Digicel launches BlackBerry in PNG

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Hot Damn…just last week I’m salivating over Digicel’s coming soon to PNG, solar powered Coral 200 Solar phone. A logical step really and finally when I’m in the village I wont have to go asking my wantoks to hook up my phone to their generator.

So that’s one hit and then as we were hearing that Digicel must’ve got a VAS licence for internet, they hit us today with the news that they are now all ready to pump out the net into our phones on none other than the the world famous BlackBerry. Hot Dang, PNG now has the Black Berry!!!

This is what they had to say in their press release:

blackberry-boldDigicel, the fastest growing mobile operator in the Pacific, today announced the launch of the Blackberry mobile email device, a telecommunications first for PNG.

Used by over 20 million subscribers across the world, Blackberry supports e-mail, mobile telephone, text messaging, internet faxing, web browsing and other wireless information services.  In other words, it is a mobile office for the dynamic professional.

Blackberry is the one-stop shop for phone, photograph, data, email, instant messaging and mobile internet, ideal for the tech-savvy mobile communicator. With Blackberry, the user can check hotmail, update facebook, IM friends on Skype or Google Talk, or read the news online.

Just as US President Barack Obama is known to love his Blackberry, Digicel subscribers can now love their Digicel Blackberry. Blackberry enabled the former Senator keep up to speed with news and emails while on the road, criss-crossing the vast US heartland during the grueling Presidential race. When asked by The Associated Press about his worst habit during the campaign, Obama responded, “Checking my BlackBerry.”

In PNG, a vast country with far-flung business networks, Blackberry will be a huge asset to businesspeople and professionals, who must move around to manage. Blackberry will allow the user manage his or her business and online activities, while away from the desk, and on the road.

Digicel PNG CEO John Mangos said

blackberry-curve“Digicel has set another mobile telecommunications landmark for PNG, with the introduction of Blackberry. Now users will be able to work on the go, with their email and office functions on their Blackberry smartphone. Digicel believes this will add to the ease and efficiency of doing business in PNG, which will in turn boost overall economic productivity and development in this country.”

This new product, a first for PNG, comes soon after the Digicel launched mobile internet – in POM only – but being rolled out across the country in coming months. Subscribers with internet-capable handsets can access the web via their Digicel handset, starting in POM, and by next week, in Lae as well.

Digicel will roll-out Blackberry and GPRS services across PNG in coming months.

Digicel’s Blackberry roll-out comprises three handsets: the Bold, Curve and Pearl. Three different price plans are available, suiting personal and business subscribers alike. Blackberry will be initially available to post-paid subscribers only.

More information can be acquired from Digicel’s Blackberry hotline number – just call 126.

Handset Price (GST inclusive)

BlackBerry Pearl


BlackBerry Curve


BlackBerry Bold


BlackBerry Price Plans (GST inclusive)

Bundled Data

Monthly Fee

BlackBerry Silver



BlackBerry Gold



BlackBerry Platinum





7 thoughts on “Digicel launches BlackBerry in PNG

  1. I like to receive MORE detailed TECHNICAL INFORMATION about this device and can I buy it in Buka, ABG, PNG?
    Please, send me any reply soon so I can buy one!
    With the highest regards,
    Tony Boddin

  2. My name is Ify Afiat Soelaeman from INDONESIA. I will register BB next Wed 11 April when arriving POM airport. Off course I will buy new DIGICEL card at about GPK 100.00
    Please describe how to register a “Full service BB” by DIGICEL?

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