I have seen so far, our artists don’t always sound the same when playing live.

I can tell you though, nothing beats hearing a big artist play live, and at the Junction he was so close to you that you couldn’t help but feel immersed in the Tolai grooves. You suddenly know how to speak Konua like you’ve never done before. Just ask these two Highlands brothers below, who were shaking it as hard as the guitar rifts that were glazing the room.


Highlands Brutha’s Shakin It

Although the Junction night club is smaller than the usual large outdoor concerts there’s something about small performances. I guess when you’re in a small packed room with your best softball buddies and family and one of Tolai Rocks legends is singing next to you while you swing your arms and stomp your feet 50cm from him. You can’t help but feel like its a kind of private performance.


More Pics to come soon…


6 thoughts on “Jnr Kopex performs for the Stingerz

  1. Okay lex thinks i should start with my blonde comment:

    i thought jnr kopex was a teenage tolai singer and on that night could not spot him…wot an idjiot!!

    Must admit also that he sounded great live!

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